27 October 2009



final exam

this friday,I'm going to sit for my first paper
this sem,i have 5 paper altogether.
-material sc.

hopefully,i'll do well in the examination.
and so does to the others.

kena jd RAJIN!
xbleh ckp je.

p/s : gudluck awak! do ur best!

04 October 2009

note to myself

lab report & assignment for materials science still not finished.
dynamics not covered yet, strength also the same..
arghh..in this coming week,there would be lot of test..
which is surely going to be hard, as there is not enough time for me to prepare..
I need the spirit that i had back in the 2nd sem..this sem, the spirit is not so good.
This sem is really important,there are many core subjects that needs to be conquered.
I've been so much lazier and ignorant, which is I shouldn't be..
I've failed to focus and score..so far,it has been really disappointing..
this should not be let to continue..

I need to make things right again!
I need to score in the final!
I want to be better.
I want to study abroad as some of my friends!
I envy them.
In order to attain that,I need to score my Dip.

Kiba is leaving today for Cairo..Gudluck bro! sory xdpt anta kat airport!
hurm..just get off the phone with Allim. His flight is on tomorrow morning,didn't get the chance to meet him on the last raya break!Ak xlupe kau la,xcukup time nk jumpe..ak blik Jb.
sory bro..I tried to call u and meet up,but then, u were all over the place..sat kat ipoh la,sat lg kat johor la plak.. xpe,next feb kau blik en? kte lepak don worry..