20 November 2008

mr deeds

there is this one person who has done a lot of good n nice deeds towards me..if it wasn't for him..for sure i'll and still be in a lot of trouble..thanks a lot bro..I noe that the word THANK YOU only isn't enough..even if i keep saying it for the whole day,for weeks,for months,infact the whole time..,it's still isn't gonna be enough too..but,for now,that is all what i can afford to do..i appreciate everything that u had done..THANK YOU AGAIN!!!I promise that i'll never forget everything that u had done for me now n in the past..and i promise i'll help u when u are in need..just say it..i'll help u no matter what.
(hee..i'm pretty bad in writting,but,i'm sure u'll get my point,which is what matter the most.)
looking forward to lepak ngan kau weyh..

insya-allah i'll treat u to eat at the place that u loved too..

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