12 June 2008

farewell ezan.. ;,,(

On the 1st of june,Atowk went away to France.Yesterday was the day that another one of my friends when abroad to further their studies,Ezan flew to Aussie last night,she'll be studying in Melbourne.So yesterday,my friends n I pave our way to KLIA to see Ezan and also sort of sending her..hehe.They decided to meet up at Mid Valley first,as Smith is working and he will be making his way together with Zhaf.Afzan,Eliena n Iena(Ama) also there earlier doing their things kot..tah..coz,I'm the one who's the latest to arrived there.haha..damn evening traffic!!

Erm..after a few games of pool,the girls couldn't wait any longer..they urge to get the boys to stop n making our way to KLIA.especially Afzan.she said,she could stay in that pool arena..she feels like ape tah(uncomfortable kot??)..even she herself is unable to explained it..haha.Getting out from heavy traffic around Mid Valley separates us.Afzan is taking the new KL-Putrajaya Highway,I'm taking the Plus Highway.Note to everybody-if ur are going to KLIA don't take this way,it's far then the other alternative route.Nyesal ak ikot PLUS,the price of fuel da la mahal skang!!

Afzan arrived at KLIA 1st,then,we all meet up again at KFC,Ezan already there too..We chat through the meal..Making full use of the little quality time left.. And,sometimes I find myself lost in conversation..The girls is talking bout Shan's n Muizz..???erm..sape tuh??..i don really noe the person they were talking about,so i'll just pretend I understand what they were bebel-ing..haha3.During the meal,both of Afzan phone suddenly rang..Its really funny n tickles me seeing the way her answering those phone calls since she couldn't hold the phone coz she's eating,so she just sort of putting both phone on both ear and talking simultaneously..Her fingers was like 'tanduk rusa' emerging from her head..haha..No offense eyh Afzan...=p

Look at Afzan,khusyuk bace doa!!

The Girls enjoying their Zingers!!

Smith N AMA..

hehe..Ama really like her Zingers..her lips says it all..=)
While,Ezan is munching hers..haha.

Sorry to Elie n Zhaf,none pics of both of u,since u guys went to the ERL station.But,then I kinda forget to take ur pics when u guys came back..distracted by conversation n all..Sory guys!!

After the meal,it's time for Ezan to check in.We all walked her to the gate,n meet with some of her family members,nice people.=) Smith is teased by Ezan's brother saying to him..(since he's wearing a shirt quite similar to KTJ uniform according to Ama,except the colour.)
"budak skola ke???tgok baju..cam ye..??"
"no la..br blik keje.."

haa..here a video that I somehow managed to record last nite..Ezan last words..a piece of advice actually kot..haha..just watch la..its short.

Then,off she goes.Thus,we make our way out of KLIA,planned to lepak at NZ in Wangsa Maju to watch Euro,but then,Afzan n Ama can't make it..Afzan mom want her home early.Thats okay,they won't enjoy watching football game either.Filling our time..as usual,we played Poker,n i could definately see,Zhaf already making progress n become good at it..pasni,ta payah jadi 'TUKANG CONG" lagi..ha3.Erm,then Afzan o Ama called Smith asking whether we,the guys want to hang at Afzan house..??They said they are watching some horror movie."Anak dlm Kubur"Indonesian movie..hehe3..mayb dorg scared n wanted some company.=)).Off we go to Afzan around 1 a.m kot.We watched the movie together,Zhaf already asleep.erm..The movie was Ok.Then,we watched this movie "Venom" kot,HBO..not sure xigt..about this one creature who kills human in the outback..Wasn't paying attention to this movie..so,couldn't tell u much.=I.I and Ama tickle Afzan at her waist few times that nite,she couldn't stand it,and was scearming n laughing..haha3.sian de,terok gak kena geletek.=))

happy faces.

I n Smith somehow managed to persuade Afzan to let us watch the Euro.She was reluctant at first,since she didn't like football.Eventually,she lets us the game.Yeay2!!!!And then she started asking question about football..which team is the swiss??what team is in the blue shirts??and..who the one wearing the yellow shirt??(the reff)..She liked the Swiss bcoz she been there,she finds it really beautifull n all.She also showed us few albums of pics of she n her family there.

At 3.30 am..We left Afzan.She almost pushed me into the fish pond in her yard.Siot jer,klu x..basah ouh..haha.One of my best night with my friends.Arrived home at4.30,shower..Bed at 5a.m.+)