18 May 2010

coober pedy

Have you all heard of a place called Coober Pedy??Well..I'm sure that some of you might have heard it before,and also perhaps that some of you doesn't..I myself never heard of Coober Pedy before until today afternoon..As I spent another day at home doing nothing, the TV is another entertainment that I got beside the Internet. I watched some documentary about Australia on Discovery. I was stunned when they showed that there is a place in Aussie where people live underground..And,the place they are living in used to be a mine. They turn the deserted old mines into homes and hotel. All my life,I've not known anything about this until today.I guess it's good to watch Discovery channel once in a while. They have to live undeground due to the scorching heat on the surface during the daytime,whereas if they live underground they'll have a colder temperature for their own comfort.. If you want to know more about Coober Pedy,just google it..Then you'll have it all..Hehe..Who knows that it might ur next holiday destination?

The surface

Refurbish mines changed into homes,hotel, etc.

p/s: topman,kau g oz nt lek lok ah..bwk blik kat aku baby kangaroo leh?=P


Didi Aziz said...

ouch! living underground?? never knew that! sounds fun though. :D

nanti nak cuba lah

aben said...

smart dow uma dorg.
kau usha la.
ak tau kau mmmg ske bende2 cmnih.