28 November 2008

kna lagi

1. The last person to tag you was?
kucem(she is the 1st one,actually)
2. Your relationship with him/her?
I abg gagah de
3. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
uitm gak,ske roxy,java chips,b'mate besar n bulat,agaklpendek..hehe
4. The most memorable thing that she/he has ever done for you?
urm.ikot AGS send me kat pudu kott??
5. The most memorable word that she/he has said to you?
xigt ah.sory.=(
6. If she/he becomes your lover, you will..
urm..ta penah t'pikir.now pon da ok.
7. If she/he becomes your enemy, you will..
minta maaf pd hari raye?
8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on...
wtf?(same with her answer)
9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is...
soalan yg batu api.(sial btol)
10. The most desirable things to do for him/her are..
lepak together with sesudeyh n all
11. Overall impression towards him/her is...
interesting yet mysterious..haha
12. How do you think the people around you will feel about you ?
13. Who is your ideal ?
no answer
14 What do you hate about yourself ?
kadang2 mlas bgon suboh.suboh kol 8.hha
15. For the people who care for you and like you, say something about them?
thank you so much,ily all.
16. 0 people to tag answer:

1st Tagged

the rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people
1. pilot!
2.love to eat,tdo,mandi
3.fishing n diving
4.i want to get fit,but getting lazy to exercise
5.need anger management(budak2 ckp)
6.kdg2 agak b'dendam.haha.=)(lu jaga)
7.having trouble sleeping now.cehh
8.most people has bad 1st impression on me??haish.

-kucem(haha..biya u polak kena lg skali,bosan)
-lg 3 sape2 je la yg b'minat.

24 November 2008


100??erm..I read from tim's blog that her goal this month is to achieve 100 posts.hurm..I've never had such thought for a goal before..Tim,de rajen b'cerita..klu masok p'tandingan b'cerita mesti bleyh jadi Juara.hehe.If I are going for the same for the same goal..my blog would be full with empty post or only a single alphabet for each post..haha,so sng la achieved 100,but thats cheating la kan??it's impossible la..I'm not a decent blogger like she is..Yeah,I'm not..and her blog is one of few blogs that I'm following..She has always has something to update on..which is interesting la kot..bleyh bace2..hehe.what eva it is..I hope u'll achieve ur goal.


haish..mcm2 ragam.

smlm ad lg sorang acik nk terjun bangunan.
ouh,skrang niyh trend klu xdpt solve probs je terjun bgnan eyh??
xtau plak ak.
pasni ramai ah kot yg terjun.
sian la para2 anggota bomba n polis..
xdpt la nk relax.
br nk relax je..ad emergency call tok slamatkan org2 nih.
sian sbenanye.
depression buat dorg jd camtuh.
pikir xbtol.
amek jln mudah.
mudah ape??mati saket la woi..
klu terjun bgunan xke b'sepai kpale otak kau?
adoi yai..
cube la klu2 depress tuh..
amek jln slamat.
mandi sungai ke??
bace quran?
tulis blog??(haha..org tulis blog sb depress keh?,kau pdai2 je bantai)
ape2 je la.
p xyah terjun bgunan.
ak bkn pe..
xnak korg saket je.

kesimpulan nye..
jgn buat keje bodoh.
kau susah,tp xyah susa kan org len.
byk lg jln pnyelesaian.
klu jato mati tros xpe..(xpe ape,murtad weyh bunoh diri,kat akhirat jawab la sndri.)
tp klu lumpoh, ke??
kan da susa..nk kena jage mkn minom.
mandi,berak sume org cebokkan..
klu ad org nk jage xpe.klu xde..haa..
kan da nyusah kan org len n dri sendiri.

pape pon..
think wise.

pesanan khidmat masyarakat
dr aben.


The A1 GP..many would have thought that this competition offer less excitement and joy compared to the other motorsports events..I do also have the same perspective myself..Many of the people whom I knew that loved motorsports didn't show much interest in A1 either..I didn't like it,b'coz from what I noe,the A1 car is a lot slower compared to those car in the F1,they even appeared to move slow on the televesion(which is not fun to watch) unlike the F1 which much faster,aggressive,and dangerous..F1 is more exilirating for me.the pace of the F1 car is phenomenal.I didn't even recognize who are the driver for the A1 team..never heard of them before..mayb just a few of them that I'm aware of..I didn't now which team to root for,coz I didn't now much bout the team,backgrounds,performance and a lot more..And,another reason is, there is many new rules n i could say 'weird' rules for me,as I'm more familiar with the F1,touring car series and also Drift..In A1 the are such rules that each driver could only use a power boost that give them an extra power to overtake,but the number of the power boost is limited,so each driver must be wise to determine when they should use the boost in order for them to win the race,the is also such a rule 'pit lane open n pit lane closed'..there are many more..but,it'll just make u bored I guess.

Ok,so my mom got 7 granstand ticket for the Malayasian A1 GP in Sepang,somebody gave it to the Malaysian armed force and police coutesy of something,I'm not sure.When she told me that she have the ticket,there was not much of excitement..I'm not into A1 as i said earlier.and i was reluctant to go to Sepang on Sunday,I wanted to go out with my friends..But,my mom and my lil' brother wanted to go so bad.Somehow,my mom talked me out of it,and I'm going with them.

We arrived a bit late in Sepang and the race has already started.As we were walking from the parking lot,we could hear the 'grrrr' sounds of the engine of the car..Its really excites me,eventhough I'm still haven't saw the car yet..the acceleration,shifting gear,braking..Arghh!!how i love sounds of the engine.

The granstand already packed and full with people.We struggled even to get a decent view of the track..haa.that is how pack it is..as people were standing and cheering..the loud sound of the car passing by..I couldn't just stayed there and enjoyed just a slight glimpse of view that I get.Thus,I make my way downstairs,went through layers of people..Then,I was at the site of the track,there I could see the car a lot more better.I could even see the pit lane clearly,the pit crew what they were doing and all of that.I texted my mom asking them to come down.I enjoyed the race.The car were passing in front of me at impressive pace.Yeah!!not like the F1,but still fast enough..The crowd get really alive whenever the Malaysian car was passing across the straight line..The people were shouting and cheering for the driver..Fairuz Fauzy.He is clearly a great driver.He did work on couple of nice move infront of the grandstand going down the first corner.If it wasn't about the miscommunication incident that got him to the from the 3rd to11th place,certainly he'll be one of the podium finisher.But,things happen,and people made mistakes.But,Thank God that didn't held him back and has triggered him to fight on harder in the race to a least catch a point for Malaysia in front of the home crowd.He managed to do that.Although it is gonna be real nice and sweet to see him winning the race,to keep up the advantage as team Malaysia leads the championship when they were coming to Malaysia.

I'm certainly hoping that Team Malaysia will make it good in A1 this year.Because from what I see,they have improved a lot,and has what it takes to be a serious title contender.It's about time though for Malaysia to show what we are capable in motorsports,and not just relying in sports like badminton and squash.Football is an obvious mess..I wish for them to be once like the zaman Mokhtar Dahari.He was good,damn good.Probably M'sian best all-time footballer.Okay..I'm started to get side-ways here.hee.

Ok.Overall..Motorsports are FUN and EXCITING!!!we can put aside the power of the engine,the rules..because on the track,driver give their best to win the race and proved who is the best.That is what matter the most!!.I saw that,and I've realized it.I'm into any kind of motorsports now.haha.

I'm gonna start saving money so that I could go to Sepang again to catch the F1 and Moto-GP.haha.

22 November 2008


B O D O H!!!haa..tu la p'kataan yg kua dr mulot ak mase tgok brite kat tb ngan bapak ak td..sb ad sorg budak nk jump off from a building..sebabnye-kena tegor ngan bf..Bodoh x bodoh minah nih???haish..Tuhan da bg kau otak tp kau xreti nk manfaatkan..masalah kau tuh klu budak xpegi skola pon tau nk solve..calm down la..istigfar..tgh marah wat kputusan,mmgla xbtol..adoi yai..klu xleh tegor susa la..dok dlm peti ais la..xde org tegor.hee..

Actually,ak xkesah la de nk terjun ke pe..lantak de la..hidop de en..tp,de xpikir ke??bape ramai dlm dunia nih every day strugle untok tros kan hidop niyh..klu kat tmpat len,ad perang,kecoh sane sini..kat m'sia nih aman pon tataw nk syukur..kau cume perlu jage dri elok2,insya-allah kau selamat..tp klu da ajal tu mmg xleh nk watpe la an,kuasa Tuhan,xde sape yg bleh challenge..Dia Maha Pencipta.Dia Yg Maha Esa..please la...value la sket nyawa kau tuh..

Tolong la jgn wat bende cmnih..ni sume m'nunjukkan kelemahan jiwa n xde pegangan yg kukuh.
pikir la rasional..jgn t'buru wat decison n jump to conclusion cpt2..

20 November 2008

mr deeds

there is this one person who has done a lot of good n nice deeds towards me..if it wasn't for him..for sure i'll and still be in a lot of trouble..thanks a lot bro..I noe that the word THANK YOU only isn't enough..even if i keep saying it for the whole day,for weeks,for months,infact the whole time..,it's still isn't gonna be enough too..but,for now,that is all what i can afford to do..i appreciate everything that u had done..THANK YOU AGAIN!!!I promise that i'll never forget everything that u had done for me now n in the past..and i promise i'll help u when u are in need..just say it..i'll help u no matter what.
(hee..i'm pretty bad in writting,but,i'm sure u'll get my point,which is what matter the most.)
looking forward to lepak ngan kau weyh..

insya-allah i'll treat u to eat at the place that u loved too..


alhamdulillah..that is the most appropriate word for me..things has turned far more better than it was yesterday..Alhamdulilah..everything has fall to where they should and things are going really good!!!!yeay2!!hopefully its gonna stayed this way..so i can concentrate on few other unfinished business..hehe.

tomorrow got two more that needed to be settled.

the 'F'

hurm..i hated this feeling so bad..anxiety,anger,depress.tired,all sorts of stress..i hate what i feel rite now..its all mixed up..it makes me feel annoyed of everything..n coz those who are innocent to be scolded or yelled by me..although it's not their fault..sory.but,i just can't help it..i try to keep it as cool and low as i possibly could,but somehow it still went overboard..
things are not goin' gud rite now..they're not according to the plan as they should be..FUCK!!
hopefully all of these fucking things will soon fall to places and turns out gud for everyone.


11 November 2008


lame xon kot..
br je dpt chance nk on sat..
relax lu sap kok lu..
td br pas perah otak mat 133.
sat g ptg smbong plak phy 143+chm140.
haha..td wat 1 question ad 3 solution..
then last minute ak g cancel the right solution.
cume pasl i17 xkonfom.len kali biya je cm 1stjwb.
haha..biya la..
qada' n qadar allah..ad hikmah nye.

roam around browse those blogs...
i feel funny plak..
they keep updating their blog..
unlike mine..
sunyi sepi je..b'habok2 laman ni..
huhu,,better xyah ad blog je..[ckp sdri]

kucem amat aktif..
tim juge..
mayb bcoz i don't hav anything that i'm not pleased with,
or to complain kot???
nk share pon xde..
penang study..
kacang2 hantu sume xde..
jd budak baek kat sini.
haa..tbe2 xpuas aty pasl mp3 ak yg kene cilok..
mmg bangkai sape yg amek.
ak kje penat2 nk bli.kau cilok.
ak xredha.

mood blogging xde.
mood study still high n gud.'b'kobar'
good aben!!
nk abeskan paper then enjoy..

the fact is blog nh skang amat bosan n xmeriah.

biya ah
ak xkaco org.