19 July 2008

lil time off..

I'm back in KL..arrived here early friday morning at 3.The journey was okay n fast..I went back to KL to settle some arrangement regarding my bank account n all..It's the first time I'm back in Kl since I left for UiTM..Tell u da truth..I do misses KL..I misses the crowd,the places I hung..My frens..Family..and the facts that i find it's comfortable for me...I always know how to get from one place to another..without depending much on others(people o public transportation).Arghh..enough ar..don need to write more about this.

Last weekend,I went to Ipoh,to spend a weekend at raja arif's house..We left Penang at dusk and arrived later that nite..We went there by Wan's car..FYI,Wan is my new meet frens(he is a frens of raja back in st.michael),really is a great n nice guy..humble n also quite funny..he sing a lot too..haha3.during the journey,the tongkat ali Goat topic,n 'cium sampai pengsan' were talked about..haha(mesti korang blur en??)..real funy dow..n tanta kena bhn pasl lampu..wakakaka..=Ppadan muke kau!!Through out the weekend,Raja took us around Ipoh..showing places n all..although,I have a relatives staying in Ipoh,but,I had never got the chance to explored the town.hehe.thanks raje..we went to dataran,the char kuew tiew(btol ke how i spell the word?) there was good n delicious.but,the amount were to little,didn't match its price..come on la..Yeah,I do know the fact that the fuel price is high now,but,then,please have a lil sincerity..Don only look for profit without considering what your customer feel..haiya!!!!Kat KL pon lg byk weyh!!Wa karate lu nanti!!huhu.Later,we went to Gerbang Malam,(kinda like downtown/uptown in KL) the prices are quite vary from KL,hehe..which is good.Bought some stuff..On the way there,Raje shows us "Sarang Bapok ipoh' haha..but.we didn't stop eyh..thought want to tease them,but,then xjd..Took some pictures on the roadsides on GM,went back home..The next day,went shoping n surveying at Kinta City n Yik Foong(mcm pertama,old buliding,old skool)haha..but,the things sold there are quite okay actually,u just hav to know where to look...hehe.
us sleeping..zZzzzZZZz

Here some pic of my back got bitten/stungs by an insect in Penang which the local called as "charlie" don know why they called it that..n don bother..the thing is,after being bitten,the 1st n 2nd day was okay la,still could stand the pain.But,on the 3rd day,warghhh!!!!!oh god..the skin on my back really hurt when its touched or when i put on my bag pack..also when showering..feels really itchy at the same time..seksa ouh!!thanks to tanta..cuz he went to Unit Kesihatan to picked up the medicine for me..Now,after about a week,stil is hurt n feels itchy sometimes..but,not as strong as before..alhamdulillah.

this is the the most itchiest part n the most painful one..Auch!!saket woh..especially,when applying the doctor cream on it..

Erm..Actually,there's a lot to be told..but,I'm to lazy to write..since I just got home,went to AC in Sunway,with Alim,hung with JOHN n MIZI..(letih2)Havn't told bout my adventure to Pulau..tell u in the next entry.

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