25 December 2008


Chikungunya, also known as Chicken Guinea, is a rare form of viral infection caused by an alphavirus that is spread by the mosquitoes of genus Aedes i.e. Aedes Aegypti, Aedes Albopicticus (Tiger mosquito). The name of the disease is derived from the word 'Swahili', a language spoken in East Africa meaning 'that which bends up', reflecting the physique of a person suffering from the disease. Chikungunya virus is highly-infective and disabling. It is possible for a person to have Chikungunya and Dengue fever together at the same time because the infected Aedes mosquito can carry both the viruses.Though Chikungunya is not considered to be fatal, deaths have been reported, directly or indirectly related to this disease .

The symptoms of Chikungunya are very similar to those of dengue fever, except that there is no hemorrhagic or shock syndrome form. The incubation period is usually 1-12 days- that means the disease manifests 1 to 12 days after the bite of the mosquito. Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) infection can cause a debilitating illness characterized by high fever which can reach up to 104 degree Fahrenheit. There will be a sudden onset of flu-like symptoms, including severe headache, chills, rash, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and joint pain. The normal symptoms persist usually upto 3 days but in a few cases, they may be upto 2 weeks. The joints of the extremities will become swollen and painful to touch and because of this, the disease has been classified among the Arthritic Viruses. Platelet Count in the body decrease till the disease persist. A condition known as Nuetropenia occurs at times. It is a condition in which the antibodies destroy the nuetrophils which are important white blood cells that help fight infection. Children, pregnant women and person under stress will be prone for more serious form of the complications .


Laboratory confirmation is important to detect Chikungunya, since the clinical appearance of both chikungunya and dengue are similar. CHIKV is usually diagnosed by blood tests.

There is no specific antiviral treatment or vaccine available for chikungunya. Each victim had to be given separate treatment based on symptoms. Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may help to ease symptoms of fever and aching. The patients had to take adequate rest and drink plenty of fluids.


ok,the reason I'm posting about this is,I have had fever since this last 2days,today, the fever has not as strong as it was before,but still,it show no signs of it will go away just yet.What I'm worried about is,I had a high fever and joint paint,at my knees,elbows,back,and ankles which the symptoms of this epidemic diseases.
Hopefully,what I'm having is not chikungunya and this fever would go away ASAP,coz I have to be in Penang next week for the new sem.There's still a lot to settle,kena sihat cepat.

24 December 2008

22 December 2008


01. What is the relationship of u and him/her?
a friend.a really2 great one!

02. Your 4 impressions towards him/her?
shorter than me.unique in her own ways,sometimes unpredictable,sweet =)

03. The most memorable things he/she had done for you???
hurm??ape eyh??urm..probably the great coffee talk that we had.

04. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you??
BGITU.(she has her own tone of saying it)

05. If he/she become ur lover, you will...
da jd lover,of course i'll love and cherish her la..xkan benci plak kot??adoi.apenye soalan.

06. If he/she become ur enemy,you will..
fix things up..

07. If he/she become ur lover, he/she has to improve on...
entah la..her sporting skills?cuz i don't do aerobics like she does..let's play sports.haa.=)

8. If he/she become ur enemy,the reason is..

09. The most desirable things to do on him/her is???
help her to attain her dreams.chef en?

10. The overall impressions of him/her is???
BAEK HATI and,someone i'm comfortable to talked with

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you..???
annoyed if they don't noe me well enough?

12. The character of u..for urself is..???
baek sket dr shinchan.(i'm not a pervert like that little creature)

13. On contrary, the character u hate of urself is...
always things the negative side of things 1st rather than the good 1.

14. The most ideal person that u wanna be is..
valentino rossi.yeah,i love racing

15. For the people who likes you, say something about them..
yeah??ad ke?i don't noe y u liked me,but,THANKS GUYS!!

16. Seven people to TAG..
1.irfa2.irfa3.irfa4.irfa5.irfa6,irfa7.irfa(saje je,kalu nk buat,sile,xmau xpe..)pancing-an.
haha.kami b'dendam TAG.act,i already did this tag b4,so the further question i'll pass..
sb if i tag org lg,bende same dpt..silap2.kena maki ngan dorg.
17. Who is no.2 having a relationship with??
she said she is single

18. Is no.3 a male or a female ??
female of course.no doubt bout it.

19. If no.6 and no.7 were together,would it be a good thing..??

20. How about no.5 and no.4??
nope gak

21. What is no 1 studying about??
spm related studies

22. Is no.3 single???

23. Say something about no.6 ??
she's matured,tp kdg2 cm budak2.hehe


erm..i'm updating my fb just now.And,I came across someone with the status-I'm nothing without you,***(the lover name kot).Ilysm..blabla.
haha.I feel funny reading those kind of sentences.Sometimes I even wonder what is inside these people heads??
haish..haha.If u without ur bf then u'r nothing??hehe.then,what bout your family and other frens??
i noe la what u meant isn't that u'r not appreciating all of those around u..But,what is the point of saying such a sentences.It's stupid la from my point of view..It's like saying something that u want to sound great but it didn't have any meaning at all.eh..that's not it..i just could find the right sentence to describe it..but,the bottomline is for me,it is STUPID..its not like the person is everything that matters..there's a lot more.if u chose to be vulnerable and not fighting for what thats counts,then,its ur own lost la..i don care if people said I love u,i hate u, or anything.cuz thats normal.and seems logical and appropriate with the situations.But,I'm nothing without you??haha..then,what are you??worthless piece of crap??or dust??obviously,u want to state how depress,sad u would be la..i noe..Argh..i couldn't write this post the way that i wanted it to sound like.i'll stop je la..haish.

Agenda menarik





sape free..
mase terluang sile la pi.
ak kt penang da time neyh.

16 December 2008

rumah rumah

oke.Alhamdullilah..We've got a house.Raje had also went to the house earlier today.He called me,and told about the house.Everybody seems really happy with the house.ok bagus2!!

To those future housemates.haha.
please inform me about the things such electrical appliances and any funriture that u could bring to Penang later.
so it's easier to plan regarding the budget,and also organizing about what each and everyone of us should perharps bring..so later,there won't be any ridiculous situation,as everyone bawak kipas.wtpe nak kipas byk2.
3-4 would be enough for us..probably.

tu je,ok.
pape hal roger ak.

another sad day

takziah buat john atas permergian nenda t'cinta dan bunjill atas pemergian ibu t'sayang.
mari kita same2 hadiahkan al-fatihah.
semoga roh2 mereka d'cucuri rahmat.

12 December 2008

Annoyed & bengang

I can't believe how stupid some people can be sometimes!!
bongok btol..
kau bukan budak kecik lg..
otak pon ad,da develop pon..
kang ak maki ckp kau terencat,kau ckp ak kurang ajar.
tp sape yg kurang ajar sebenarnye??????????
org sume ngah nk carik ke-redha-an ALLAH
cube nk dptkan khusyuk.
tup2..bunyi handfon kau.
sbb bunyi fon kau tuh bape ramai yg distracted kau tau x??
da ad sign besa2 tulis ckp-
engkau xreti bace ke manusia??!!!
pastu sblom smayang pon imam da ingatkan lgi..matikan kan fon.
klu xnk matikan silent pon oke la weyh.
kau xdgr ke??or saje buat2 pekak??
tuhan btol2 tunaikan hajat kau jadi pekak nt br tau.
ak baling kat dinding fon kau kang marah plak.
nk show-off bunyi ringtone kau kt tmpat len la.
kelab dangdut ke..xpon,kelab golf..carik la tmpat sesuai sket.

tolong la off phone kau.
hormat sket la kat org len.
pas da stle,kau nk gayot,ske aty kau la.
sedeyh btol tgok org2 cmnih.
ganggu org smyang dosa kau tau x?
bape ribu org dlm masjid tuh..berat2.
sedeyh btol ngan masyarakat yg pentingkan diri hari nih.


Last Monday,on Eidul-adha .I lost my aunt.It was really a sad day for all of us.We had never thought that she is leaving us forever.She seems really fine and normal,energetic as usual.She didn't even show any obvious 'signs' that she's leaving,infact she even completed cooking all the dishes and rendang for the Hari Raye earlier the day before.Erm..perhaps only some words,but at the time she said the words it pretty much seems like a joke.

Hurm.FYI,she took care almost all of my siblings when we were very little.She was very caring.Yeah,she's loud sometimes,but,most of the time that is because we misbehaving.hehe.yelah.budak2.mesti la nakal en.hehe.
She also a VERY GOOD cook.when I say GOOD,i mean real GOOD!!!!everything she cook taste so good..I can't resist myself to eat much whenever I went to her house,or when she brought some dishes to my grandma house.
Her neighbours always came to her house to cook and eat together.She also feeds those kids whom are playing in her lawn.

I can spend the whole night writing all about her..But,I might not be able to describe her best,because she is really2 someone special in my life,and I couldn't put it into words like other people does.And also, it'll definately made me more sad than I'm now.Yeah,it has been a few days since she gone,but,I can't help nott to think about her.She is as old as my mother.I have regarded her as my mama.And thats what my siblings and i called her-MAMA.She has done a lot of good deeds to my family.And,those deeds won't be forgetten.

semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman.

06 December 2008


I've been tag recently.
at 1st,i don't noe anything about this whole 'tag-tagging',
nsk@kucem who taught me all about it.
haha.i noe..noob en??
arh.biya la.there's always sumthing that we didn't knew,
I tot..if we been tagged.
nt ade la sumthing appeared kat dashboard,so kena click o anything..
but,then..rupenye xde.
kena copy paste.
haish..leceh la.
so,malas la nk buat tagged pasni.
klu tagged pendek2 once in a while mayb bleyh arh kot.
p tgok kat blog kucem.
tagged pjg gle..
klu cmtuh nye species.
malas la.
pasni i xtag u da.
don wory.
sb i pon malas.

bit relieved

weyh.thanks arh td.pas lepak ngan korg lega sket kpale ak neyh..
ak ngah kusot.haha.
da ar lame xjumpe korg.
kacang2 hantu.
gelak2 cm siol.
cte pasl'mesin basuh' tuh mmg klaka gle babi dowh.
this is clearly what I need rite now.
'lepak-ing' with my KACANG2 HANtu definately would help let my head off and not thinking bout all the problems for a while.
yeah..i know,the problems are still not solved even if I had a good time.
but,still..I got a life to live.
problems are the essences and spices of life which make it much more live-able.

05 December 2008


The day keep on going passing by,the clock is ticking and time is running out..and my problem have not resolved just yet.Most probably early next year or on the last week of dec,I'll register for my 2nd semester..The problem is I still don't have any place to stay..majority of the students in my batch have to move out from college provided by the university to make room for the new students.The campus has only finished its phase 1,only the essential buliding and facilties had been build,so many empty areas to be occupied with more facilities soon.

Therefore,all of us have to rent for a place to stay.Since I got back home,I have made contact with several people to seek rent a house,and until now we've failed to get a house.One of my father friend had offered to rent his house to me..And,frankly for me,it's a very decent offer that suits our needs..but,the thing is the house is now currently occupied.He told me that the family who rent the house would move out at the end of the year,but,he himself not so sure about the date when the family will be moving.That had made the situation a bit complicated for me tp plan everything,about leaving for Penang and everything,because if the house is empty we could just confirm the deal and move in whenever we wanted to..and also set the date to clean the house etc.I really want the house,but I'm afraid if I'll take the house and the family is not out of the house when my friends and I are in Penang to register.If that happens..then,susa la for all of us..where should we stay??And after they moved ,we still have to clean the house which might take few days..plus,the lecture might has started then..bz la plak nt.=( .Kat web plak xde tulis exact date daftar.siot arh.

My mom also had tried to find me a house through her friends there.After a while,they managed to get a few house that seems nice and suitable.But,then other problem emerged,the owner said that they didn't want to rent their house to students.Adoi..letih arh camni.Got another house,but its just too far la plak,20 min from the campus,sian to those my friends yg xde transport,if we got some place nearer to the campus,they can take the public transportation if those with transport is not around to drive them.Carik2 again..xde gak.Frustration for all of us..so many things happen.

I'm really hoping that we'll manage to get a house as soon as possible.So that i could concentrate on some other things that reqiure my attention..haish,macam2.Pasal uma nih je da pening kpale..if we unable to get a house,i wonder where la can we stay?xkan nk b'kubang dlm sawah padi lak kot?



erm..bout the other day..the title of the movie,lake view terrace la..this time confirm.aritu silap2.sbenanye ta kesah pon.sb xbest.

02 December 2008

lake view

hey..erm..ak just nk bgtau..klu korg nk g tgok movie..ta payah la tgok cte niyh..erm..ak xpon xsure title de,tp something like 'lake view terror' la..klu ad cte yg title 1 species mcm tuh ta payh tgok la cte tuh..bosan gle weyh..cte niyh sape yg b'rumah tangga bleh arh tgok kot..haha.mcm banggang je cte niyh.cte nye pasl jiran yg dengki nk menghancorkan k'bahagiaan rumah tangga org..haish.
erm.ak xnak korg bazir duet korg.

mission far from impossible

mission for dec:-
1.find enough money for 2nd sem
2.get n rent a house in penang
3.overhaul moto.
4.sembohkan kaki dr kecederaan 'ketih'(word nih irfa yg ajar,haha.=))
5.get fitter n healthier.
6.SUDEYH vacation maybe??(john,kau pk la pasl yg ak ckp arituh)


malas ouh malas.
ak sgt malas.
knape ak rase sgt malas.
org len pon pemalas.
kau jgn jd pemalas.
org pemalas xb'asas.

*kena jd rajen.