28 February 2010


" Orang KITA tak pandai buang sampah dlm tong sampah,
tp, orang KITA pandai buang bayi dlm tong sampah"

" Orang KITA tak pandai flush toilet lepas guna,
tp, orang KITA pandai flush lepas buang bayi dlm toilet"

p/s : sedihkan?

27 February 2010

sad =(

What has happen to the people of our society we're living in today??
Are they has gone completely mad??
What has made them to do such things?
Isn't LIFE means nothing to them?

It is really sad though to see what happen to our society today..
Each day without failed, there must at least a news regarding cruelty of human.
mother disregarding their baby..throwing them into a trash can,flushing them down a toilet..
It's their own flesh & meat for God's sake.

Last night, all of us were shocked by a news report that a 3-year old girl had been abused to death. The reason for that inhumane action is because that she played with some water,probably some spats of water on the field, while the father is playing football. From what I learned in the news tonight, she was stepped and kicked by her father whose was wearing a football boot at that time..Haish.Even if U kicked someone with your barefoot is already painful..What more if U wear a football boot? Hhm, I think I don't have to elaborate more on this, surely all of our nation are following this case with much concern to be updated with the details..

What I want to say is, I'm really sad with the situation of our society now..
Although we're growing forward with modernisation, but we weren't growing anywhere better in our state of life. I don't deny the fact that we are growing in some areas, but we need to focus on the essential value which the core of better community
There's no guarantee of safety in our life today. No significant advancement in values of our society.
We are still at our old level..

Al-Fatihah to Syafia Humairah Sahari

p/s: meh ktorg try pijak kau(the culprit) ngan boot..try tengok ape rase..mtk nyawa x?

25 February 2010

maulidur rasul



let's selawat banyak2 jom..

23 February 2010


I expect nothing much..


That's all I'm asking.

And, it's what it takes for us to be happy.


Dialog2 normal.
Sblm cuti :-

"erm,cuti neh ak nk stdy la...byk lg yg xmaster!kena catch-up"

"cuti neh,ak xmao klua jejln2..bazir jeh,bek dok uma STUDY!!"
hehe..yelah tu.xdenye time cuti kau nk dok uma memerap jeh..Yg pasti,azam & iltizam ini sukar utk dipenuhi..byk dugaannya

Semasa cuti ;-

"Hhm..nt2 la stdy..cuti pnjg lg..ad 1mgu lg..byk mase lg"

"Esok la stdy,letih la arinih.."

Slps cuti :-

"adoi..nyesal nye xstdy mase cuti kat uma aritu.."

"cmne nk stdy??bz la,,ak g sana-sini"

Hehe...time cuti,dok tangguh2 nk stdy,even ak tau ble naik cuti,isnin pg kol8 da ad test math..

Awak dok tangguh nk stdy...alih2 kena demam 2ari,pastu ad pak cik meninggal..n jumaat smpai ahad dok kat UIA kursus.Abes ahad petang..mlm da kna b'tolak blik Penang..Bajet smpai penang nk stdy..smpai kol 3pagi.haha..MEMANG TAK AR!! tido tros smpi pagi..

Kol 8 g test selebet ngan muke ngantok..dlm hati ckp tawakal,buat yg mane tau..Padahal salah konsep,orang kena usaha dlu br leh tawakal..ishh3..ble dpt kertas test,tgok senyum sorg2..bukan sb senang..tp sb da tau xleh buat..Tp,gagahkn hati try jugak..Konon nk pikir,dok tongkat dagu atas meja..Hhm.tross ZZZZZZZZ!!! ngantok kot..tido xcukup..Adoi..salah planning,dan salah sendiri.

Realitinye,lebih susah utk study kat uma...dan jgn tangguh keje.

p/s: tu la awk, si aien tu da soh awk p stdy..tp awk malas..padan muka!wekk! :P

19 February 2010

Question of the day

Question of the day:

"Nape kentot yg bising xbau busuk SGT???,
tp,kentot yg senyap tu lg busuk GILA???"

haha..btol x??
a point to ponder..

p/s: fikir2 kan dan selamat beramal. teehee.=P

17 February 2010


sweating non-stop.

p/s : tp,Alhamdullilah today da reda sket.Mendung jeh.

15 February 2010

iena-uh lala

Iena,sape ckp remote nokia tu ade kat muadzam je haa??
ingat KL xcanggih ke??
KL pon ad la..
tgok tuh..nokia nk-77 lg..
getah tu extra features.
bkn shj remote cntrol..bole gak wat kol n sms..
n on9 pon bole gak actly,tp kna add more getah..
hhaha..canggih kan?

p/s: pasal remote cap ayam pon nk kecoh.hehe

12 February 2010

nikmat CNY

I guess by today almost everyone of our frens are already back home for CNYholiday..I went by at iena's blog just now,she is back..so that means Smith is here also.hehe.dorang mane berenggang..

Erm,Ijal is also coming back..in fact,he even contacted me through fb few days earlier asking whether we are up for another futsal during this CNY holiday..I said," game on".haha.

Ohh..yeah..Allim Khairuddin is back in Malaysia too..siot punye pak arab,da kua swift skrg..I asked him to join us when we play this time.No more excuses eh Allim?xde kasot la..nk jumpe gf la..bla bla..xde2..kau nye alasan tu da xvalid kat M'sia..kat Egypt je laku..xde kasot,kau p bli sebijik..

I'm suppose to go for a fishing trip this CNY with Fitri Rashid. I just knew him through Ariff Topman. But,due to some constraints, I can't go..Sory bro! But,thanks for inviting me..It'll be nice to go fishing actually. It has been a while since the last time I went fishing.

So,I guess this week ramai yg akan ade..U sume cuti kot.Futsal jom! Byk lg aktiviti menarik yg boleh kite buat cuti2 neh..Bak kata slogan Zoom Malaysia "Banyak utk Dilawati & banyak utk diterokai!!"

Although,it's raya cina..but,since we're Malaysians,n the fact that we celebrate everything,we got to enjoy the holiday!Hee. =) Best en dok M'sia?
(but,my grandma on the father side is chinese,so i guess,bole la celb sket kot?)

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR esp to Jay n Calvin!
enjoy ur CNY! Mercun jom!

p/s: Eventhough, I'm gonna be bit occupied this in this short holiday, with works,courses n everything.. I'm still hoping that I can see you,sayang..please let me know,when u're available..because u know I'll make time for you.

06 February 2010



Yet,they expect people to obey it..which is ridiculous.