07 August 2008

enjoy the pics!!!

erm..to tired to write long..asfar n raje already making noise urging me to stop on9-ing..since asfar phone is being used as the modem to connect to the internet,and he is using raje's phone to text his gilrfriend..raje want his phone back coz he wanted to text some1..uuww..hehe.they just finish making some arrangement of a new song..quite interesting tunes..looking forward for the moment when they finish it..argh..really wanna learn how to play the song too..

i just want to upload some pic actually,of us travelling to penang(the pulau)we're in seberang perai...first time been to Queensbay,nice place to hung..but,personally,i like to hang at Gurney more..lg syok ouh...along the journey,many interesting encounters occurs..haha.but,again..too lazy to write..sory guys!!


Amira Zafirah said...

yes, i still remember you :)

aben said...

ouh..seb bek..
klu x malu ouh.