14 June 2008

something is missing...;-?

She only been away for about lil more than 72 hours now.
But,I feel like it is longer than the actual time..
I don really know why i'm feeling like this..i'm just clueless..hurm.
I've only known her about 5-6 weeks now..
But,somehow I feel that I've known her longer.
We met through our mutual friends.
And I never thought that I could be close to her in that short period of time...i do feel close to her..don really noe how she feel bout it..hu3.
Erm..I personally feel that I'm closer to her than some of my friends that I've known for years..
It just surprised me how the friendship between me n her grow to this..
We only met for only 4-5 times before she left..Apart from that,sometimes I contacted her through the messenger n also texting her just to keep in touch n say hello.
Please don't get me wrong..
It's not that i don like being close to her o anything..I do like it..
Infact,I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!!!!..
Well,perhaps its just her own unique n cheerful part that gets to me..
She is very frenly,loud,funny in her own way..
There are so much that i could talk bout her..
But,I won't..people who known her..will surely know her well.

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