22 December 2008


erm..i'm updating my fb just now.And,I came across someone with the status-I'm nothing without you,***(the lover name kot).Ilysm..blabla.
haha.I feel funny reading those kind of sentences.Sometimes I even wonder what is inside these people heads??
haish..haha.If u without ur bf then u'r nothing??hehe.then,what bout your family and other frens??
i noe la what u meant isn't that u'r not appreciating all of those around u..But,what is the point of saying such a sentences.It's stupid la from my point of view..It's like saying something that u want to sound great but it didn't have any meaning at all.eh..that's not it..i just could find the right sentence to describe it..but,the bottomline is for me,it is STUPID..its not like the person is everything that matters..there's a lot more.if u chose to be vulnerable and not fighting for what thats counts,then,its ur own lost la..i don care if people said I love u,i hate u, or anything.cuz thats normal.and seems logical and appropriate with the situations.But,I'm nothing without you??haha..then,what are you??worthless piece of crap??or dust??obviously,u want to state how depress,sad u would be la..i noe..Argh..i couldn't write this post the way that i wanted it to sound like.i'll stop je la..haish.


revelers said...

agak ah
kalo break kire tros mati ke camtu yeh??

aben said...

to them lbeyh kurang mcm tu la kot.