26 July 2010

to mum

Terima kasih Mummy..
You're the best!

19 July 2010

being a tour guide

Penang Island.

Penang Bridge.


We're like brothers.


The beach.

p/s: Although,we did had a little incident during the trip..but,lets put that behind now & keep the good memories with us forever. Too bad, forgot to take some pics of the superb Nasi Briyani. =(

18 July 2010


There are things in life which you can't control, it just meant to happen.
And, sometimes..It occurred at a very2 bad time.
Still..you've to endure it.
You got no choice whatsoever.

12 July 2010

Mueller "Der Bomber"

He is only a year older than me, yet Thomas Mueller has some
astonishing achievement in his life.
Played for Germany & Scored 5 goals in his 1st WC!!!
Won the Golden Boot & also the Best Young Player.
Gifted with such a talent & brilliant in football which I'd love to have.
His teammate, Mesut Ozil is also dubbed as among the new wonders of football.

p/s: I'm now reaching 20 years of age, what have I achieved in this life? Emm..I envy you Mueller.

La Rojas


the team

the goal

the scorer

the actions
Ohh yeah!

p/s: b'baloi la xtido sgt sb tgok game. Tdo at 6..7 lebeh da siap2 nk g clas at 8.pehh!! Penangan WC.

03 July 2010



We did have a great time there didn't we?
I surely did.
next stop, Penang!

01 July 2010

what we have been waiting for

At last..
We'll make it happen together guys!!!
Lets have fun together alrite??