25 April 2009


haha..telah b'laku kesilapan rupenye sebenarnye ke atas bil letrik kami..bende tuh bkn la xkena bayar..kena bayar sbenanye..tp printing atas resit tu suda off sket la..lari..hehe...kat "jumlah perlu d'byr' tuh tulis rm0.02..tp rupenye tu untk caj tmbhan...ble tgok blik br pasan nilai sbenanye rm 25++..haha,mcm klaka pon ad..tp printing nye pasal la neh..adoi.hurm,da g byr pon bil tuh.so stle..uma kami xb'gelap

15 April 2009

one of my passion

lawa giler n laju sgt!!
one day,ak akan bwk machine neyh!!
smith,pon nk blikan ak 1,nk race ngan vespa de..


Today,15th Apr 09,marks 20 years of the Hillsborough tragedy..Although,I was a Liverpool fans for quite some time..I just found out about this whole Hillsborough tragedy recently,I went online looking for sources regarding the incident..And,as I read through the article,I could feel an immense sadness started to bulit up in me..It was really a sad2 day for Liverpool,they were playing against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup..It is estimated 10,000 supporters are required to pass through one of seven turnstiles at the Leppings Lane end.The bottleneck is starting to cause major problems outside the stadium with the fear rising that the safety of supporters caught in the middle is at risk

In total 96 supporters died, the vast majority crushed at the front of pen 3,and 730 were injured.
now,football has changed to a safer place.all stadium is equiped with seating,no more standing..and removal of barriers in front of the stands.Lesson learned from Hillsborough.

dream fell short

Liverpool's dream of making another historical comeback in the European Champions League competition fell short earlier this morning.Being beaten by 3 goals to 1 at Anfield in the 1st leg,it does look like another mission impossible to beat Chelsea by scoring more than 3 goals at their own turf,Stamford Bridge..They started the game without the presence of the talisman skipper,Stevie G due to injuries..Though without him,Liverpool managed to played well,and was leading the score by 2-0 at the end of the 1st half.

The 2nd half provided much more action,as The Blues increase the pressure upon their opponent.They managed to get a goal from Drogba and Alex from a stunning free kick!!Liverpool trails back..before,a double strike from Lampard pretty much ended Liverpool hope of qualifying to the semi's..Liverpool then scored twice through Lucas and Kuyt,both teams are tied 4-4,unfortunately,it was too late and not enough to overcome Chelsea goals on aggregrate..7-5

Overall,it was a really nice and exilirating game to watch,which has brought probably the best qualities out of both teams.If only,Gerrard were playing in this 2nd leg,and Liverpool was not crushed by 3 away goals advantage by Chelsea..I'm sure that the outcome might just be the opposite.But,this is football,and anything can happen,Liverpool have to came out stronger and proved their worth next season.This would be one of many the unforgettable match of many years to come.

14 April 2009


da dkt 5 bulan ktorg dok uma sewa kat Penang..mase ktorg masok nov 26 kot..erm..uma tu mmg okay,eventhough ble je org tny bape ramai dudok,then we all state the number,reaction dorg pretty much sume same je..
"8??xsempit ke??ramai tuh..sempit gle kot??"

"huh?!biya btol..ramai nye,slalu org dok 5 org je max"

dan byk lagi la reaksi yg s'waktu dgn nye..tp,ak xblame dorg pn,klu ak xdok situ pon,mesti ak akn react the same way as they did...tp,pape pon mase tuh,ktorg agak desperate gak sbenanye.sbb ad system kat uitm neh,yg ak xbape nk minat..ok sem1 sume dok kolej,then,at the end of the sem,time clearance,br la de nk gtau whether dpt kolej utk next sem o not??ape la dorg neyh?pd ak xd bezanya klu de bgtau bnde tu awal..student pon sng nk prepare utk crk uma,buat rayuan ke ape en??ini x..ari last tu br nk gtau..haish.so,ble last day tuh,sorg2 dpt tau k'putusan,sume xdpt kolej,pastu sume sepakat nk dok same..ble da dpt uma,xkan la nk soh org kua plak..dok je la sume same2..mule mmg agak fit sket.tp,pastu,we all managed to fit in..rase mcm ok je.erm..tp skang bilangan ahli uma da tgal 7,ad 1 m'gundur diri.

erm,actly ak tulis post nih bukan nk bebel pasl kenangan uma penang..tp p'jimatan dok kat sane,sepanjang ktorg dok kat sane..ktorg xpenah kena bayar bil air..ble bil smpai je..value '-'..bil letrik plak penah kena byar skali je..tu pon mase 1st month,rm19++ xsilap..pastu smpai skrang xpenah lg kena bayar.mmg agak bagus la.hee.hati riang je ble bil smpai.xrisau pon..tp,ad 1 peristiwa neh,mmg siot..dlm mgu tuh,mmg ak agak byk pakai air la,cuci baju sume..then,bil smpai..ak bukak je pintu uma,dak2 sume tros bising...
"haa..ben,bil air bulan neyh kau bayar!!"

"apsal plak weyh?same2 ar..same2 pki,same byr.."

"argh2!!!xde2..kau pki lebeyh kau bayar!!!"

"a'ah ben!kau kena byr!!"

time neyh mmg siot la dorg sume b'pakat nk kenakan ak..ak pn tros mtk nk tgok bil,sblom kemarahan membara..skali ble ak tgok bil..haa..memang KURANG AJAR BUDAK2 NEYH!!
hehe..siot je.t'kena ak..ak bleyh byr,tp akak kaunter tu nt polak la.2sen pon nk p byr..hehe.tp klu nk adil 2sen divide ngan 7..haa.korang kire la sdri..ni plak bil letrik ktorg,nmpak x ad -17.44 tuh.hehe.nt ak kumpol pic sume bil sume bulan klu korg xcaye,letak kat sini

dok kat sini mkn pon murah..byk kedai2 ad set ekonomi..mkn puas,alhamdullilah.
ok ah,byk nk cte,tp nk g tgok moto gp.nt ak edit la.


this is just a brief preview of more to come next..
it is still an under growing process.
kan tanta,en??


haa..ini abg b'gaye kite/tutor golf saye!!
de la yg ajar sy men golf..
to ce sai!!

gaye2 begineer..
rookie..xtau ape..
bese pgg stick hockey,tbe dpt golf nye drive..
hantam saje la!!!

p/s: tutor sy ckp,sy ad bakat men golf..and I should consider playing it seriously??erm..mane tau bole bjaye?hehe.
pikir sat lu cmne.
(sory urutan gbr t'balik)
tgok down-up
actly pic neh da lame.


1st goal torres mmg smart gle.
go on with the momentum,
crush n tear the blues next!

smith,kau usha gol agger!
gle style


note to myself:
yeah!Ben..money is indeed important,i don't deny that..
without money,it is impossible to survive..
without money,it is hard to get something..
without money,it is not easy to live life..
without money,life would suck pretty much always..
without money,we might suffer..
without money,we might not be happy..
we need money,but it is not the only thing that we need..
i need money..but,i don't need much money..
i need enough money..
some might think that this is stupid..
but,money is not everything..
even if u have money..it does not guarantee ur happiness.

13 April 2009

penangan buah kelapa

pada satu hari yg dingin..selepas hujan..
kami menaiki kancil raja arif untok bergerak ke kampus.
mnuju ke kelas.
dengan niat murni itu..kami pon bergerak..
di dlm kereta rancak b'bual..
sebijik buah klapa yg besa jatuh atas kete raje..
sume t'gamam sbentar,,
sblom sumpah seranah pon kuar..
besa gle dod klape tuh..
klu kena wind shield sumpah pecah..
t'kejot sial.
ak da lame perasan pokok klape tuh..
buah2 de mmg besa..
takot gak nk lalu nek moto kat jln tuh.
bkn takot antu,tp takot klape jatoh kena klape..
bole biol dow.
tp xsangke plak kena kete raje.
sian btol..

it's not an obsession

looking back at the posts which i had posted.
i find that there is a number of posts regarding people sleeping..
dont u worry.it's not an obsession..
it just something that i did for fun..
i find it funny and hilarious..
plus,its a joke/tease to my housemates back in Penang!

more to come next..
and,it wouldn't be just the picture of people sleeping..
it's more than that!

tagged plak

1. Adakah anda suka blogging? Kenapa?
suka gak..dpt express n share things kat sini.bosan2 bole tgok blik..kinda like an albumgak.

2 . Blog siapa yang selalu anda skodeng? Nyatakan 5.
yg update their blog slalu..

3 . Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda? Yang boleh menemani dan menyayangi anda sepenuh hati? Dan siapa kah orang itu?
nak jgak..tp bkn skrang!

4 . Taken or single? Mana lebih bagus?
single!tah..ok je

5 . Pernah tak cinta anda tidak dibalas?
pernah gak..cte lame.

6 . Ciri-ciri bf idaman anda?Nyatakan 5.
ouh..tidak!!I'm into girls..

7 . Pada umur berapakah anda akan merancang untuk berkahwin?
before 30,if da stable(job,car,house etc)

8 . Nak berapa anak?
5 kot.

9 . 5 orang bertuah yang anda ingin tag :

10 . D.O.B
sept 19th,1990

11. best present yg penah dpt?
oje from nenek

12 . gift yg di impikan..?
bak mai R1

13 . fav colour?

14 . fav numbers?

15 . best place yg ingin dijejaki?

16. rase bahagie bile.....
g m'mancing!

17 . fav movie.

18. fav artist .
the AAR

19.Tagged you :
iena ribeena ribeenot


Today,i was awaken by sound of my phone..not the alarm though,i silent 2 alarms that i set earlier and went back to sleep..it was the sound of the ringtone..due to the lack of sleep,(i slept at 5a.m,tgok moto gp)i barely open my eyes to see who was the caller at the end of the line..I answered the call,it was a friend of mine who is in Penang,settling something for me..What he said got my eyes wide open..it was about some 'pelarasan program' which I was in-charged last March.

Before I went back to KL,last Saturday,I had already took my time the whole week running around here n there,meeting n asking people about how things should be done..since it was the first time that I took charge as a treasurer for a mass programme.I was supposed to get it all settled a week earlier,but unfortunately due to time constraints,I was unable to do so..I was having 3 test that week,without much preparations done,I had to put the 'pelarasan' aside for a while..Ya lah.before the test week pon,I was busy running the programme to make sure everything goes well and according to plan..Mane de time nk study sangat??Many might said,i should planned my time well.Yalah,easier said than done..kau sendiri pon serabut,nk ckp org!Ok..the thing is,all the crucial things is almost settled,I had got all the receipt wanted by the University Treasurer,I had checked with her,what that she required,how to fill the forms and all,in fact I double-checked with her..Then,before I left for KL,I asked a friend of mine to get the advisor signature and approval for the forms..That's all..

But,then earlier this morning,he called me,and was asking for many unnecessary things,which need not to be done..He was asking me to fill up the name of the 100+ participants of the programme with their particular..and,I was like??kau gila ke??ak kat KL dod..mane ak nk find bende tuh..plus,that is not necessary pon..so why bother??all you need to do,is just to get the advisor to fill up the form and approved it.Then,pass it up to the office..Done deal!I didn't blame my fren though,he was kind enough to help me..so thank you..he was just passing to me what was being said to him..but,what makes me bengang gle,is that the advisor tuh.kau da la xtolg ak sgt..ak byk kayoh sdri..xpe,mayb tu keje ak..ok fine..tp,ble ak da siapkan sume..mtk sign je..tu pon byk soal???susah sgt ke?

skang neh naseb la..wait la until i get back to Penang this Friday..then,only I would look onto this..In the mean time,maleh ak nk pening2 n pressure..better ak enjoy my time in KL.if your salary being deducted later,don't blame ak!