13 May 2010

you call yourself a teacher?

Yesterday, I was picking up my mum from work as usual..But on the way back,the story she told me about what happen to my younger brother at school shocked me.
It happen a day earlier,when my lil brother smiled at his teacher as a gesture of respect. The teacher should've smiled back right?But,instead this happen..

Teacher : Why are you smiling?? Do u think I like U?

Adik : Do you think I like you too? (annoyed by his teacher reaction)

If the teacher didn't acted the way she did,for sure my bro wont responded as he did..
Haish..Supposely,as a teacher she should be a resemblance to the students, and never ever reacted like that.Show a good example to them. Em,I'm also aware that my bro isn't the teacher favourite student,because he can be a little out of hand sometimes and not the 'skema' type..But,thats normal I guess.I been there before.And, as a teacher U should have known it better that anyone else.. If you are unable to bear with the students antics,then you should just consider another career.For your own good.

p/s : I remembered that I got kicked out of the hostel for messing with the PK HEM.haha. =P

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