27 June 2008

off to penang..



23 June 2008

I need this...


Hehe..sory for showing these ergonomic n appealing phones to all of u..I know some of u guys really want to own it rite??hahaha...hi-5!!!same here man!!!Well..actually I'm not really obessed or excited to own this gadget n all..It's just that my old phone is screwed again..something is wrong with its chargering pod to the phone..And,the techinician also said that its quite ruin on the inside parts of the phone..Bla,bla...mcm ak tau repair phone,bende len tau la..haha.I'm trying to persuade my parents to get me a new phone,using the old phone has broken excuses..hehe.
*finger-cross*hopefully my wish will be granted.hehe.=P

22 June 2008

What I felt n things to come.

Erm..I really don feel like updating this blog rite now..Last week had been a disappointment.I hate that the fact that I've failed to meet up with the expectation people has on me..I hate letting people down...It's sucks!


I had given my best but,it's turned out what I did wasn't sufficient enough to triggered me to achieve my one ultimate dream!

Erm,approximately 5 days from today ,I'll be a student again..I'll be in UITM PENANG, and studying MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.This wasn't what I really craved the most,but,I'll take it..as I don't have any other better choices to further my studies.ALHAMDULLILAH..At least I got a place to study and actually learn something..It's better to learn something than nothing at all..hehe.It's not that I'm not interested in engineering..I do like it..But,the passion and excitement that I have for it is far more less compared to being a PILOT..I had always wanted to be one since I was just a kid..Aeroplane excites me..Believe it or not..I had never flies in one..But,seeing the aeroplane up in the sky o at the airport really meant something special to me..Don noe how to describe it to you guys..

And,its seems everybody else is leaving and away from each other...really sad dow..=..(( Smith n Ama will be in UNITEN.ALim
will most probably further his studies in EGYPT.Apit plak in ALAM.Abe still not sure.John was already in UITM SA.KUcem,Zhaf soon will be joining John.MOST of my friends already in MATRICULATION either in PENANG o KEDAH n MELAKE.My twins bro will be in KOLEJ MARA S'BAN.Ezan is in Aussie,Afzan will be in IIUM..Guys,klu ak xmention korang doesn't mean i don remember all of you..I do remember..DOn worry..


kucem n kina


sudeyh family


Erm..I'm really hoping that I'm able to meet all of my close friends and spending a day full of eventful agenda's before I leave for Penang..Wouldn't it be great spending some quality time together with your friends before they're leaving..As u noe u wont be meeting them any time soon..MOst likely on Hari Raye nt br leh jumpe..Ouhhhh..Syok ouh cmtuh..men pool sket.bowling some more..some movies..or perhaps even ice-skating????Then,lepak all together playing poker,having a meal n a laugh..Before leaving KL to study..This is because after this will surely be hard for all of us to lepak together again..Everybody will have their own plans n everything..busy with assignment,lectures,n stuff..they might even came out with excuses n all..We might be denying the fact that we won't do this in future..but,who knows..??As they said,people changed..Hopefully my friends wont changed n the friendship between all of us lasted forever!!.AMIN!!

16 June 2008

kenduri/doa selamat/makan2=nyum2...=))

Yesterday,I had a little feast at my house..My beloved mom decided to held this occasion due to our family previous success in life and also as a sign of thankful to THE ALMIGHTY,ALLAH..Alhamdullilah.Hehe.Many friends n family were invited to the feast.The menu for the day was Nasi Briyani.Special tribute and thank you to Nenek Su n Atok Su..which had offer tremendous help throughout the whole preparation of the food for the feast.Without these to very hard-working n efficient individual,I can definately said that the feast would surely wouldn't went well..THANKS ATOK n NENEK SU!!I love both of u..=))hey..as u reading this please don't get the wrong description of it,okay??It's not that my family didn't help at all..we do help around..Atok n Nenek was only the Commander of the team.hehe.I'm pretty sure u'all r lost now..is it??haha.=P.I help to cook the very delicious Ayam Masak Merah,which many of the guest approved as the best dishes of the day.YEAY2!!!u know what..it is very overwhelming n flattering for me to received many positive comment in something that I put in effort to..happy dowh.hehe.Although,the job I did was only stir the dishes,cutting some onions n does some more other easy stuff.hee.=)

After Zuhr,the group of jemaah from the Surau,came to the house to recite the doa selamat.The doa selamat went well,then,all the jemaah was further invited to enjoy the feast.I'm very happy to see such a friendly environment during the feast yesterday,even though not everybody know everyone..but,that didn't seem to matter much at all.They all just sit and chat with whoever they are comfortable with or sitting close to them.These spirit should be preserved and continue to be practise in our vulnerable society just to maintain the bond in the society from being torn by some provocative ideas that clearly wouldn't brings any goods..Erm,enough of this.hehe.ter-bebel plak.=P.Hurm,Later that afternoon,many more relative n family friends arrived.Some of it that I have not seen in a while..Thanks Pak Usu for ur encouragement n advice!!Thank you also for coming,lame da xjumpe.hehe.=))

That evening,around 8pm,Jaba n other arrived at my house,they were the 1st group of friends to arrived,Jaba drove together Bunjil,Peng n Ladoo.I invited them to come at night,because I doesn't want the house would be too crowded n uncomfortable for all the guest.My house isn't that big n spacious.Hehe.but,stil,thankful to even had one.compared to those yg merempat,homeless..gile kesian.!!=(.Than,I had to pick Kiba at the KTM station since he came by the Komuter.Kiba then asked me to pick up Nona at her house in Selayang,which is not very far from mine.So,then,off we go to pick up Nona,lucky I was quite familiar with the area.(dlu skali-skale ponteng skola lepak situ..hahaha..).

hehe..won't forget the nite,,
I had so much fun.

When we arrived at home,Abe n Faza,another of my friends already reached the house.I straight away went to say hello n chat with them.While,my twins entertaining Kiba,Nona,Peng and some other guest.Moment later,Smith,Sani.Zhaf n Koyak arrived.They tros mkn.Lapa kowt..haha.What really strikes me that night was,the moment Smith n Koyak take a ride with my bro n sis bicycle n race each other.haha3..really funny dow.never seen them ride a bicycle before..And,i've never seen anyone paddle my bro bicycle as fast as Koyak did last nite.Gile kau Koyak.Jiwa motor kau mmg sebati.haha3=P.Then we took some time off,to relax a bit n hav a little chat.Smith asked all of us whether we want to go catch a football match that nite.Smith wanted to go to Hartamas.We all agreed.Before we left the house,the guys help to clean the house n arranged some of the furniture back.THANK YOU GUYS!!!

pics of abe n me..

They love the food.

The guest having a chat n share a laugh.

Apit..siot kau..kau bom ak smlm..
lu jage ar!!!haahaa..

Then,we all hung at Hartamas Square,the place was quite low key that nite.Not many people were they,We just do our things there,conversate about things happening now n then,laughing together,Played poker..haha.The usual stuff la.Around 3,we left Hartamas,send Kiba to UM,them Koyak in Gombak.Get to see the old MOna Fandey house..creepy ouh.It was dark.Then,home again.ehhe.=))


14 June 2008

something is missing...;-?

She only been away for about lil more than 72 hours now.
But,I feel like it is longer than the actual time..
I don really know why i'm feeling like this..i'm just clueless..hurm.
I've only known her about 5-6 weeks now..
But,somehow I feel that I've known her longer.
We met through our mutual friends.
And I never thought that I could be close to her in that short period of time...i do feel close to her..don really noe how she feel bout it..hu3.
Erm..I personally feel that I'm closer to her than some of my friends that I've known for years..
It just surprised me how the friendship between me n her grow to this..
We only met for only 4-5 times before she left..Apart from that,sometimes I contacted her through the messenger n also texting her just to keep in touch n say hello.
Please don't get me wrong..
It's not that i don like being close to her o anything..I do like it..
Infact,I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!!!!..
Well,perhaps its just her own unique n cheerful part that gets to me..
She is very frenly,loud,funny in her own way..
There are so much that i could talk bout her..
But,I won't..people who known her..will surely know her well.

12 June 2008

farewell ezan.. ;,,(

On the 1st of june,Atowk went away to France.Yesterday was the day that another one of my friends when abroad to further their studies,Ezan flew to Aussie last night,she'll be studying in Melbourne.So yesterday,my friends n I pave our way to KLIA to see Ezan and also sort of sending her..hehe.They decided to meet up at Mid Valley first,as Smith is working and he will be making his way together with Zhaf.Afzan,Eliena n Iena(Ama) also there earlier doing their things kot..tah..coz,I'm the one who's the latest to arrived there.haha..damn evening traffic!!

Erm..after a few games of pool,the girls couldn't wait any longer..they urge to get the boys to stop n making our way to KLIA.especially Afzan.she said,she could stay in that pool arena..she feels like ape tah(uncomfortable kot??)..even she herself is unable to explained it..haha.Getting out from heavy traffic around Mid Valley separates us.Afzan is taking the new KL-Putrajaya Highway,I'm taking the Plus Highway.Note to everybody-if ur are going to KLIA don't take this way,it's far then the other alternative route.Nyesal ak ikot PLUS,the price of fuel da la mahal skang!!

Afzan arrived at KLIA 1st,then,we all meet up again at KFC,Ezan already there too..We chat through the meal..Making full use of the little quality time left.. And,sometimes I find myself lost in conversation..The girls is talking bout Shan's n Muizz..???erm..sape tuh??..i don really noe the person they were talking about,so i'll just pretend I understand what they were bebel-ing..haha3.During the meal,both of Afzan phone suddenly rang..Its really funny n tickles me seeing the way her answering those phone calls since she couldn't hold the phone coz she's eating,so she just sort of putting both phone on both ear and talking simultaneously..Her fingers was like 'tanduk rusa' emerging from her head..haha..No offense eyh Afzan...=p

Look at Afzan,khusyuk bace doa!!

The Girls enjoying their Zingers!!

Smith N AMA..

hehe..Ama really like her Zingers..her lips says it all..=)
While,Ezan is munching hers..haha.

Sorry to Elie n Zhaf,none pics of both of u,since u guys went to the ERL station.But,then I kinda forget to take ur pics when u guys came back..distracted by conversation n all..Sory guys!!

After the meal,it's time for Ezan to check in.We all walked her to the gate,n meet with some of her family members,nice people.=) Smith is teased by Ezan's brother saying to him..(since he's wearing a shirt quite similar to KTJ uniform according to Ama,except the colour.)
"budak skola ke???tgok baju..cam ye..??"
"no la..br blik keje.."

haa..here a video that I somehow managed to record last nite..Ezan last words..a piece of advice actually kot..haha..just watch la..its short.

Then,off she goes.Thus,we make our way out of KLIA,planned to lepak at NZ in Wangsa Maju to watch Euro,but then,Afzan n Ama can't make it..Afzan mom want her home early.Thats okay,they won't enjoy watching football game either.Filling our time..as usual,we played Poker,n i could definately see,Zhaf already making progress n become good at it..pasni,ta payah jadi 'TUKANG CONG" lagi..ha3.Erm,then Afzan o Ama called Smith asking whether we,the guys want to hang at Afzan house..??They said they are watching some horror movie."Anak dlm Kubur"Indonesian movie..hehe3..mayb dorg scared n wanted some company.=)).Off we go to Afzan around 1 a.m kot.We watched the movie together,Zhaf already asleep.erm..The movie was Ok.Then,we watched this movie "Venom" kot,HBO..not sure xigt..about this one creature who kills human in the outback..Wasn't paying attention to this movie..so,couldn't tell u much.=I.I and Ama tickle Afzan at her waist few times that nite,she couldn't stand it,and was scearming n laughing..haha3.sian de,terok gak kena geletek.=))

happy faces.

I n Smith somehow managed to persuade Afzan to let us watch the Euro.She was reluctant at first,since she didn't like football.Eventually,she lets us the game.Yeay2!!!!And then she started asking question about football..which team is the swiss??what team is in the blue shirts??and..who the one wearing the yellow shirt??(the reff)..She liked the Swiss bcoz she been there,she finds it really beautifull n all.She also showed us few albums of pics of she n her family there.

At 3.30 am..We left Afzan.She almost pushed me into the fish pond in her yard.Siot jer,klu x..basah ouh..haha.One of my best night with my friends.Arrived home at4.30,shower..Bed at 5a.m.+)

09 June 2008


Yesterday,few of my fren n i went to the summersplash in sunway lagoon..Arriving there around 1.30,we could see thousands of people already queueing up..all of us straight away put our self in the line..i have never been to S.L b4,n i thought its just a few metres of queueing up in line..well,i'm wrong big time.haha3.the que of people went all the way to the ticket booth at the end of the escalator.going down the escalator in d line alone is taking around 20-30 min.haha.There are also a few thousand of people also at the other part of the entrance.so damn pack.erm.i just skip this part la..its just so frustrating.sigh*after an hour of queueing up,we all finally got inside the SL.thank GOD!he3.
There,I got the chance to meet up with some of my frens,that i haven't seen in a while..gaban,cici,ezan,elieana,jaba,govin,nadia,susu..(too bad xdpt jumpe afzan)and also making some new frens there..its such a great pleasure for me to meet newfrens n getting to know them.haha2.

The day went well.I had some much fun with all my frens.