31 January 2010

thank you

Uncle & Auntie thank you so much for your treat & hospitality.
I appreciate it..
The food was good..The kuih was also good...everything was good n tasty.
We were never hungry there.
We feel like we were on JJCM holiday

29 January 2010

confused rants

I've a lot in mind..
I want to spill it out here.
But,I just don't know how..
I keep writing,but after a while...I'll erase it..
Its has been going for several time now..
I don't why I did that..I'm confused.
Apart of me want to let it out,while apart of me said,don't let it out,keep it to yourself..
And,it is already 3.32 am..
Arm is already on his bed waiting for me to leave this room so that he could sleep.
I think I'm going to sleep with this head full thinking of everyhting.
May tomorrow be a good day for all.

02 January 2010

probably the end or just a break?

this is it for now.
until next time.

hurm ,if there is another next time, we'll see..but, for now i doubt that.