19 August 2008


just got back home from sunway,went out with alim today..he wanted to buy a jacket cuz he is leaving for Egypt in October,to study medic..(to all who knew allim,Imagine this-allim jd doctor?????????hahha..btter jumpe doc len..ta leh la that guys become a doc..seriously dow,i can't imagine how he's gonna deal with his patient..haha.Allim2.kau ni mcm,clas pon ta nak p..haha.

We went to pavilion 1st,roaming around from 1 store to another to seek for the right jacket that matches him..At Zara,almost all of the jacket that Allim tried on didn't fit him well...body length da okay,cun..but then the arm part are always longer..and making him looks funny wearing them..haha.klaka la tgok kau,cm midget pon ad..Allim xpuas aty,then he asked me to tried the jacket on..the jacket fits me just well...haha..Allim tgn kau pendek,trime la hakikat tuh..Deal with it man!!!Later,somehow he managed to find a smaller size of the jacket,straight away he went to try it on..lucky him..the jacket matches him..the jacket was stylish n very2 comfy..U really should buy it bro..eventhough it will cost u about 900..I think it's worth every peny.hehe.

Later,went around pavilion,window shopping..allim kena kaco ngan bapok perfume..haha.Da la bau perfume tu xbest..He/she called Allim comel..Allim quote the promoter was saying 'alaaa...cutenye..."haha..kau taste bapok weyh..hehe.Bosan pusing2,then we all decided to leave,and headed to Asia Club in Sunway,outside the Pavilion,Allim called John to asked him to come to AC so we could play pool together and talk about the party Allim are currently planning later this month..JOhn said he was in Pavilion,ngah tgok movie,ngeng la weyh..da kua br nk call..Klu td xkua lg senang,jumpe tros..adoi yai!!haha.So,off we go to AC.

OTW,stop by at Allim house to grab his new VAIO.babi weyh,ak nak laptop kau..ehhe,kau ckp kau tanak en??with pleasure ak trime..siot je,just because someone in his class got the same Vaio as him,he didn't want the laptop anymore..ta pe2,bg ak je..ak manfaatkan.=)) Then,Allim said he was hungry,went to mc'D and ate couple of burger..xkenyang mane pon,p bole la,alas perot..haha.perot dinosaur.Haa...Naeem was there too..apparently,he just finish his class kot kat Taylors..which very near to the AC,sebelah je kot..Nicholas came by also..Ape lagi,to play pool la..Dgr cte aritu Allim kalah 10-0 ngan de..wah!!!gle power kau Nick!haha.
Allim=L.hehe.jgn marah allim.

18 August 2008


weyh..bro blik 27 en???bagos2..ak blik lmbat sket la..but then stil leh jumpe kot..hehe..kesian dgr cte kau kat t'ganu..kala jengking la,jd guard la,ape la..haha..kpale kau botak en???bulat2..wahaha..dgr cte kau da tough??btol ke??cm musykil sial.huhuuh..ta pe2,nt kte tgok..byk bnde nk cte nih..p nt jumpe la cte.kau jgn cp tganu da,ak fhm sket je..br best sket..lepak ngan idz sume...haha..merdeka skali weyh..jom2.


bro..mane la kau??time ak ad sini kau ta de..siot la weyh..poloi tol..haha.time ak tny ckp xblik,da ak daftar pegi kem,but then kau blik plak..POKEMON BTOL!!!bapak lame xhang weyh.time ckp kat phone mmg la tataw nk cte ape,ase cam geli plak ckp phone ngan kau lame2..haha.ble jumpe cte depan br sedap..bleh bhn,gulung,lipat kau!!!!hahaa..

hopefully ak leh blik 30th nt,bday kau..ak nak blik 29th,tp ak ad test chemist pg 30 tu.ak try catch bus ptg la,lepas test..klu ak leh chow awal ak chow awal okeng??hehe.kau jgn ak smpai sini kau tgal ak da la..klu BAEK HATI,hehe(ak tau kau baek) tolong la pick up ak kat PUDURAYA,then tros hang ke ape..hehe.pape plan later to be confirm la..kau kol la ak plak pki happyline kau.letih ak lenjan phone org..wahaha.xp

(kaler ijau kaler fav kau)haha

kaler katak.

chong wei.

Last nite,my friends n I watched one of Malaysia finest shuttler(Lee Chong Wei,world no 2) fight off against currently world NO 1 shuttler,Lin Dan from China.I'm sure thousands of Malaysian were also watching this match,as Malaysia are anticipating for its 1st medal since the last two Olympic games,which we return home empty-handed. The game was so exilirating for me,as I can see how tough it is for Chong Wei to maintain the pressure on him..as he has to absorb the pressure from attacking play by Lin Dan,plus the Chinese crowd were screaming their heart out supporting their countrymen.Well,even though Chong Wei ended up losing the gold medal match,but,I'm still really2 proud with his achievement.Winning and losing its all part of the game,if no one lose then when will the game ends.Previously,Chong Wei has beaten Lin Dan in several meetings during world badminton tournament.Just time time kire mcm Lin Dan balas dendam kalah straight set dgn Chong Wei kat Indon aritu.hehe.xpTherefore,CONGRATSTULATION to LEE CHONG WEI,as you've succeed to attain a medal from Olympic games for Malaysia.

A lil something to say..I'm really dissapointed with the attitude of some of the Malaysian which I saw their reaction and heard some of their *uncivilsed minds* comments throughout the match.Kau da la xmaen!!kau bising2 plak..cube kau maen tengok mau t'kencing dalam suar,,POyo gle babi..wakil skola pon xdapt kecoh.cte nak meletop je..Cibai kau!!!!This is a truly TYPICAL MALAYSIAN attitude,
which I'm really against,if Malaysian were doing good n winning,woah,,kau puji2..But,then when they are losing or making mistakes,kau kutok2 plak!!!wah!!sedap ati kau je.If we continue doing this when la we will go forward together???

TO people yg kutok chong wei smlm(and I'm not being racist)-kau kutok dia,but then kau pikir la..bangsa kau ad dpt masok final??????ckp je hebat..tp mane bukti????Malu la sket weyh..adoi hai..klu tang cite mmg pom-pang..tp smpai achievement.hancur bai!!!!Tolong la sedar..aku sedih btol tgok bangse kite cmni..Kutok org mmg pdai2.action xde,sume kat mulot je..pastu,negare kite da la kecik.klu sume gado,ape yg ade???PIKIR WEYH!!!kau nak malaysia jd ape?

I'm sory again to all who find this post rather disturbing,but,I'm just expressing my thoughts n what I felt,I know that lately I've posted few post regarding this sensitive matter.All I wanted was,the Malay specifically speaking to realized what is happening in today world and started to change before its too late,cuz if its already late,then its worthless effort.

13 August 2008


Thank God.After 5 hours of waiting,my loan document has been completed n processed.Thank you so much to those people who had help me in the process along the way..If you guys weren't around for sure i'l be lost and might not actually completed it by now.I really appreciated it guys!!!!I certainly won't forget all of your good deeds.Whenever you got a problem or anything just say it.I'll help u,Insya-allah..

off-9 now.


09 August 2008

It's so frustrating when u really wanted to do something right in the best way that u could..But,in a way there many unexpected circumstances occurs and makes it a lot harder for u to attain ur primary target!!!

I just finished doing my slide for my assignment presentation on Tuesday.The task is to seek information about transportation growth in the past 15 year in Malaysia.To be more specific,the form of transportation is bus.At first I really thought that this would be an easy task, as I'm expecting to collect n derived information about all the buses growth from the numberous of bus company in Malaysia website.What I have in mind was,these companies will keep their previous record and tracks of the types,models of buses used by them,n also some of its features.(eg,safety features o just any other characteristics that differ them for other).So,it'll be easy for me.
Then again,I fallen short of hope..there is nothing about the buses on the website of few bus companies that i visited..adoi!!pening kpale!mane lagi mau cari...????
I really would like to state something here..as I see that this matters is never going to change and immersed from the Malaysians culture..I see that Malaysians doesn't like to keep record on those things that really matters,in fact they like to fuss about the things that really won't matters much..aii..why la wei?? Like in other countries,they always keeps records and tabs on everyone,and the systems is really working efficiently for them,making their life easier,as for instance,past medical history can easily be accessed by any doctor in any hospital in order for the doctor to determine the right medicine for the patient,without jeopardizing the life of the patient,since he know about the patient record.(example je). I feel so sad when comparing the attitude of some of the Malaysians to others..But,please don't get me wrong,it's not that I'm perfect o anything,or that I disgust Malaysians..NO!!!that was never the case..I'm a Malaysian too..It's just that I'm really hoping for all Malaysians to change for better..for our own sake.

Would really like to write more about this..But,its already 3am now,and I got Ceramah Kenegaraan tomorrow..nite.

I apologizes if this post happen to arouse an anger or disagreement,but,I just expressing my point of view over something that I disagree and not pleased with,

08 August 2008

phy n mec 100

hey..just finish my physics lecture n mechanical tutorial just now..still got couple of hours before jumaat prayers.so,i guess i update some..erm,we proceed into a new topic today,dynamics,which actually aren't kind of new to me,since i have learned something bout it in f5..really is an interesting chapter,as u got to learn to to calculate strength,stress,tensile stress,tension n all..sounds pretty complicating right?but,no lar..as soon as u understand the concept and able to get a hang of it,it'll be easy!!trust me,but,just don get to excited when answering question lar,as u'll tends to put the wrong magnitude of force and direction..got to be more careful when resolving all the forces..hehe.=p.Then,our lecturer suddenly told us,that we gonna have our third quiz today later before the class end..(gile t'kjot bai!!!xrevise pape lgsong..die weh!!mati katak lar..=p)ahaha..the quiz was about projectile,motion in x and y direction..erm,i was quite anxious about this quiz since I'm not really good at this topic(tu lar lecturer ajar,maen2 byk,,pdn muke!!)but,lucky enough,I'm able to remember few of essential formula required to solve the problem.alhamdulliah weh.later,i submitted my answer sheet,straight away being mark by the lecturer,ouh..risau2.huhu..But,then the lecturer said something that was really relieving to me,he told everyone,that those person who had passed up thier answer got all full mark!!!Yeay2!!!haha.=))(senym bangga!!)wahaahaa.

In tutorial mecha plak,everything was going smooth and fine,all of us are able to answer the all questions asked.but,then suddenly,my phone rang..adoi!!lupe silent..the lecturer tros stop explaining and sarcastically commented about the incident,adoi yai!!tah sape plak called..siot lar wei..ak da dok depan skali,right infront of the lecture..panas telinga siot.huhu.

07 August 2008

enjoy the pics!!!

erm..to tired to write long..asfar n raje already making noise urging me to stop on9-ing..since asfar phone is being used as the modem to connect to the internet,and he is using raje's phone to text his gilrfriend..raje want his phone back coz he wanted to text some1..uuww..hehe.they just finish making some arrangement of a new song..quite interesting tunes..looking forward for the moment when they finish it..argh..really wanna learn how to play the song too..

i just want to upload some pic actually,of us travelling to penang(the pulau)we're in seberang perai...first time been to Queensbay,nice place to hung..but,personally,i like to hang at Gurney more..lg syok ouh...along the journey,many interesting encounters occurs..haha.but,again..too lazy to write..sory guys!!