25 December 2008


Chikungunya, also known as Chicken Guinea, is a rare form of viral infection caused by an alphavirus that is spread by the mosquitoes of genus Aedes i.e. Aedes Aegypti, Aedes Albopicticus (Tiger mosquito). The name of the disease is derived from the word 'Swahili', a language spoken in East Africa meaning 'that which bends up', reflecting the physique of a person suffering from the disease. Chikungunya virus is highly-infective and disabling. It is possible for a person to have Chikungunya and Dengue fever together at the same time because the infected Aedes mosquito can carry both the viruses.Though Chikungunya is not considered to be fatal, deaths have been reported, directly or indirectly related to this disease .

The symptoms of Chikungunya are very similar to those of dengue fever, except that there is no hemorrhagic or shock syndrome form. The incubation period is usually 1-12 days- that means the disease manifests 1 to 12 days after the bite of the mosquito. Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) infection can cause a debilitating illness characterized by high fever which can reach up to 104 degree Fahrenheit. There will be a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms, including severe headache, chills, rash, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and joint pain. The normal symptoms persist usually upto 3 days but in a few cases, they may be upto 2 weeks. The joints of the extremities will become swollen and painful to touch and because of this, the disease has been classified among the Arthritic Viruses. Platelet Count in the body decrease till the disease persist. A condition known as Nuetropenia occurs at times. It is a condition in which the antibodies destroy the nuetrophils which are important white blood cells that help fight infection. Children, pregnant women and person under stress will be prone for more serious form of the complications .


Laboratory confirmation is important to detect Chikungunya, since the clinical appearance of both chikungunya and dengue are similar. CHIKV is usually diagnosed by blood tests.

There is no specific antiviral treatment or vaccine available for chikungunya. Each victim had to be given separate treatment based on symptoms. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may help to ease symptoms of fever and aching. The patients had to take adequate rest and drink plenty of fluids.


ok,the reason I'm posting about this is,I have had fever since this last 2days,today, the fever has not as strong as it was before,but still,it show no signs of it will go away just yet.What I'm worried about is,I had a high fever and joint paint,at my knees,elbows,back,and ankles which the symptoms of this epidemic diseases.
Hopefully,what I'm having is not chikungunya and this fever would go away ASAP,coz I have to be in Penang next week for the new sem.There's still a lot to settle,kena sihat cepat.

24 December 2008

22 December 2008


01. What is the relationship of u and him/her?
a friend.a really2 great one!

02. Your 4 impressions towards him/her?
shorter than me.unique in her own ways,sometimes unpredictable,sweet =)

03. The most memorable things he/she had done for you???
hurm??ape eyh??urm..probably the great coffee talk that we had.

04. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you??
BGITU.(she has her own tone of saying it)

05. If he/she become ur lover, you will...
da jd lover,of course i'll love and cherish her la..xkan benci plak kot??adoi.apenye soalan.

06. If he/she become ur enemy,you will..
fix things up..

07. If he/she become ur lover, he/she has to improve on...
entah la..her sporting skills?cuz i don't do aerobics like she does..let's play sports.haa.=)

8. If he/she become ur enemy,the reason is..

09. The most desirable things to do on him/her is???
help her to attain her dreams.chef en?

10. The overall impressions of him/her is???
BAEK HATI and,someone i'm comfortable to talked with

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you..???
annoyed if they don't noe me well enough?

12. The character of u..for urself is..???
baek sket dr shinchan.(i'm not a pervert like that little creature)

13. On contrary, the character u hate of urself is...
always things the negative side of things 1st rather than the good 1.

14. The most ideal person that u wanna be is..
valentino rossi.yeah,i love racing

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them..
yeah??ad ke?i don't noe y u liked me,but,THANKS GUYS!!

16. Seven people to TAG..
1.irfa2.irfa3.irfa4.irfa5.irfa6,irfa7.irfa(saje je,kalu nk buat,sile,xmau xpe..)pancing-an.
haha.kami b'dendam TAG.act,i already did this tag b4,so the further question i'll pass..
sb if i tag org lg,bende same dpt..silap2.kena maki ngan dorg.
17. Who is no.2 having a relationship with??
she said she is single

18. Is no.3 a male or a female ??
female of course.no doubt bout it.

19. If no.6 and no.7 were together,would it be a good thing..??

20. How about no.5 and no.4??
nope gak

21. What is no 1 studying about??
spm related studies

22. Is no.3 single???

23. Say something about no.6 ??
she's matured,tp kdg2 cm budak2.hehe


erm..i'm updating my fb just now.And,I came across someone with the status-I'm nothing without you,***(the lover name kot).Ilysm..blabla.
haha.I feel funny reading those kind of sentences.Sometimes I even wonder what is inside these people heads??
haish..haha.If u without ur bf then u'r nothing??hehe.then,what bout your family and other frens??
i noe la what u meant isn't that u'r not appreciating all of those around u..But,what is the point of saying such a sentences.It's stupid la from my point of view..It's like saying something that u want to sound great but it didn't have any meaning at all.eh..that's not it..i just could find the right sentence to describe it..but,the bottomline is for me,it is STUPID..its not like the person is everything that matters..there's a lot more.if u chose to be vulnerable and not fighting for what thats counts,then,its ur own lost la..i don care if people said I love u,i hate u, or anything.cuz thats normal.and seems logical and appropriate with the situations.But,I'm nothing without you??haha..then,what are you??worthless piece of crap??or dust??obviously,u want to state how depress,sad u would be la..i noe..Argh..i couldn't write this post the way that i wanted it to sound like.i'll stop je la..haish.

Agenda menarik





sape free..
mase terluang sile la pi.
ak kt penang da time neyh.

16 December 2008

rumah rumah

oke.Alhamdullilah..We've got a house.Raje had also went to the house earlier today.He called me,and told about the house.Everybody seems really happy with the house.ok bagus2!!

To those future housemates.haha.
please inform me about the things such electrical appliances and any funriture that u could bring to Penang later.
so it's easier to plan regarding the budget,and also organizing about what each and everyone of us should perharps bring..so later,there won't be any ridiculous situation,as everyone bawak kipas.wtpe nak kipas byk2.
3-4 would be enough for us..probably.

tu je,ok.
pape hal roger ak.

another sad day

takziah buat john atas permergian nenda t'cinta dan bunjill atas pemergian ibu t'sayang.
mari kita same2 hadiahkan al-fatihah.
semoga roh2 mereka d'cucuri rahmat.

12 December 2008

Annoyed & bengang

I can't believe how stupid some people can be sometimes!!
bongok btol..
kau bukan budak kecik lg..
otak pon ad,da develop pon..
kang ak maki ckp kau terencat,kau ckp ak kurang ajar.
tp sape yg kurang ajar sebenarnye??????????
org sume ngah nk carik ke-redha-an ALLAH
cube nk dptkan khusyuk.
tup2..bunyi handfon kau.
sbb bunyi fon kau tuh bape ramai yg distracted kau tau x??
da ad sign besa2 tulis ckp-
engkau xreti bace ke manusia??!!!
pastu sblom smayang pon imam da ingatkan lgi..matikan kan fon.
klu xnk matikan silent pon oke la weyh.
kau xdgr ke??or saje buat2 pekak??
tuhan btol2 tunaikan hajat kau jadi pekak nt br tau.
ak baling kat dinding fon kau kang marah plak.
nk show-off bunyi ringtone kau kt tmpat len la.
kelab dangdut ke..xpon,kelab golf..carik la tmpat sesuai sket.

tolong la off phone kau.
hormat sket la kat org len.
pas da stle,kau nk gayot,ske aty kau la.
sedeyh btol tgok org2 cmnih.
ganggu org smyang dosa kau tau x?
bape ribu org dlm masjid tuh..berat2.
sedeyh btol ngan masyarakat yg pentingkan diri hari nih.


Last Monday,on Eidul-adha .I lost my aunt.It was really a sad day for all of us.We had never thought that she is leaving us forever.She seems really fine and normal,energetic as usual.She didn't even show any obvious 'signs' that she's leaving,infact she even completed cooking all the dishes and rendang for the Hari Raye earlier the day before.Erm..perhaps only some words,but at the time she said the words it pretty much seems like a joke.

Hurm.FYI,she took care almost all of my siblings when we were very little.She was very caring.Yeah,she's loud sometimes,but,most of the time that is because we misbehaving.hehe.yelah.budak2.mesti la nakal en.hehe.
She also a VERY GOOD cook.when I say GOOD,i mean real GOOD!!!!everything she cook taste so good..I can't resist myself to eat much whenever I went to her house,or when she brought some dishes to my grandma house.
Her neighbours always came to her house to cook and eat together.She also feeds those kids whom are playing in her lawn.

I can spend the whole night writing all about her..But,I might not be able to describe her best,because she is really2 someone special in my life,and I couldn't put it into words like other people does.And also, it'll definately made me more sad than I'm now.Yeah,it has been a few days since she gone,but,I can't help nott to think about her.She is as old as my mother.I have regarded her as my mama.And thats what my siblings and i called her-MAMA.She has done a lot of good deeds to my family.And,those deeds won't be forgetten.

semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman.

06 December 2008


I've been tag recently.
at 1st,i don't noe anything about this whole 'tag-tagging',
nsk@kucem who taught me all about it.
haha.i noe..noob en??
arh.biya la.there's always sumthing that we didn't knew,
I tot..if we been tagged.
nt ade la sumthing appeared kat dashboard,so kena click o anything..
but,then..rupenye xde.
kena copy paste.
haish..leceh la.
so,malas la nk buat tagged pasni.
klu tagged pendek2 once in a while mayb bleyh arh kot.
p tgok kat blog kucem.
tagged pjg gle..
klu cmtuh nye species.
malas la.
pasni i xtag u da.
don wory.
sb i pon malas.

bit relieved

weyh.thanks arh td.pas lepak ngan korg lega sket kpale ak neyh..
ak ngah kusot.haha.
da ar lame xjumpe korg.
kacang2 hantu.
gelak2 cm siol.
cte pasl'mesin basuh' tuh mmg klaka gle babi dowh.
this is clearly what I need rite now.
'lepak-ing' with my KACANG2 HANtu definately would help let my head off and not thinking bout all the problems for a while.
yeah..i know,the problems are still not solved even if I had a good time.
but,still..I got a life to live.
problems are the essences and spices of life which make it much more live-able.

05 December 2008


The day keep on going passing by,the clock is ticking and time is running out..and my problem have not resolved just yet.Most probably early next year or on the last week of dec,I'll register for my 2nd semester..The problem is I still don't have any place to stay..majority of the students in my batch have to move out from college provided by the university to make room for the new students.The campus has only finished its phase 1,only the essential buliding and facilties had been build,so many empty areas to be occupied with more facilities soon.

Therefore,all of us have to rent for a place to stay.Since I got back home,I have made contact with several people to seek rent a house,and until now we've failed to get a house.One of my father friend had offered to rent his house to me..And,frankly for me,it's a very decent offer that suits our needs..but,the thing is the house is now currently occupied.He told me that the family who rent the house would move out at the end of the year,but,he himself not so sure about the date when the family will be moving.That had made the situation a bit complicated for me tp plan everything,about leaving for Penang and everything,because if the house is empty we could just confirm the deal and move in whenever we wanted to..and also set the date to clean the house etc.I really want the house,but I'm afraid if I'll take the house and the family is not out of the house when my friends and I are in Penang to register.If that happens..then,susa la for all of us..where should we stay??And after they moved ,we still have to clean the house which might take few days..plus,the lecture might has started then..bz la plak nt.=( .Kat web plak xde tulis exact date daftar.siot arh.

My mom also had tried to find me a house through her friends there.After a while,they managed to get a few house that seems nice and suitable.But,then other problem emerged,the owner said that they didn't want to rent their house to students.Adoi..letih arh camni.Got another house,but its just too far la plak,20 min from the campus,sian to those my friends yg xde transport,if we got some place nearer to the campus,they can take the public transportation if those with transport is not around to drive them.Carik2 again..xde gak.Frustration for all of us..so many things happen.

I'm really hoping that we'll manage to get a house as soon as possible.So that i could concentrate on some other things that reqiure my attention..haish,macam2.Pasal uma nih je da pening kpale..if we unable to get a house,i wonder where la can we stay?xkan nk b'kubang dlm sawah padi lak kot?



erm..bout the other day..the title of the movie,lake view terrace la..this time confirm.aritu silap2.sbenanye ta kesah pon.sb xbest.

02 December 2008

lake view

hey..erm..ak just nk bgtau..klu korg nk g tgok movie..ta payah la tgok cte niyh..erm..ak xpon xsure title de,tp something like 'lake view terror' la..klu ad cte yg title 1 species mcm tuh ta payh tgok la cte tuh..bosan gle weyh..cte niyh sape yg b'rumah tangga bleh arh tgok kot..haha.mcm banggang je cte niyh.cte nye pasl jiran yg dengki nk menghancorkan k'bahagiaan rumah tangga org..haish.
erm.ak xnak korg bazir duet korg.

mission far from impossible

mission for dec:-
1.find enough money for 2nd sem
2.get n rent a house in penang
3.overhaul moto.
4.sembohkan kaki dr kecederaan 'ketih'(word nih irfa yg ajar,haha.=))
5.get fitter n healthier.
6.SUDEYH vacation maybe??(john,kau pk la pasl yg ak ckp arituh)


malas ouh malas.
ak sgt malas.
knape ak rase sgt malas.
org len pon pemalas.
kau jgn jd pemalas.
org pemalas xb'asas.

*kena jd rajen.

28 November 2008

kna lagi

1. The last person to tag you was?
kucem(she is the 1st one,actually)
2. Your relationship with him/her?
I abg gagah de
3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
uitm gak,ske roxy,java chips,b'mate besar n bulat,agaklpendek..hehe
4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
urm.ikot AGS send me kat pudu kott??
5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
xigt ah.sory.=(
6. If she/he becomes your lover, you will..
urm..ta penah t'pikir.now pon da ok.
7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will..
minta maaf pd hari raye?
8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on...
wtf?(same with her answer)
9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
soalan yg batu api.(sial btol)
10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are..
lepak together with sesudeyh n all
11. Overall impression towards him/her is...
interesting yet mysterious..haha
12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you ?
13. Who is your ideal ?
no answer
14 What do you hate about yourself ?
kadang2 mlas bgon suboh.suboh kol 8.hha
15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?
thank you so much,ily all.
16. 0 people to tag answer:

1st Tagged

the rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people
1. pilot!
2.love to eat,tdo,mandi
3.fishing n diving
4.i want to get fit,but getting lazy to exercise
5.need anger management(budak2 ckp)
6.kdg2 agak b'dendam.haha.=)(lu jaga)
7.having trouble sleeping now.cehh
8.most people has bad 1st impression on me??haish.

-kucem(haha..biya u polak kena lg skali,bosan)
-lg 3 sape2 je la yg b'minat.

24 November 2008


100??erm..I read from tim's blog that her goal this month is to achieve 100 posts.hurm..I've never had such thought for a goal before..Tim,de rajen b'cerita..klu masok p'tandingan b'cerita mesti bleyh jadi Juara.hehe.If I are going for the same for the same goal..my blog would be full with empty post or only a single alphabet for each post..haha,so sng la achieved 100,but thats cheating la kan??it's impossible la..I'm not a decent blogger like she is..Yeah,I'm not..and her blog is one of few blogs that I'm following..She has always has something to update on..which is interesting la kot..bleyh bace2..hehe.what eva it is..I hope u'll achieve ur goal.


haish..mcm2 ragam.

smlm ad lg sorang acik nk terjun bangunan.
ouh,skrang niyh trend klu xdpt solve probs je terjun bgnan eyh??
xtau plak ak.
pasni ramai ah kot yg terjun.
sian la para2 anggota bomba n polis..
xdpt la nk relax.
br nk relax je..ad emergency call tok slamatkan org2 nih.
sian sbenanye.
depression buat dorg jd camtuh.
pikir xbtol.
amek jln mudah.
mudah ape??mati saket la woi..
klu terjun bgunan xke b'sepai kpale otak kau?
adoi yai..
cube la klu2 depress tuh..
amek jln slamat.
mandi sungai ke??
bace quran?
tulis blog??(haha..org tulis blog sb depress keh?,kau pdai2 je bantai)
ape2 je la.
p xyah terjun bgunan.
ak bkn pe..
xnak korg saket je.

kesimpulan nye..
jgn buat keje bodoh.
kau susah,tp xyah susa kan org len.
byk lg jln pnyelesaian.
klu jato mati tros xpe..(xpe ape,murtad weyh bunoh diri,kat akhirat jawab la sndri.)
tp klu lumpoh, ke??
kan da susa..nk kena jage mkn minom.
mandi,berak sume org cebokkan..
klu ad org nk jage xpe.klu xde..haa..
kan da nyusah kan org len n dri sendiri.

pape pon..
think wise.

pesanan khidmat masyarakat
dr aben.


The A1 GP..many would have thought that this competition offer less excitement and joy compared to the other motorsports events..I do also have the same perspective myself..Many of the people whom I knew that loved motorsports didn't show much interest in A1 either..I didn't like it,b'coz from what I noe,the A1 car is a lot slower compared to those car in the F1,they even appeared to move slow on the televesion(which is not fun to watch) unlike the F1 which much faster,aggressive,and dangerous..F1 is more exilirating for me.the pace of the F1 car is phenomenal.I didn't even recognize who are the driver for the A1 team..never heard of them before..mayb just a few of them that I'm aware of..I didn't now which team to root for,coz I didn't now much bout the team,backgrounds,performance and a lot more..And,another reason is, there is many new rules n i could say 'weird' rules for me,as I'm more familiar with the F1,touring car series and also Drift..In A1 the are such rules that each driver could only use a power boost that give them an extra power to overtake,but the number of the power boost is limited,so each driver must be wise to determine when they should use the boost in order for them to win the race,the is also such a rule 'pit lane open n pit lane closed'..there are many more..but,it'll just make u bored I guess.

Ok,so my mom got 7 granstand ticket for the Malayasian A1 GP in Sepang,somebody gave it to the Malaysian armed force and police coutesy of something,I'm not sure.When she told me that she have the ticket,there was not much of excitement..I'm not into A1 as i said earlier.and i was reluctant to go to Sepang on Sunday,I wanted to go out with my friends..But,my mom and my lil' brother wanted to go so bad.Somehow,my mom talked me out of it,and I'm going with them.

We arrived a bit late in Sepang and the race has already started.As we were walking from the parking lot,we could hear the 'grrrr' sounds of the engine of the car..Its really excites me,eventhough I'm still haven't saw the car yet..the acceleration,shifting gear,braking..Arghh!!how i love sounds of the engine.

The granstand already packed and full with people.We struggled even to get a decent view of the track..haa.that is how pack it is..as people were standing and cheering..the loud sound of the car passing by..I couldn't just stayed there and enjoyed just a slight glimpse of view that I get.Thus,I make my way downstairs,went through layers of people..Then,I was at the site of the track,there I could see the car a lot more better.I could even see the pit lane clearly,the pit crew what they were doing and all of that.I texted my mom asking them to come down.I enjoyed the race.The car were passing in front of me at impressive pace.Yeah!!not like the F1,but still fast enough..The crowd get really alive whenever the Malaysian car was passing across the straight line..The people were shouting and cheering for the driver..Fairuz Fauzy.He is clearly a great driver.He did work on couple of nice move infront of the grandstand going down the first corner.If it wasn't about the miscommunication incident that got him to the from the 3rd to11th place,certainly he'll be one of the podium finisher.But,things happen,and people made mistakes.But,Thank God that didn't held him back and has triggered him to fight on harder in the race to a least catch a point for Malaysia in front of the home crowd.He managed to do that.Although it is gonna be real nice and sweet to see him winning the race,to keep up the advantage as team Malaysia leads the championship when they were coming to Malaysia.

I'm certainly hoping that Team Malaysia will make it good in A1 this year.Because from what I see,they have improved a lot,and has what it takes to be a serious title contender.It's about time though for Malaysia to show what we are capable in motorsports,and not just relying in sports like badminton and squash.Football is an obvious mess..I wish for them to be once like the zaman Mokhtar Dahari.He was good,damn good.Probably M'sian best all-time footballer.Okay..I'm started to get side-ways here.hee.

Ok.Overall..Motorsports are FUN and EXCITING!!!we can put aside the power of the engine,the rules..because on the track,driver give their best to win the race and proved who is the best.That is what matter the most!!.I saw that,and I've realized it.I'm into any kind of motorsports now.haha.

I'm gonna start saving money so that I could go to Sepang again to catch the F1 and Moto-GP.haha.

22 November 2008


B O D O H!!!haa..tu la p'kataan yg kua dr mulot ak mase tgok brite kat tb ngan bapak ak td..sb ad sorg budak nk jump off from a building..sebabnye-kena tegor ngan bf..Bodoh x bodoh minah nih???haish..Tuhan da bg kau otak tp kau xreti nk manfaatkan..masalah kau tuh klu budak xpegi skola pon tau nk solve..calm down la..istigfar..tgh marah wat kputusan,mmgla xbtol..adoi yai..klu xleh tegor susa la..dok dlm peti ais la..xde org tegor.hee..

Actually,ak xkesah la de nk terjun ke pe..lantak de la..hidop de en..tp,de xpikir ke??bape ramai dlm dunia nih every day strugle untok tros kan hidop niyh..klu kat tmpat len,ad perang,kecoh sane sini..kat m'sia nih aman pon tataw nk syukur..kau cume perlu jage dri elok2,insya-allah kau selamat..tp klu da ajal tu mmg xleh nk watpe la an,kuasa Tuhan,xde sape yg bleh challenge..Dia Maha Pencipta.Dia Yg Maha Esa..please la...value la sket nyawa kau tuh..

Tolong la jgn wat bende cmnih..ni sume m'nunjukkan kelemahan jiwa n xde pegangan yg kukuh.
pikir la rasional..jgn t'buru wat decison n jump to conclusion cpt2..

20 November 2008

mr deeds

there is this one person who has done a lot of good n nice deeds towards me..if it wasn't for him..for sure i'll and still be in a lot of trouble..thanks a lot bro..I noe that the word THANK YOU only isn't enough..even if i keep saying it for the whole day,for weeks,for months,infact the whole time..,it's still isn't gonna be enough too..but,for now,that is all what i can afford to do..i appreciate everything that u had done..THANK YOU AGAIN!!!I promise that i'll never forget everything that u had done for me now n in the past..and i promise i'll help u when u are in need..just say it..i'll help u no matter what.
(hee..i'm pretty bad in writting,but,i'm sure u'll get my point,which is what matter the most.)
looking forward to lepak ngan kau weyh..

insya-allah i'll treat u to eat at the place that u loved too..


alhamdulillah..that is the most appropriate word for me..things has turned far more better than it was yesterday..Alhamdulilah..everything has fall to where they should and things are going really good!!!!yeay2!!hopefully its gonna stayed this way..so i can concentrate on few other unfinished business..hehe.

tomorrow got two more that needed to be settled.

the 'F'

hurm..i hated this feeling so bad..anxiety,anger,depress.tired,all sorts of stress..i hate what i feel rite now..its all mixed up..it makes me feel annoyed of everything..n coz those who are innocent to be scolded or yelled by me..although it's not their fault..sory.but,i just can't help it..i try to keep it as cool and low as i possibly could,but somehow it still went overboard..
things are not goin' gud rite now..they're not according to the plan as they should be..FUCK!!
hopefully all of these fucking things will soon fall to places and turns out gud for everyone.


11 November 2008


lame xon kot..
br je dpt chance nk on sat..
relax lu sap kok lu..
td br pas perah otak mat 133.
sat g ptg smbong plak phy 143+chm140.
haha..td wat 1 question ad 3 solution..
then last minute ak g cancel the right solution.
cume pasl i17 xkonfom.len kali biya je cm 1stjwb.
haha..biya la..
qada' n qadar allah..ad hikmah nye.

roam around browse those blogs...
i feel funny plak..
they keep updating their blog..
unlike mine..
sunyi sepi je..b'habok2 laman ni..
huhu,,better xyah ad blog je..[ckp sdri]

kucem amat aktif..
tim juge..
mayb bcoz i don't hav anything that i'm not pleased with,
or to complain kot???
nk share pon xde..
penang study..
kacang2 hantu sume xde..
jd budak baek kat sini.
haa..tbe2 xpuas aty pasl mp3 ak yg kene cilok..
mmg bangkai sape yg amek.
ak kje penat2 nk bli.kau cilok.
ak xredha.

mood blogging xde.
mood study still high n gud.'b'kobar'
good aben!!
nk abeskan paper then enjoy..

the fact is blog nh skang amat bosan n xmeriah.

biya ah
ak xkaco org.

28 October 2008

angkat buku ikat kpale.

the time has come for me to study..
ceh,actually should have studied earlier..but,just too damn lazy to do so..haha..
went back for a lil fun time in KL..with my frens..thanx smith,john,zhaf..sume ah..da enjoy n lepaking' with u'all now when I get back to penang,for sure I'm able to study hard day n night(poyo je,smagat m'bara) to get good grades..amin..hehe..
the bus will be leaving at 11.30 tonite..sat g off to pudu..
tata weyh..
see all of you again in 3weeks time..
then,kte enjoy pepuas sampai lebam!!!!!

to smith-jage diri anda.ak suda pulang ke Penang.haha.


ini gbr aritu..sory john..ak br je t'jumpe..aritu ak scroll2..hehe.

aksi omputih n mat peladang.(today)

27 October 2008

kata2 keluar

ak da xtaw ar nk tulis ape kt sini..
mule2 ble bace kucem pnye cm ad bnde nk tulis..
pastu,usha tim nye plak..
and some other blog yg salu ak lawat-lawati..
pastu,g click kat new post..
tulis2 sparoh ase cm bongok je bende yg d'tulis.
delete balik seketol2..
mayb btol ah ape yg smith ckp..
ak nih bukan jenis yg pdai nk men2 bhase nih.
ckp pon straight je..
klu xske ak ckp xske..
sian gak kat budak2 yg ta fhm ak lg..
kena mulot jht nih..
kat penang pon ad gak dorg ckp..
cm xleh trime certain bende yg ak ckp..
tp xkan ak nk simpan kot..
ak bukan jenis cmtu..
sory guys.
erm..ye ah..ble pkir blik buat blog pon sb saje nk cube..
sb ezan ad blog..so nk try ah..ape yg best nye..
mule2 best gak..mmg best pon.
p sb kat penang,xdan nk on9 salu kot.
da turn off kat blogging nih..
aspa wat blog pon xmanage da.
haha..mamat tuh lg siot 3 post je.
ta pe2..klu ad something menarik nk share.
ak post la kat blog nih..
bosan2 bleh tgok blik..
t'igt time atok nye kenduri b4 fly..
time knduri kt uma b4 Uitm
wah,byk tol knduri..
n time nk anta ezan kat klia..
time final mu vs chelsea..
ble tgok blik post tuh time bosan amat sgt..
ase cm idop je blik memori tuh.
angkat table wat kaco kat mamak sb nk seat best tgok match.
gle btol.
ta penah d'buat org..
sume sb idea gle si ace cmpor apit..
aritu time chelsea lwn livrpool plak..dtg lmbat..table depan sume da penoh.
igt nk ulang keje gle..p smith ckp ta pyah..b'syukr je.lepak situ.nmpak gak.
hehe.time match asernal br dpn dok depan..puas2.
tgu2 koyak..ckp nk dtg..tp xsmpai2,,rupenye dia da bantai tdo..
besok pg dpt msg.adoi koyak.kau ni pon.
tp tak pe la..dr kau bwk kriss kau ngantok2 kang lg susa.hehe
erm..today dpt la lepas gian men pool.
lepak ngan jalud si peladang..sementara tgu bus de blik jengka.
lepak kat mid..tatw pon de ad kat situ.time ak ngah santap ngan smith kat al-esfan tbe2 si peladang tepon omputih..tny ompuith ktne?omputih ckp ah,kat mid..
then,si peladang pon dtg join untok santap..
setelah perot kenyang...menuju tmpat pool..
men la 1hour kot.bola pool b'terbangan krane k'tangkasan kteorg men..
haha..pas pool g plak bb bistro..si jalud gtal nk kena sisha..
ye la nk blik hutan da..de ckp roti canai pon takde kat sane.
kene g bdr t'dekat br ad..sian2..ak dpt penang pon kire ok la..nek prebet o rapid p Aeon seberang jaya kot(ktorg pgl jusco je)..sume ad.p klu nk best Queensbay ah.cm Kl sket.
hehe..tu la rezeki masing2..
td ym ngan enon..sian de..handfon ilang time ngah semayng kat mid..
pencurik ni mmg sial..kat rumah allah pon kau nk wat keje xelok..bodo.
ta pe la..biya allah je balas kat kau nt..pdan muke kau..bangang gle..kecik2 org soh pegi skola blaja,tanak..kang da jd bodoh jahil..ak pon takde la pdai mane..tp,xla sbengap kau..kecik2 xnak m*****(ceh poyo nak censored,yg len xcensored plak,biya ah.ni kan blog ak,hehe,mcm yg kucem salu ckp.blogger rules baybeh!!!haha.)da besa nyusahkan org!!
ak fhm perasaan enon sb mp3 k'sygn ak br je kena cilok gak..
mmg ci***.
da ah.
xde mood da nk tulis.
pencurik mmg puki.
patot implement je hukum hudud ke ats pencurik n p'zina..
br la M'sia nih jd elok sket kot.
tgok skang melayu minom arak pon cm minom air teh ais je en.
klu tros cmni..silap2 bukan handfon,mp3 je yg ilang..
M'sia pon bleh ilang kot..
da..ape la ak ckp...
tp ,korg pkir je ah..
kpd kwn2 ak..
time cuti sem..kte lepak okeyh????
vacation skali,klu ad rezeki..
smoga bjaye la dlm test korg.
xkire kat UM,UiTM,Matriks,ALAM..o MAne2 je..eyh,UNITEN..hehe..ni kene sebot gak.
erm..doakan kan ak skali.


26 October 2008

cuti rehat

hurm..wake up late today.got home at 4/5 last nite.lepak kat nz..huhu.letih ah..arrived from penang,picked up home by joey,redah traffic jam around kl..lucky I n joey know our way around to avoid the traffic.masok sane pusing sini..celah sini..haha..klu x..haish tah kol bape la smpai uma..Kat uma lepak2 jap,mandi.isi perot sket..pastu kua balik..ayah polak je.hehe..tgok cte Drillbit Taylor tgok otw from penang-kl..funny gak ah..sian 1 bus xleh nk lena dgar hilai tawa mamat 2 org syok lyn movie..hehe.cte pasl owen wilson tipu+tolong budak nerd/loser yg kena buli kat highschool..typical us teen movie ar,nerdy kna kaco..hehe.tp ok gak ah.at least xde ar ak m'langok je dlm bus Eagle yg bangang tuh..today ad byk plan n knduri..ayh ajak g knduri tp cm malas sb xknl org tuh..so ta pyh g ah..iez wat openhouse,tp xdpt nk g sb xde transpot..kete xde..moto xbape nk elok..sory iez..hehe.so ended up kua lepak ngan smith kat pavi..first meet up ngan eera..da dkt 8/9 bulan kenal on ms br la 1st time jumpe..haa..john n iena beena ribeena berry pon ad skali..hehe.lepak2 kat pavi tgu si eera xsmpai2...text si mak cik sab nih tny de ktne..rupenye kat gombak ag,ngah ad kat uma aunty de ad openhouse..ceh mkn sorg2..xajak..haha.gombak dkt je kot..kah2.ta pe2.kol 3 lebeyh kot br eera smpai..pastu sb k'laparan mase tgu eera tros mnuju foodcourt..dorg mkn something..name bnde tu carrot cake,tp xde carrot lgsg dlm tuh..haha.pelik tp sedap.Ngah dorg sdap2 mkn,lari jap p jumpe hzq,jumpe gak ima..malu2 plak minah nih..tataw apehal..ish2...walaupon br f3,tp agak besa n tgi ah...tkejot gak..akak de f5 ketot plak..pelik2..hehe..haa..jumpe abe gak..mamat nih nk jual d60..sape nk bli??gtau ah..pastu jln2 shop..amek gbr..then p tgok match mu..balik.

to iez-sory ak xdpt g uma kau..minta maaf sgt2.. to iena-thanx for the ride n everything,sory susahkan u. to smith-spt bese thanx kat kau,byk tolg ak. to john-thanx sb blanje air..lame xlepak ngan kau.. to eera-sory klu gurau lebeyh td,sian.. to hzq n ima-haha...sory td ckp ima besa.tp mmg de tgi pon..ak tkejot.huhu.

ad byk lgi pic.p kat iena n john kot.hehe

overall..today is fun!!

25 September 2008

da nak raye da..

hehe..its almost raye da..next week insya-allah raye will come..the most anticipated day by me throughout the year..ye lah,raye is fun dowh..if anyone said raye is borink n something meaningless,that has no significant different to any other day,,then,adoi yai!!!sian nye ak kat kau..huhu..Raye brings a lot of different meanings to each individual..depending on one-self..As for me,its a special in a year for a family to gather around spending quality time together and forgetting all the mistakes that any has done..it's a time for forgiveness...I regard raye as this because I've been away from my family for about 3 years now..yeah,i know that it's not like I didn't meet them all along those years..I still went back home to spend time with them,once in a while,but,as u are away from the person that u loved n cared about,it somehow strikes u to appreciate them more than you've before..U started to realize all the sacrifises and all the things that they had done for u..There no way u can pay them back with ringgit and sen..it's priceless..Sometime,when I was alone,I kinda have this thought of why on earth they are willing to go through all the hardwork to provide all the needs for someone that they can never be sure of accomplishing their expectations.Well,the most relevant factor might just be LOVE.Thanks Mummy and Dad.

Erm,last friday kot,on the 19sept,I celebrated my 18th birthday..at 12 midninght lebeyh2 skit,Iwas in my room,and was talking on the phone with Apit,who is currently at Alam T'ganu,(lame xjumpe mamat kpale botak nih)..hehe.Then,si aspar came over to me,and said he wanted to asked me some question regarding physc ke maths,xigt sgt..tp,tbe2 ramai2 plak ad dlm bilik tuh..I was like,ouh sh** ta sempat nak lari,(da lame xkena time besday slalu sempat lari)hehe,I noe that all of them were gonna do something to me..As I got off the phone n standing up,warghh!!!!!!!!all of them tros serbu spraying shaving cream and applying bond(some sort of hair cream)all over me...siol la..haha..Then,they were singing hapy besday song,the short version of it..ahaha..Thanks guys!!eventhough abes melekit badan ak korang keje kan..haha..tgu la besday korang plak nt..ak ad resepi rahsia tok korang plak..suke wat kat ak en..hehe.huh..they also made me a wish card..nice ouh..thanks kat iez especially,sb wat card tuh,yg len sebok conteng je en..haha..

Erm,pastu dapt call free from maxis,all day long..I called some of my frens that I had not been able to contact in a while...Ana,a fren back when I was working in Kenny Rogers,also called Enon,Smith,Iena,Elie,Didi sayang..haha..a lot of other people too..Thanks too kucem n efa for singing the besday song for me on the phone..hehe..Talked to efa,lame xjumpe dak kecik yg xbape nak kecik nih..haha..tah2 da makin besa skang..wahahhaa...hehe..da la enough of the besday story..*outdated*huhu.

To allim.Kau pegi Egypt en?Lek-lok kat sane..haha.Erm,january kau balik kte lepak okeng???thanks for everything..

Lagi 2 ari nak balik KL.hopefully all goes well,bus xrosak o anything..Al-fatihah to Raja Arif's uncle who died recently in a car accident at Sg.Bakap..

~Condolosence from me.

08 September 2008


now it is already 3.19 am,there are many charlie creeping all over my room tonite..and in all other room too..this insects really is making things difficult for us here..they creeps all over the place and also our body..usually,if it is an ant or a moths then certainly it would be kill..but,since it is charlie,(an insect yg berbisa),we can't kill it when its crawl on our body by the conventional method of killing,which slapping and crushing them..this is bcuz,their venom will eat up the skin tissue and would leave a scar later..for the first day,the pain is hardly felt,but on the 2nd n 3rd day,this is the most painful period..the area of the skin which smear with charlie venom would feel really2 itchy and hot(like burning).we can't scratch it,bcuz that would made it worse..haiya..charlie2,berambus la weyh,korang ad,nk study pon susa...merayap sane-sini..

erm,feels sleepy but stil can't sleep..da baring td,mate xmao lelap gak,perot lapa??da isi ngan maggi,haus???da minom...tah la..pening kpale sket..
tutor math,buku,working sheets scattered all over the table,+,calculator,,jam,fon,mangkuk maggi,laptop,kurma,kamus..malas nk kemas,esok ah.rashidi kat sebelah da usha ak cm ak da xbtol..nak men Psp,asfar da bwk lari p blik de..siot.ta pe,at least de tgal kan laptop de nih..esok clas CTU,cm nk skip je..

haa..td text ngan smith,da lame xtext ngan mamat omputih ni..susa btol nk contact de skang,kena contact gf de dlu br dpt de..ish2..mcm2..alim da nak chow 20 nih p mesir,adoi..another fren of mine is leaving..but,ta pe la,he's leaving for a good reason..can't wait to lepak when he's back on vacation nt.

aben merepek.

Fucked up!!!!


pica arituh

Tgok kaki si Ariff...pelik gle la dudok cmtuh..I could never sit like that..it hurts my knee like hell..I don't know how he can sat like he did,and still concentrating on playing..Weirdo la kau!!dok bersila da la..haha

06 September 2008

rainy day

today,it has been raining all day since this morning.Skang pon da kol 11pm still ujan lg.I woke up at 9.30 or something,but,since it is raining,I'm too lazy to get off my bed,closed my eyes and turned on my mp3,listening to some new tunes i just got from Aspar.Ended up waking up at 11.30,and it still raining..I saw how the raining flows down from the sea direction to my room window..sket2,makin lame makin dekat..hoo..smart je..pastu,ujan kejap,benti,ujan balik..benti,ujan lagi...cmtuh je all day..sejok,cool je all day long..ouh,best btol..But,the problem is..I got many homework to sttled n tutorial to finished..da siap mandi sume,ready la nk blaja..Si Abe(rashidi) n Kamel still on their bed tido lg..Ujan plak tuh,lg la best tdo.huhu..Buat math tutorial.mule2 semangat la,tp,once in a while pastu,tgok kat 2 org makhluk yg ngah tdo nyenyak..Pergh,Alangkah best klu sambong tdo.Dugaan btol la..haha.Pastu,blaja jap,then aspar dtg,lepak borak2..xsedar,da zuhr...sambong blaja blik..dlm kol 3,p blik aspar..main reason, to asked aspar to help me with some maths,but then i saw him sleeping,then,baring la sat kat katil..relax jap..konon.hehe..Skali t'sedar bangun2 kol 4.30.pergh rugi mase gle..klu wat tutor mesti da nak siap.haa..td nmpak biawak besa berenang kat parit tepi uitm nih.actually xde parit pon,tp sb ujan dr pagi air da naik..da mcm canal kecik da situ..haha..besa bai..ala komodo.

Pkol 6lebeyh,p tapau makanan.panjang gle line..Sbar2,bulan pose.heehehe..pAstu lepak kat bilik....tgu waktu buke,budak2 wat lawak bodoh..xtrase da waktu buke..time buke mg best,buke ramai2 br feel sket..feel the spirit of ramadan..Ad la dlm 7-8 org buke skali.eventhough xmeriah mcm kat asrama dlu,but,bole lah..time buke plak.air jagung tumpah..air arm+zubair..abes lenjun n melekit,p lapar nye pasal.makan gak dlu..haha.

lpas smyang sume..lepak lagi..main video.smoke.mkn cornflakes..sedap.

Ujan buat perot lapa n manusia jd pemalas..
tp ujan rezeki..
Da 2bulan kat sini,br la ni first time Penang rase sejuk sket.klu x..panas gle siol..

05 September 2008

B'buke puase n winning 11

yesterday.went out to asfar's ticket for hari raye.Alhamdullilah,got the ticket.although everyone was kecoh saying the ticket for raye da abes..Korang yg mlas usaha..kecoh lebeyh..Then,went across to pulau,wanted to buke puase with Wan Punchalok..He brought us to some place near Padang Kota..A few of his frens came by later to join us..Khaled,his girlfren,Marsha n his brother,David..Really nice la dorg nih..down to earth,senang je mix..br kenal tros mesra cm da lame jumpe..Mkn2(tom yam sedap)..gelak2..raje blaja smoke..Then,p lepak kat condo Wan in tanjung tokong.Lepak sane,men game ps2,on9 usha2 gbr,men gta...aspar ngan areef leh bantai p men bola dlm bilik Wan,gle kemaruk kot..haha.ad byk gbr,tp xsmpat nk transfer..later la.I'll post it..Erm,10pm,left the condo..it was raining heavily,lebat gle,Wan byk slow gle kot...Fobia sb raje nye incident time blik penang..hehe.Ktorang je yg tau..Aspar risau gle ta sempat smpai Uitm before 11,kecoh gle de..haha..at last,we made it on time.tp,ktorg soh de optimis.haha.sharp 11,masok pintu gate Uitm..fuhh..seb bek..hehe.then,salam2 sume..tdo.really was a fun nite for me..Tambah lg kwn2 ak..haha.best ouh

30 to 31 aug

haiya!!!hey guys!!I noe it has been a while since I last updated this blog of mine.(haha,as if there is anyone who visited this blog,huhu.syok sndiri)hehe.Argh.xkesah la..erm,this past couple of week has been really busy and full for me..Going up and down the Peninsular Malaysia,all the way up north from Penang to KL and back KL-Penang several times in just a few days gap..Huh!letih2..haha.Apart from the long n tiring journey,I also enjoyed hanging with some of my friends that I've not met in quite some time..I went back to KL on the 30th August,just after I finished my chemistry test.The main reason I went to KL is to celebrate one of my best buddies birthday,Smith.His birthday was on the 30,also to celebrate Merdeka la..haha.Patriotisme huh???haha..I wanted to leave Penang earlier on the 29,but,I can't because of the chemistry test that I'm having.So after the test,I rushed myself to the Butterworth Jetty to catch my bus.Fuhh!!!Naseb bek dpt smpai jety on time,klu x..naya ouh!!Ok..Then,the bus left for KL,then,I noticed something that wasn't really sooth me,my fon is dead..Battery kong,pelik gak last nite br charge smpai full..urm,fon da tue..da twice saket masok hospital handfon..its really old now,b'parot sume..huh!!merepek da nih..Urm,ok la straight to the point,the thing is,I was texting my friends to make a lil arrangement about something,and Smith has been trying to call me to ask me all the details when I'm gonna arrive and all that la..Ye kot??hurm..My mom and twins also trying to reach me,but,clearly la they couldn't,coz fon da mampos da..gelap je..(cite fon ni nt sambong).I fall asleep for a while,then when I woke up,I was quite blur and wonder where am I,cuz when I look outside the bus,we were not on the highway,but,on some narrow road heading to Kamunting.I thought something happen on the highway,so the bus driver took us,ikot jalan lame..bUt then,I was wrong,the bus was heading to its headquaters,to fill up fuel..Before I get off the bus,the driver said,'OK..10min.pastu gerak!".and I was like ok,bole la smpai KL on time..I wanted to arrive around 4 o 5 pm,so that i could go n meet smith,john,iena and others at The Curve early,plus,traffic won't be too congested,compared to later the nite..Countdown beb!!!mesti la ramai..Jalan mesti jam nye..Tapi.sial punye bus driver!!!!kau penipu babi!!banyak la kau nye 10 min.its turns out that we stayed there for about 45 min..cibai la kau!!kau pegi makan,tp kau xckp,passenger xnak kena tgal,so stay dlm bus..lapa tau!!!kau perot kenyang sedap2!pastu,dtg kat bus wat muke xb'salah..dgn toothpick kat mulot..selebet nye manusia!!!org nk kejar time la..ok la..then,the journey continue,and I keep looking to my wristwatch,wondering when la nak smpai KL...At last smpai KL pkol 6 lebeyh,2 hours late than usual.Da la smpai tu xleh masok Pudu,gle jam..kena angkot bag jln..Then,another problem emerged,I couldn't make a call to text my twin to pick me up..since,fon da mampos en td,seb bek dlm pocket ad 20sen,pegi carik publicfon,kol uma..along picked up the fon,he told me that Boy(my twin) is not at home,his at my grandma house..So I asked Along to picked me at Kepong Sentral..I walk to Ktm Kuala Lumpur Station,as I walked through the street,I saw many PATI hanging around with their friends..They were all over the place.sometimes I even wonder,am I in the street of KL??Byk gle dorang..Tu blom campor mat2 arab n african lagi..adoi Malaysia.Sampai kat stesen KL tros bli tiket,then tgu tren..Tunggu,punye tunggu,tunggu lagi..tren xdtg2..patotnye da 3 tren to Rawang route dtg,tp 1 pon ta de..Sial btol..ak da leth,kena tgu lgi,,olatforn dri kosong jd penoh..Tgah tgu,tibe2 ad 2 org budak sabah(bukan budak la,lg besa dr ak sbenanye) dtg lepak sbelah borak2..pnye la lame tgu tren,dr xkenal dorg,smpai kenal da..xsedap gak dgr cite dorg kena kaco ngan rakyat malaysia yg semangat kenegerian tgi..xnak la sebot negeri mane.Kau gado ngan org sabah apahal,pegi la bantai org len ke ape..adoi..gado sesame M'sia wtpe BODOH!!!melayu pukol same melayu,bangse laen tgok tepok tgn!!!!bangang tol...klu cmni smpai ble nk bersatu??tgok marah kat bngse nye pasl,ak da lari cite.

Ok2,sambong blik,last pas da almost 2 hour waiting,I chow and left the station.thought wanted to get a bus or another form of tren..Then,mcm2 masalah len timbol..tp da malas sgt nak cite la..fon rosak tak leh nk kol anyone,text pon xbelyh..xkan nk mintak pinjam fon kat indon???haha..time ni la ase seksa xde handfon,susa..mamak kedai pon bangang,ak nk tuka coin pon kecoh.ak bg kau duit la gak,bkn ak amek free..bodoh.bantai taxi,kena rm 10.smpai uma t'lentang..letih2.pastu,apit dtg antar piza.thanks weyh,sori ta smpt dtg kenduri uma kau,bus lmbat nye pasl la..then,kua ikot joey p Damansara,lalu Curve,gle jam.. uma Show,barbeque..lamb chop..sedap2..lepak for a while,went to curve,but,couldn't get in,the police traffic has closed all the roads into.End up tgu Smith sume kat TTDI je..pas countdown,jumpe Alim.Alim p barcelona,clubbing..huhu.I followed Smith n John to Sunway,lepak COndo smpai kol 3 lebeyj,lapa,p mkan kt taj mahal tepi Sunway P,.Then Afzan dtg dgn jAzz br de..Lawa2..gelak2..borak2..cucuk2 de..dkat kol 5-6 sume chow..smpai uma azan suboh.best2.

(haha,sory klu post ni cm bangang)
mood-agak malas nk tekan keyboard/

19 August 2008


just got back home from sunway,went out with alim today..he wanted to buy a jacket cuz he is leaving for Egypt in October,to study medic..(to all who knew allim,Imagine this-allim jd doctor?????????hahha..btter jumpe doc len..ta leh la that guys become a doc..seriously dow,i can't imagine how he's gonna deal with his patient..haha.Allim2.kau ni mcm,clas pon ta nak p..haha.

We went to pavilion 1st,roaming around from 1 store to another to seek for the right jacket that matches him..At Zara,almost all of the jacket that Allim tried on didn't fit him well...body length da okay,cun..but then the arm part are always longer..and making him looks funny wearing them..haha.klaka la tgok kau,cm midget pon ad..Allim xpuas aty,then he asked me to tried the jacket on..the jacket fits me just well...haha..Allim tgn kau pendek,trime la hakikat tuh..Deal with it man!!!Later,somehow he managed to find a smaller size of the jacket,straight away he went to try it on..lucky him..the jacket matches him..the jacket was stylish n very2 comfy..U really should buy it bro..eventhough it will cost u about 900..I think it's worth every peny.hehe.

Later,went around pavilion,window shopping..allim kena kaco ngan bapok perfume..haha.Da la bau perfume tu xbest..He/she called Allim comel..Allim quote the promoter was saying 'alaaa...cutenye..."haha..kau taste bapok weyh..hehe.Bosan pusing2,then we all decided to leave,and headed to Asia Club in Sunway,outside the Pavilion,Allim called John to asked him to come to AC so we could play pool together and talk about the party Allim are currently planning later this month..JOhn said he was in Pavilion,ngah tgok movie,ngeng la weyh..da kua br nk call..Klu td xkua lg senang,jumpe tros..adoi yai!!haha.So,off we go to AC.

OTW,stop by at Allim house to grab his new VAIO.babi weyh,ak nak laptop kau..ehhe,kau ckp kau tanak en??with pleasure ak trime..siot je,just because someone in his class got the same Vaio as him,he didn't want the laptop anymore..ta pe2,bg ak je..ak manfaatkan.=)) Then,Allim said he was hungry,went to mc'D and ate couple of burger..xkenyang mane pon,p bole la,alas perot..haha.perot dinosaur.Haa...Naeem was there too..apparently,he just finish his class kot kat Taylors..which very near to the AC,sebelah je kot..Nicholas came by also..Ape lagi,to play pool la..Dgr cte aritu Allim kalah 10-0 ngan de..wah!!!gle power kau Nick!haha.
Allim=L.hehe.jgn marah allim.

18 August 2008


weyh..bro blik 27 en???bagos2..ak blik lmbat sket la..but then stil leh jumpe kot..hehe..kesian dgr cte kau kat t'ganu..kala jengking la,jd guard la,ape la..haha..kpale kau botak en???bulat2..wahaha..dgr cte kau da tough??btol ke??cm musykil sial.huhuuh..ta pe2,nt kte tgok..byk bnde nk cte nih..p nt jumpe la cte.kau jgn cp tganu da,ak fhm sket je..br best sket..lepak ngan idz sume...haha..merdeka skali weyh..jom2.


bro..mane la kau??time ak ad sini kau ta de..siot la weyh..poloi tol..haha.time ak tny ckp xblik,da ak daftar pegi kem,but then kau blik plak..POKEMON BTOL!!!bapak lame xhang weyh.time ckp kat phone mmg la tataw nk cte ape,ase cam geli plak ckp phone ngan kau lame2..haha.ble jumpe cte depan br sedap..bleh bhn,gulung,lipat kau!!!!hahaa..

hopefully ak leh blik 30th nt,bday kau..ak nak blik 29th,tp ak ad test chemist pg 30 tu.ak try catch bus ptg la,lepas test..klu ak leh chow awal ak chow awal okeng??hehe.kau jgn ak smpai sini kau tgal ak da la..klu BAEK HATI,hehe(ak tau kau baek) tolong la pick up ak kat PUDURAYA,then tros hang ke ape..hehe.pape plan later to be confirm la..kau kol la ak plak pki happyline kau.letih ak lenjan phone org..wahaha.xp

(kaler ijau kaler fav kau)haha

kaler katak.

chong wei.

Last nite,my friends n I watched one of Malaysia finest shuttler(Lee Chong Wei,world no 2) fight off against currently world NO 1 shuttler,Lin Dan from China.I'm sure thousands of Malaysian were also watching this match,as Malaysia are anticipating for its 1st medal since the last two Olympic games,which we return home empty-handed. The game was so exilirating for me,as I can see how tough it is for Chong Wei to maintain the pressure on him..as he has to absorb the pressure from attacking play by Lin Dan,plus the Chinese crowd were screaming their heart out supporting their countrymen.Well,even though Chong Wei ended up losing the gold medal match,but,I'm still really2 proud with his achievement.Winning and losing its all part of the game,if no one lose then when will the game ends.Previously,Chong Wei has beaten Lin Dan in several meetings during world badminton tournament.Just time time kire mcm Lin Dan balas dendam kalah straight set dgn Chong Wei kat Indon aritu.hehe.xpTherefore,CONGRATSTULATION to LEE CHONG WEI,as you've succeed to attain a medal from Olympic games for Malaysia.

A lil something to say..I'm really dissapointed with the attitude of some of the Malaysian which I saw their reaction and heard some of their *uncivilsed minds* comments throughout the match.Kau da la xmaen!!kau bising2 plak..cube kau maen tengok mau t'kencing dalam suar,,POyo gle babi..wakil skola pon xdapt kecoh.cte nak meletop je..Cibai kau!!!!This is a truly TYPICAL MALAYSIAN attitude,
which I'm really against,if Malaysian were doing good n winning,woah,,kau puji2..But,then when they are losing or making mistakes,kau kutok2 plak!!!wah!!sedap ati kau je.If we continue doing this when la we will go forward together???

TO people yg kutok chong wei smlm(and I'm not being racist)-kau kutok dia,but then kau pikir la..bangsa kau ad dpt masok final??????ckp je hebat..tp mane bukti????Malu la sket weyh..adoi hai..klu tang cite mmg pom-pang..tp smpai achievement.hancur bai!!!!Tolong la sedar..aku sedih btol tgok bangse kite cmni..Kutok org mmg pdai2.action xde,sume kat mulot je..pastu,negare kite da la kecik.klu sume gado,ape yg ade???PIKIR WEYH!!!kau nak malaysia jd ape?

I'm sory again to all who find this post rather disturbing,but,I'm just expressing my thoughts n what I felt,I know that lately I've posted few post regarding this sensitive matter.All I wanted was,the Malay specifically speaking to realized what is happening in today world and started to change before its too late,cuz if its already late,then its worthless effort.

13 August 2008


Thank God.After 5 hours of waiting,my loan document has been completed n processed.Thank you so much to those people who had help me in the process along the way..If you guys weren't around for sure i'l be lost and might not actually completed it by now.I really appreciated it guys!!!!I certainly won't forget all of your good deeds.Whenever you got a problem or anything just say it.I'll help u,Insya-allah..

off-9 now.


09 August 2008

It's so frustrating when u really wanted to do something right in the best way that u could..But,in a way there many unexpected circumstances occurs and makes it a lot harder for u to attain ur primary target!!!

I just finished doing my slide for my assignment presentation on Tuesday.The task is to seek information about transportation growth in the past 15 year in Malaysia.To be more specific,the form of transportation is bus.At first I really thought that this would be an easy task, as I'm expecting to collect n derived information about all the buses growth from the numberous of bus company in Malaysia website.What I have in mind was,these companies will keep their previous record and tracks of the types,models of buses used by them,n also some of its features.(eg,safety features o just any other characteristics that differ them for other).So,it'll be easy for me.
Then again,I fallen short of hope..there is nothing about the buses on the website of few bus companies that i visited..adoi!!pening kpale!mane lagi mau cari...????
I really would like to state something here..as I see that this matters is never going to change and immersed from the Malaysians culture..I see that Malaysians doesn't like to keep record on those things that really matters,in fact they like to fuss about the things that really won't matters much..aii..why la wei?? Like in other countries,they always keeps records and tabs on everyone,and the systems is really working efficiently for them,making their life easier,as for instance,past medical history can easily be accessed by any doctor in any hospital in order for the doctor to determine the right medicine for the patient,without jeopardizing the life of the patient,since he know about the patient record.(example je). I feel so sad when comparing the attitude of some of the Malaysians to others..But,please don't get me wrong,it's not that I'm perfect o anything,or that I disgust Malaysians..NO!!!that was never the case..I'm a Malaysian too..It's just that I'm really hoping for all Malaysians to change for better..for our own sake.

Would really like to write more about this..But,its already 3am now,and I got Ceramah Kenegaraan tomorrow..nite.

I apologizes if this post happen to arouse an anger or disagreement,but,I just expressing my point of view over something that I disagree and not pleased with,

08 August 2008

phy n mec 100

hey..just finish my physics lecture n mechanical tutorial just now..still got couple of hours before jumaat prayers.so,i guess i update some..erm,we proceed into a new topic today,dynamics,which actually aren't kind of new to me,since i have learned something bout it in f5..really is an interesting chapter,as u got to learn to to calculate strength,stress,tensile stress,tension n all..sounds pretty complicating right?but,no lar..as soon as u understand the concept and able to get a hang of it,it'll be easy!!trust me,but,just don get to excited when answering question lar,as u'll tends to put the wrong magnitude of force and direction..got to be more careful when resolving all the forces..hehe.=p.Then,our lecturer suddenly told us,that we gonna have our third quiz today later before the class end..(gile t'kjot bai!!!xrevise pape lgsong..die weh!!mati katak lar..=p)ahaha..the quiz was about projectile,motion in x and y direction..erm,i was quite anxious about this quiz since I'm not really good at this topic(tu lar lecturer ajar,maen2 byk,,pdn muke!!)but,lucky enough,I'm able to remember few of essential formula required to solve the problem.alhamdulliah weh.later,i submitted my answer sheet,straight away being mark by the lecturer,ouh..risau2.huhu..But,then the lecturer said something that was really relieving to me,he told everyone,that those person who had passed up thier answer got all full mark!!!Yeay2!!!haha.=))(senym bangga!!)wahaahaa.

In tutorial mecha plak,everything was going smooth and fine,all of us are able to answer the all questions asked.but,then suddenly,my phone rang..adoi!!lupe silent..the lecturer tros stop explaining and sarcastically commented about the incident,adoi yai!!tah sape plak called..siot lar wei..ak da dok depan skali,right infront of the lecture..panas telinga siot.huhu.

07 August 2008

enjoy the pics!!!

erm..to tired to write long..asfar n raje already making noise urging me to stop on9-ing..since asfar phone is being used as the modem to connect to the internet,and he is using raje's phone to text his gilrfriend..raje want his phone back coz he wanted to text some1..uuww..hehe.they just finish making some arrangement of a new song..quite interesting tunes..looking forward for the moment when they finish it..argh..really wanna learn how to play the song too..

i just want to upload some pic actually,of us travelling to penang(the pulau)we're in seberang perai...first time been to Queensbay,nice place to hung..but,personally,i like to hang at Gurney more..lg syok ouh...along the journey,many interesting encounters occurs..haha.but,again..too lazy to write..sory guys!!

19 July 2008

lil time off..

I'm back in KL..arrived here early friday morning at 3.The journey was okay n fast..I went back to KL to settle some arrangement regarding my bank account n all..It's the first time I'm back in Kl since I left for UiTM..Tell u da truth..I do misses KL..I misses the crowd,the places I hung..My frens..Family..and the facts that i find it's comfortable for me...I always know how to get from one place to another..without depending much on others(people o public transportation).Arghh..enough ar..don need to write more about this.

Last weekend,I went to Ipoh,to spend a weekend at raja arif's house..We left Penang at dusk and arrived later that nite..We went there by Wan's car..FYI,Wan is my new meet frens(he is a frens of raja back in st.michael),really is a great n nice guy..humble n also quite funny..he sing a lot too..haha3.during the journey,the tongkat ali Goat topic,n 'cium sampai pengsan' were talked about..haha(mesti korang blur en??)..real funy dow..n tanta kena bhn pasl lampu..wakakaka..=Ppadan muke kau!!Through out the weekend,Raja took us around Ipoh..showing places n all..although,I have a relatives staying in Ipoh,but,I had never got the chance to explored the town.hehe.thanks raje..we went to dataran,the char kuew tiew(btol ke how i spell the word?) there was good n delicious.but,the amount were to little,didn't match its price..come on la..Yeah,I do know the fact that the fuel price is high now,but,then,please have a lil sincerity..Don only look for profit without considering what your customer feel..haiya!!!!Kat KL pon lg byk weyh!!Wa karate lu nanti!!huhu.Later,we went to Gerbang Malam,(kinda like downtown/uptown in KL) the prices are quite vary from KL,hehe..which is good.Bought some stuff..On the way there,Raje shows us "Sarang Bapok ipoh' haha..but.we didn't stop eyh..thought want to tease them,but,then xjd..Took some pictures on the roadsides on GM,went back home..The next day,went shoping n surveying at Kinta City n Yik Foong(mcm pertama,old buliding,old skool)haha..but,the things sold there are quite okay actually,u just hav to know where to look...hehe.
us sleeping..zZzzzZZZz

Here some pic of my back got bitten/stungs by an insect in Penang which the local called as "charlie" don know why they called it that..n don bother..the thing is,after being bitten,the 1st n 2nd day was okay la,still could stand the pain.But,on the 3rd day,warghhh!!!!!oh god..the skin on my back really hurt when its touched or when i put on my bag pack..also when showering..feels really itchy at the same time..seksa ouh!!thanks to tanta..cuz he went to Unit Kesihatan to picked up the medicine for me..Now,after about a week,stil is hurt n feels itchy sometimes..but,not as strong as before..alhamdulillah.

this is the the most itchiest part n the most painful one..Auch!!saket woh..especially,when applying the doctor cream on it..

Erm..Actually,there's a lot to be told..but,I'm to lazy to write..since I just got home,went to AC in Sunway,with Alim,hung with JOHN n MIZI..(letih2)Havn't told bout my adventure to Pulau..tell u in the next entry.

10 July 2008

In Penang

On the last June 28, I enrolled myself in Uitm Penang..Alhamdullilah,the journey was safe n sound.Hurm,arriving there around 12 noon..there are ants of people in the Uitm campus compound..It was VERY2 HOT!!!!!far more hotter than KL..seriously!!I were sweating all the time n drinking water to keep my body hydrated,I dont want to fall sick..previously,I had once fall sick due to dehydration..Really didn't want it to happen ever again..

One hour later,all the registration process were done..My family n I went out for a little shopping for me..U noe..buying lil stuff to eat n all..biscuit,Milo,some bread n stationary..Then,we went for lunch,since we're in Penang,we chose to eat Penang special..NASI KANDAR..it was okay..but,I like LAKSa JOHOR better..no offense penang..haha.Then,Back to UiTM again..there is something that i had attend at 4.30..all the long talk n briefing..haha..BORING!!!!!!Personally,I disagree with this kind of approach to brief new student..yeah,i do know that it is a lot to be told n said to the freshmen by the management..but,the environment of the venue n the time duration of the briefing does play an essential role in determining whether what was presented during the speech well received by the listener..If the environment was comfortable n the speeches was a lot shorter but full with important info,I do think that the speeches will attain its target.What a point of talking but didn't spread the purpose of your talking efficiently..Such a waste of time..We have to think develop a new kind of approach to improvise this matter..As we know,the youth didn't like to sat n hear to long speech cause it is boring n tiresome..

Along the week,my day is full with activities..Yalah,new student,got to have orientation week which called Minggu Mesra Siswa..same as the time back when we were in boarding school..But,here it is bit different la..no more such things as ragging..haha..One of the COOL effects of modernisation..hehe..Not many practised stupid n dumb things any more..Clearly,ragging didnt brings any good.so why should we continue doing it???no point rite??clap for UiTM..;)) there is no this kind of nonsense in your campus..

Actually,there is a lot more interesting n funny stories that I wanted to tell..but,since I am running to keep pace with time and all..I guess I just might have to tell u all later..hehe..or maybe during the time when we meet..lagi seronok..haha.

27 June 2008

off to penang..



23 June 2008

I need this...


Hehe..sory for showing these ergonomic n appealing phones to all of u..I know some of u guys really want to own it rite??hahaha...hi-5!!!same here man!!!Well..actually I'm not really obessed or excited to own this gadget n all..It's just that my old phone is screwed again..something is wrong with its chargering pod to the phone..And,the techinician also said that its quite ruin on the inside parts of the phone..Bla,bla...mcm ak tau repair phone,bende len tau la..haha.I'm trying to persuade my parents to get me a new phone,using the old phone has broken excuses..hehe.
*finger-cross*hopefully my wish will be granted.hehe.=P