31 August 2010


This morning I received an unpleasant news regarding a cousin of mine, Afiq. He was involved in an accident earlier today. He was on his way back home to Semenyih from Seremban when it happen. He is now admitted in the ICU at Kajang Hospital.. He lost a lot of blood and suffered from internal injuries.. He is still unconscious. From what I heard, it wasn't good. And, he is scheduled for a brainscan later today. I hope all will turns out well for him. It breaks my heart knowing he is in this condition since we both were quite close during growing up, we used to played together & also do all kind of other stuff as well. He is a great guy. If only Penang-KL are not as far as it really is, I'll certainly be there now.
Afiq, you've to hang in there!!! Be strong bro!! Our prayers are together with you! May U be safe and healthy soon! Amin.

Its another birthday

Its HAPPY BIRTHDAY post again.
But, this time it is MALAYSIA's Birthday!
Happy Independence Day!!
May Allah bless M'sia year around.
and also for years to come.

p/s: I'm joining Merdeka Day celebration parade tomorrow. Lets us all go to Padang Kota, Penang and have a blast there!

30 August 2010

singa yg kenang budi

Binatang pon tau kenang budi..
Ingat kat orang yg jage de..
Kalau xtau nk kenang budi orang..
especially both our parents & family..
Our friends and others..
then, faham2 sendiri je la kan??

p/s: this video really touched me..a lion kot. not just a normal house cat. Subhannallah.

happy birthday semit!

As the title goes..
aka zul aiman abd khalil.
Hv a great one!
May Allah bless you bro!

p/s: Thanks for being my friend. U'r a great friend & U've been such a help. Like a brother to me as well. Kau la kawan susah senang aku!

29 August 2010

teka teki teka tekuk

ak br pas usha Dyslexia kau..so, ak nk bagi kau 1 teka-teki.

ape beza bini baru ngan kete baru??
cube jwb bro!


That's all I can say, and it's only what I suppose to say..
Thank God The Most Merciful..
It all went well yesterday. Fuhhh..
What a relief.. It was my first programme as director of the programme itself.
Throughout the last few weeks, the preparation for the programme had not been smooth.
There's always problem emerging one after another, and even stacking up..
With time running out, It was looking rather bad..
The worst part is that the programme is scheduled on Saturday, but then on Thursday..
I found out that UiTM is going to run its power supply testing through the weekend..
Thus, possibility for a power supply failure.
Which brought a BIG problem for me..I'm running a convention & study courses..
Without power, how can we operate??
It's all to late to cancel out all the invitation sent out to the panels and guests.
After a discussion with the advisor, we decided to go on with..
InsyaAllah with His blessings all would be fine..
And it turns out that it did.. Again, Alhamdullilah!
It was really a meaning & eventful programme for me.
It taught me a lot of things. Especially, on how to deal with people..
Ohh yeah..people & Birocracy can be quite handful to handle at times.
The programme was good,the talks was great, the course was amazing!
Overall, it was a good experience gained.
Thanks to those who offered their help.
I offer all of you with my greatest gratitude & appreciation.
Couldn't done it without you guys!!
SPC & PAM '10 !!!!!!

p/s: eventhough xdpt blik xsb run programme..It was worth it! plus,next week pon da cuti da.

25 August 2010

anything I'm not

I might be anything that you think I am... And,I might be lacking here & there..
I'd admit that.
But, at least, I'm not a LIAR nor a PRETENDER..

24 August 2010

a sis to assist

I've never had an older sister before in my life..
But, thanks to you. .
Tonite you made me feel like I'd have one.
Thanks for the advices and pep talks.
I guess you'd 'makan garam' more than me.
Thanks for supporting me!!
A bunch of thanks to you..
InsyaAllah I wont let anyone down.
And that is a promise!

p/s: thanks Akak. =)

22 August 2010


Are you a Muslim?? Are you practising Islam?? If you are..Then,you should have a look on this..why is it, if the Jews did something it is ok.. But then,if the Muslims did it isn't..

where is the justice??

21 August 2010


I've been bitten & stung so much many time before, but it was never this painful..
Damn you!

18 August 2010


Cik Lydia, ini baru charlie..Beware eh? Painful tau.

15 August 2010

have or haven't?

I thought I've, but it turns out that..

" I just haven't met YOU yet.."

one day, I will..

currently listening to Michael Buble. =))

13 August 2010

what His not..

There are time in life where we feel that the fate is being harsh on us, but there'll come a time where we realize that Allah actually is doing us a favor.

Because Cruelty is not His.


12 August 2010

to boy..

Dear brother, I'm so proud of you.
Today is the day that you made all of us proud!!
I'm happy for you.
You deserved it. Undoubtedly.
I know that you'll be just fine.
Even Mummy & Ayah felt the same.
We knew what you're capable of.
15 is something really hard to achieve.
Ohh yeah it is.
A perfect score..
But, Alhamdullilah, you did it.

From then till now..
Thanks for always being there for me.
Thanks for standing up for me..
Thanks for supporting me..
Thanks for being my twins.
Thanks for everything!!!
I can't thank you enough.
I wish you all the best!!
You absence would surely be missed.
Go & make us all proud again & again!


11 August 2010

puasa ramadan

Bangun sahur makan roti,
Makan roti dengan kari pekat,
Ramadan, bulan yg dinanti,
Bulan yang penuh rahmat & nikmat,

Ramadan bulan yg mulia,
Ramadan bulan kita b'puasa,
Lapar & dahaga adalah lumrahnya,
Pasti ada nikmat di sebaliknya.

Dugaan & cabaran norma biasa,
Tempuh dengan sabar di dada,
Hanya sebulan lamanya,
Sebelum Hari Raya menjelma.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadan Al-Mubarak.
Happy Fasting.

p/s: Hopefully dpt chance utk b'buke ngan family & mbr2 kat KL. Bulan pose neh pack ngan test & program.

10 August 2010

Aren't they?

Don't u think so??? Isn't??

06 August 2010

arts of bread

These are my frens and their handywork.Their bread both sure look delicous isnt it??Emm..yummy.



p/s: Too bad the bread can't be eaten, bcoz they had already painted for the deco.Plus the doh,is as hard as a rock.

05 August 2010


" It is better to be alone rather than to be in a relationship with a person who doesn't appreciate nor respected u "

I think it is though.