31 May 2010

oh tidak

Try this..haha. It might help u to get off some steams from ur head.. browse around..and you'll see something u don't expect to see.


p/s : hope it works.

27 May 2010

rhythm of the moment

Ressa Herlambang - Menyesal

Semula Ku Tak Yakin rhythm
Kau Lakukan Ini Padaku
Meski Dihati Merasa
Kau Berubah Saat Kau Mengenal Dia


Bila Cinta Tak Lagi Untukku
Bila Hati Tak Lagi Padaku

Mengapa Harus Dia Yang Merebut Dirimu


Bila Aku Tak Baik Untukmu
Dan Bila Dia Bahagia Dirimu
Aku Kan Pergi Meski Hati Tak Akan Rela

Terkadang Ku Menyesal
Mengapa Ku Kenalkan Dia Padamu

Back To Reff:* Dan **

Back To Reff:* Dan **

Terkadang Ku Menyesal
Mengapa Ku Kenalkan Dia Padamu

p/s: erm..cm kena je plak dgr lagu neh skrg.huhu.Entahla. Menyesal tu xla. T'kilan jeh. Whatever it is, I'm happy as long as U're happy. I can't bear to look at U when U're sad..It breaks my heart. Seriously. U do made me happy. But, if being with me doesn't make U happy, then it is better for U to be off without me, us not to be together anymore. I realized that your happiness is my utmost concern. Take care sayang. I love you always.

24 May 2010


Hopefully things would be normal all over again.
For everybody's sake.

19 May 2010


The day it all ended.
Our story ends here.
I wanted to fix things up..
But, there's no use in doing that..
Because, when I saw you today..
I know you had made up your mind.
There's no more of me inside of you.
No matter what I said,
No matter what I did..
It just doesn't count.
Nothing matters anymore except what you've decided.
You were as cold as ever.
You shut me off completely.
I was crushed & broken.
My heart shattered.
It's sad that this is how it ended.

And the end of the day, I realized that I loved you so much..
that it has turned me blind.
I was blinded by the love I had for you.
I approved some of things you did, even if I'm not a fan of it.
I wanted you to be happy.
But in a way..It got me to be upset.
Then, you treated me way differently than how it used to be..
Anyway, it all has come to sense now.
I should have noticed it earlier that you didn't want me any longer.

18 May 2010

coober pedy

Have you all heard of a place called Coober Pedy??Well..I'm sure that some of you might have heard it before,and also perhaps that some of you doesn't..I myself never heard of Coober Pedy before until today afternoon..As I spent another day at home doing nothing, the TV is another entertainment that I got beside the Internet. I watched some documentary about Australia on Discovery. I was stunned when they showed that there is a place in Aussie where people live underground..And,the place they are living in used to be a mine. They turn the deserted old mines into homes and hotel. All my life,I've not known anything about this until today.I guess it's good to watch Discovery channel once in a while. They have to live undeground due to the scorching heat on the surface during the daytime,whereas if they live underground they'll have a colder temperature for their own comfort.. If you want to know more about Coober Pedy,just google it..Then you'll have it all..Hehe..Who knows that it might ur next holiday destination?

The surface

Refurbish mines changed into homes,hotel, etc.

p/s: topman,kau g oz nt lek lok ah..bwk blik kat aku baby kangaroo leh?=P

16 May 2010


I believe there is still a light end the end of the tunnel..
This is far more than over just yet..
At least,not until someone's giving up..
And, I can be certain that I won't be giving up.
I'll do whatever it takes..
I'll sacrifices anything it needs..
I'll continue fighting this battle to the end.
Till my last breath..
Till the last heartbeat..
Till the final strength in me..

14 May 2010

nas!! its finally here

It used to be like this..
Eventhough,I think this is one of the best design they come out with..Haish.
sebab ad Carlsberg tu aku xleh bli.

But now this is their latest design..Carlsberg da xde! Yeay2!
Nas..jom ah beli..

p/s : Awk nak kan??hehe. =P


There are things that we did, we meant it as a joke..but somehow along the line,it got misunderstood..and turns out to be otherwise..it hurts people instead of making them happy..I'm sorry for the thing that I did.Never meant for it to hurt anybody feelings. I admit it was stupid and foolish.
Seriously,I'm so sorry.

13 May 2010

you call yourself a teacher?

Yesterday, I was picking up my mum from work as usual..But on the way back,the story she told me about what happen to my younger brother at school shocked me.
It happen a day earlier,when my lil brother smiled at his teacher as a gesture of respect. The teacher should've smiled back right?But,instead this happen..

Teacher : Why are you smiling?? Do u think I like U?

Adik : Do you think I like you too? (annoyed by his teacher reaction)

If the teacher didn't acted the way she did,for sure my bro wont responded as he did..
Haish..Supposely,as a teacher she should be a resemblance to the students, and never ever reacted like that.Show a good example to them. Em,I'm also aware that my bro isn't the teacher favourite student,because he can be a little out of hand sometimes and not the 'skema' type..But,thats normal I guess.I been there before.And, as a teacher U should have known it better that anyone else.. If you are unable to bear with the students antics,then you should just consider another career.For your own good.

p/s : I remembered that I got kicked out of the hostel for messing with the PK HEM.haha. =P

09 May 2010


Selamat Hari Ibu, Mummy!
sory eh lambat sket wish.
hehe..tp mummy da dpt hadiah pon td en??
so kire ok la tuh..

Anyway,Mummy..I would never be able to thank you enough.
Thanks for raising me all this year.
Thanks for giving birth to me.
Thanks for always being there whenever I'm in need.
Thanks for being my Mum.
Thanks for EVERYTHING!
No one could ever replaced U.

Aben sayang Mummy!
Doakan aben ye?
Jgn lupe tau.

08 May 2010


" There's more to see than what meets the eyes "
because what u see isn't always what it is.


do you know what i feel?
oh..yeah. that's it.

05 May 2010

s o s

I'm reaching my limits.
Ya Allah..Ya Tuhanku..
Tolong bantu aku..
Kasihkan aku Ya Allah..
Tuhan yg Maha Pengasih & Maha Penyayang.

04 May 2010

at this moment

The exams are done..
I only had 4 paper for final this sem.
Calculus,ELE,Fluids Mechanics & Thermodynamics.
Yes,there are some paper that I wished that I could answered it better than what I did.
But,lets get that over with..
I've done it..and now tawakal je la.
Whatever it is..
Whether I passed of failed..Erm,Hopefully not failed.
I'm sure there are hidden meaning secluded in it.
Life goes on..
and the fight continue until the day that we died.

02 May 2010


I don't know whether she's been reading what I wrote for her in the last couple of days..
I hope she has read it. Well,if she doesn't read it yet..
Probably because she is preoccupied with the exams coming up..
Thats okay though..
The exams are important.
And it's good that she's studying.
Hopefully she'll do well in the exams & getting the Dean's List.Good Luck!!

you'll never walk alone?

Lost 2-0 to chelsea,
Being knocked out on both Champions League & Uefa Cup,
Plus their poor performance in the league.
I guess they will not qualify for the CL next season..
And, there's prospect they might lose Torres in the summer.
As one of the main reason Torres move to Anfield is to get an CL action..
If Liverpool didn't qualify, of course Torres wont be happy..
with Man City and several other clubs looking interested..
This is looking to be quite confusing for The Reds.
Hopefully,they will be able to make it straight for the upcoming season.