18 August 2008

chong wei.

Last nite,my friends n I watched one of Malaysia finest shuttler(Lee Chong Wei,world no 2) fight off against currently world NO 1 shuttler,Lin Dan from China.I'm sure thousands of Malaysian were also watching this match,as Malaysia are anticipating for its 1st medal since the last two Olympic games,which we return home empty-handed. The game was so exilirating for me,as I can see how tough it is for Chong Wei to maintain the pressure on him..as he has to absorb the pressure from attacking play by Lin Dan,plus the Chinese crowd were screaming their heart out supporting their countrymen.Well,even though Chong Wei ended up losing the gold medal match,but,I'm still really2 proud with his achievement.Winning and losing its all part of the game,if no one lose then when will the game ends.Previously,Chong Wei has beaten Lin Dan in several meetings during world badminton tournament.Just time time kire mcm Lin Dan balas dendam kalah straight set dgn Chong Wei kat Indon aritu.hehe.xpTherefore,CONGRATSTULATION to LEE CHONG WEI,as you've succeed to attain a medal from Olympic games for Malaysia.

A lil something to say..I'm really dissapointed with the attitude of some of the Malaysian which I saw their reaction and heard some of their *uncivilsed minds* comments throughout the match.Kau da la xmaen!!kau bising2 plak..cube kau maen tengok mau t'kencing dalam suar,,POyo gle babi..wakil skola pon xdapt kecoh.cte nak meletop je..Cibai kau!!!!This is a truly TYPICAL MALAYSIAN attitude,
which I'm really against,if Malaysian were doing good n winning,woah,,kau puji2..But,then when they are losing or making mistakes,kau kutok2 plak!!!wah!!sedap ati kau je.If we continue doing this when la we will go forward together???

TO people yg kutok chong wei smlm(and I'm not being racist)-kau kutok dia,but then kau pikir la..bangsa kau ad dpt masok final??????ckp je hebat..tp mane bukti????Malu la sket weyh..adoi hai..klu tang cite mmg pom-pang..tp smpai achievement.hancur bai!!!!Tolong la sedar..aku sedih btol tgok bangse kite cmni..Kutok org mmg pdai2.action xde,sume kat mulot je..pastu,negare kite da la kecik.klu sume gado,ape yg ade???PIKIR WEYH!!!kau nak malaysia jd ape?

I'm sory again to all who find this post rather disturbing,but,I'm just expressing my thoughts n what I felt,I know that lately I've posted few post regarding this sensitive matter.All I wanted was,the Malay specifically speaking to realized what is happening in today world and started to change before its too late,cuz if its already late,then its worthless effort.


Anonymous said...

wgbomklek ben lek
emoo lak ben ni
hehehe :P

aben said...

i'm just saying what i think is appropriate..
if u don like what i said..
sory then..
but,i'm not a hyprocrite.