25 July 2009

mid sem break

nape la kau awalkan cuti mid sem?
ak xmao la.

biya la ak cuti nt.
spoil btol.
rosak program ak

back 2 school

I went to school today with arm,fhalie and bebe.
we went there to picked the spm certificate.
it has been almost 2years now..since we left the school.
many has changed.
yet,it still brings back enough memories during our short 2 years schooling there.

its been so long,that the clerk took quite a while to find my certificate.
I thought they might just lost it for a while.
Luckily,they found it.

I met my fav teacher,C'gu Aina.
still cun and cute,as she always be.
I miss her,eventhough she's strict..but,actually she is a very nice person.
also, Pn.Leela,Pn Azlina, and Pn. Marina.my mentor during the debate.
They taught me a lot of things apart from debating alone.

Too bad didn't managed to meet with several other teachers that has been so kind to me.
Pn Haslawati,Pn Rosnani.
Sorry ek,I'll come again soon to see both of u.

It feels good to see the teachers,they seem happy to see me as well.
Yeah!that's a relieve,frankly i'm afraid they might not be welcoming my visit.
I wasn't really a good student back then.
got kicked out of the hostel in the early form 5.haha.
then,thank God,I managed to get back in.

couldn't stay long,as fhalie had to make a move..
so we had to left early.
looking frward to visit them again!

24 July 2009


i hv sore throat n sort of a lil headache.
but no fever though.
hopefully it's just the lack of sleep n fatigue,
and not the H1 though.

campus closed for a week.
2 lab reports pending.

13 July 2009

mec 291

mane group lab ak weyh??
Isis plak xabes2 probs..
dr aritu smpai arini xbleyh bukak.
siot btol.
ak men pg je,tanpa tau actual clas ak.

elaun mkn ble nk kua beb?

06 July 2009

part 3

the time has come to make the brain work hard again!