09 June 2008


Yesterday,few of my fren n i went to the summersplash in sunway lagoon..Arriving there around 1.30,we could see thousands of people already queueing up..all of us straight away put our self in the line..i have never been to S.L b4,n i thought its just a few metres of queueing up in line..well,i'm wrong big time.haha3.the que of people went all the way to the ticket booth at the end of the escalator.going down the escalator in d line alone is taking around 20-30 min.haha.There are also a few thousand of people also at the other part of the entrance.so damn pack.erm.i just skip this part la..its just so frustrating.sigh*after an hour of queueing up,we all finally got inside the SL.thank GOD!he3.
There,I got the chance to meet up with some of my frens,that i haven't seen in a while..gaban,cici,ezan,elieana,jaba,govin,nadia,susu..(too bad xdpt jumpe afzan)and also making some new frens there..its such a great pleasure for me to meet newfrens n getting to know them.haha2.

The day went well.I had some much fun with all my frens.


bawang merah said...

best nye..

ahmad syafiq said...

cool!!! air itu cool!!!

btw aku da add da