05 December 2008


The day keep on going passing by,the clock is ticking and time is running out..and my problem have not resolved just yet.Most probably early next year or on the last week of dec,I'll register for my 2nd semester..The problem is I still don't have any place to stay..majority of the students in my batch have to move out from college provided by the university to make room for the new students.The campus has only finished its phase 1,only the essential buliding and facilties had been build,so many empty areas to be occupied with more facilities soon.

Therefore,all of us have to rent for a place to stay.Since I got back home,I have made contact with several people to seek rent a house,and until now we've failed to get a house.One of my father friend had offered to rent his house to me..And,frankly for me,it's a very decent offer that suits our needs..but,the thing is the house is now currently occupied.He told me that the family who rent the house would move out at the end of the year,but,he himself not so sure about the date when the family will be moving.That had made the situation a bit complicated for me tp plan everything,about leaving for Penang and everything,because if the house is empty we could just confirm the deal and move in whenever we wanted to..and also set the date to clean the house etc.I really want the house,but I'm afraid if I'll take the house and the family is not out of the house when my friends and I are in Penang to register.If that happens..then,susa la for all of us..where should we stay??And after they moved ,we still have to clean the house which might take few days..plus,the lecture might has started then..bz la plak nt.=( .Kat web plak xde tulis exact date daftar.siot arh.

My mom also had tried to find me a house through her friends there.After a while,they managed to get a few house that seems nice and suitable.But,then other problem emerged,the owner said that they didn't want to rent their house to students.Adoi..letih arh camni.Got another house,but its just too far la plak,20 min from the campus,sian to those my friends yg xde transport,if we got some place nearer to the campus,they can take the public transportation if those with transport is not around to drive them.Carik2 again..xde gak.Frustration for all of us..so many things happen.

I'm really hoping that we'll manage to get a house as soon as possible.So that i could concentrate on some other things that reqiure my attention..haish,macam2.Pasal uma nih je da pening kpale..if we unable to get a house,i wonder where la can we stay?xkan nk b'kubang dlm sawah padi lak kot?



iezkndr ibrhm said...

moga moga masalah selesai segera umpama megi cup hny 2 minit je !

tekanan oh la la

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