29 August 2010


That's all I can say, and it's only what I suppose to say..
Thank God The Most Merciful..
It all went well yesterday. Fuhhh..
What a relief.. It was my first programme as director of the programme itself.
Throughout the last few weeks, the preparation for the programme had not been smooth.
There's always problem emerging one after another, and even stacking up..
With time running out, It was looking rather bad..
The worst part is that the programme is scheduled on Saturday, but then on Thursday..
I found out that UiTM is going to run its power supply testing through the weekend..
Thus, possibility for a power supply failure.
Which brought a BIG problem for me..I'm running a convention & study courses..
Without power, how can we operate??
It's all to late to cancel out all the invitation sent out to the panels and guests.
After a discussion with the advisor, we decided to go on with..
InsyaAllah with His blessings all would be fine..
And it turns out that it did.. Again, Alhamdullilah!
It was really a meaning & eventful programme for me.
It taught me a lot of things. Especially, on how to deal with people..
Ohh yeah..people & Birocracy can be quite handful to handle at times.
The programme was good,the talks was great, the course was amazing!
Overall, it was a good experience gained.
Thanks to those who offered their help.
I offer all of you with my greatest gratitude & appreciation.
Couldn't done it without you guys!!
SPC & PAM '10 !!!!!!

p/s: eventhough xdpt blik xsb run programme..It was worth it! plus,next week pon da cuti da.

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