31 March 2010


whenever we sacrifices something for someone..we shouldn't expect for he/she to appreciate it,or someday they'll do the same for us too..because it might just ended up to be a disappointment. Instead, we should hope that what we did is worth doing

23 March 2010


I just don't know what else to do anymore..
everything seems to be failing..
and it is just heart-breaking.

21 March 2010

14 March 2010

mec 251

"Thermodynamics is a funny subject. The 1st time you go through it, you just don't understand it at all.The 2nd time you go through it, you think you understand it, except for one or two small points.The 3rd you go through it, you know you don't understand it, but by that time you are so used to it, it just doesn't bother you anymore."

-Arnold Sommerfield

yeah! I certainly you are right Arnold..haiyaa..

p/s: try study Rankine Cycle. 1 simple question..solution almost 5-6 pages.pergh!


when I smiled, it is always been misunderstood..
senyum susah,xsenyum pon susah..


I hope to be a better person for you,sayang.
go go chaiyok!!

09 March 2010


Apart from books and stationary..ak rase bende neh la yg byk b'jase kat aku..Dr secondary school smpai skrg..pegi class mesti bwk,klu xbwk...Pergh! susa hidop..Eventhough kau version lame,but still ak prefer pki..Klu xde Casio neh,memang xdpt la nk jwb soalan2 math..sb kdg2 klu ad pon still xdpt jwb..Blaja Calculus klu xde neh,mau t'kincit kot..haha.

Penah dolu2 b4 SPM ak mimpi time ngah jwb SPM,Calculator ak mati sbb abes battery..pergh cuak jap..smpai da t'pikir nk bwk battery spare sume bagai..Tp,in reality sb bek xjd..battery still survive smpai skrg...Tp,calc neh mmg lasak,lg durable compared to other devices..ak penah nk hancur kan 1,conduct destructive test sendiri..agak kagum la ngan ketahanan bende neh.

Aritu,adik perempuan ak kat MRSM Taiping textd,bagitau ckp Calc de kena curi..hurm.sian kat de..cmne nk revise n blaja..xpe2,nt ktorg post yg kat uma punye..Tp,ak pelik nape nk amek calc org..gune utk stdy plak tuh..xberkat la..nt kangkau blaja2 letih je dpt..ok,to view it from a bright perspective,mayb dak tu t'silap amek..but,still ble da prasan silap amek tu pulang la blik...It is not that hard.

p/s: klu xde calc mau m'letop otak nk kira tok statics,thermo,dynamics gak..erm,I've been taking u for granted all this while.

Lesson for a lifetime

After almost 2years of pain & gain..
I did it..
for the courage & strength.

p/s: no it's not my dip..it's something else.yet very valueable.

04 March 2010

my transformer notes

haha..I wish u guys were in my class today..There is a really funny story behind these sketches as told by my lecturer..This is what I copied from him..=D

p/s: sory bout the drawing quality..I'm not an artist.

02 March 2010

cite demam

Time demam: pening pale, selesma soh seh soh seh..batok kong kong..tekak perit gila

Time kat clinic: Time neh la sume sakit2 lari tah p mane, ble Doc check sume ok je..siap de tunjuk thermometer kat ak lg..

"neh tgok..xdemam pon..temp pon ok je"

"siot punye demam,time depan Doc la kau sehat"(dlm aty)

Pas blik clinic: Demam pon mengganas kembali..

p/s: harap sgt cuaca panas kat M'sia berkurangan.