31 August 2010


This morning I received an unpleasant news regarding a cousin of mine, Afiq. He was involved in an accident earlier today. He was on his way back home to Semenyih from Seremban when it happen. He is now admitted in the ICU at Kajang Hospital.. He lost a lot of blood and suffered from internal injuries.. He is still unconscious. From what I heard, it wasn't good. And, he is scheduled for a brainscan later today. I hope all will turns out well for him. It breaks my heart knowing he is in this condition since we both were quite close during growing up, we used to played together & also do all kind of other stuff as well. He is a great guy. If only Penang-KL are not as far as it really is, I'll certainly be there now.
Afiq, you've to hang in there!!! Be strong bro!! Our prayers are together with you! May U be safe and healthy soon! Amin.


kiba said...

ben, takziah. inshaAllah segalanya ok.

aben said...

de da pegi da kiba...
ak da hilang seorang yg rapat & byk tolong aku,fhm aku..