19 August 2008


just got back home from sunway,went out with alim today..he wanted to buy a jacket cuz he is leaving for Egypt in October,to study medic..(to all who knew allim,Imagine this-allim jd doctor?????????hahha..btter jumpe doc len..ta leh la that guys become a doc..seriously dow,i can't imagine how he's gonna deal with his patient..haha.Allim2.kau ni mcm,clas pon ta nak p..haha.

We went to pavilion 1st,roaming around from 1 store to another to seek for the right jacket that matches him..At Zara,almost all of the jacket that Allim tried on didn't fit him well...body length da okay,cun..but then the arm part are always longer..and making him looks funny wearing them..haha.klaka la tgok kau,cm midget pon ad..Allim xpuas aty,then he asked me to tried the jacket on..the jacket fits me just well...haha..Allim tgn kau pendek,trime la hakikat tuh..Deal with it man!!!Later,somehow he managed to find a smaller size of the jacket,straight away he went to try it on..lucky him..the jacket matches him..the jacket was stylish n very2 comfy..U really should buy it bro..eventhough it will cost u about 900..I think it's worth every peny.hehe.

Later,went around pavilion,window shopping..allim kena kaco ngan bapok perfume..haha.Da la bau perfume tu xbest..He/she called Allim comel..Allim quote the promoter was saying 'alaaa...cutenye..."haha..kau taste bapok weyh..hehe.Bosan pusing2,then we all decided to leave,and headed to Asia Club in Sunway,outside the Pavilion,Allim called John to asked him to come to AC so we could play pool together and talk about the party Allim are currently planning later this month..JOhn said he was in Pavilion,ngah tgok movie,ngeng la weyh..da kua br nk call..Klu td xkua lg senang,jumpe tros..adoi yai!!haha.So,off we go to AC.

OTW,stop by at Allim house to grab his new VAIO.babi weyh,ak nak laptop kau..ehhe,kau ckp kau tanak en??with pleasure ak trime..siot je,just because someone in his class got the same Vaio as him,he didn't want the laptop anymore..ta pe2,bg ak je..ak manfaatkan.=)) Then,Allim said he was hungry,went to mc'D and ate couple of burger..xkenyang mane pon,p bole la,alas perot..haha.perot dinosaur.Haa...Naeem was there too..apparently,he just finish his class kot kat Taylors..which very near to the AC,sebelah je kot..Nicholas came by also..Ape lagi,to play pool la..Dgr cte aritu Allim kalah 10-0 ngan de..wah!!!gle power kau Nick!haha.
Allim=L.hehe.jgn marah allim.


Anonymous said...

Naeeeemon ada?
eleh poyonyaaa korang ni

tim pun taylors gak
bday tim lak tu
tak kene ajak lak
haha kes tak malu tim ni

Anonymous said...

cakap kat alim
taknak vaio takpa

meh tim tolong rosakkan
tahap kedengkian tim mula menaek ni

aben said...

mana la tau tim ad kat situ gak.
naeem xde mention pon.

vaio tu pusaka allim to ben ler.
xyah sebok nk jugak.