09 August 2008

It's so frustrating when u really wanted to do something right in the best way that u could..But,in a way there many unexpected circumstances occurs and makes it a lot harder for u to attain ur primary target!!!

I just finished doing my slide for my assignment presentation on Tuesday.The task is to seek information about transportation growth in the past 15 year in Malaysia.To be more specific,the form of transportation is bus.At first I really thought that this would be an easy task, as I'm expecting to collect n derived information about all the buses growth from the numberous of bus company in Malaysia website.What I have in mind was,these companies will keep their previous record and tracks of the types,models of buses used by them,n also some of its features.(eg,safety features o just any other characteristics that differ them for other).So,it'll be easy for me.
Then again,I fallen short of hope..there is nothing about the buses on the website of few bus companies that i visited..adoi!!pening kpale!mane lagi mau cari...????
I really would like to state something here..as I see that this matters is never going to change and immersed from the Malaysians culture..I see that Malaysians doesn't like to keep record on those things that really matters,in fact they like to fuss about the things that really won't matters much..aii..why la wei?? Like in other countries,they always keeps records and tabs on everyone,and the systems is really working efficiently for them,making their life easier,as for instance,past medical history can easily be accessed by any doctor in any hospital in order for the doctor to determine the right medicine for the patient,without jeopardizing the life of the patient,since he know about the patient record.(example je). I feel so sad when comparing the attitude of some of the Malaysians to others..But,please don't get me wrong,it's not that I'm perfect o anything,or that I disgust Malaysians..NO!!!that was never the case..I'm a Malaysian too..It's just that I'm really hoping for all Malaysians to change for better..for our own sake.

Would really like to write more about this..But,its already 3am now,and I got Ceramah Kenegaraan tomorrow..nite.

I apologizes if this post happen to arouse an anger or disagreement,but,I just expressing my point of view over something that I disagree and not pleased with,

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