30 October 2010

'The Feeling'

I've never feel as this much of GUILT & Remorse in my life.

p/s: I know that 'sorry' alone, wont do to justify for my past mistakes. But, I'm only a human, living life as it is. We human tend to make mistakes, beyond our consciousness, until it passed us. I realized, I had made a BIG mistake. I'm sorry. And now, I've to live by it..

24 October 2010

exam part 5

Esok start paper, 1st day of the exams.. Paper PLC & Control System. Quite a tough paper. Em, Let's just do our best ok? But then,apsal schedule exam sem neh pelik gila?? Gap jauh sgt.. Klu gap 2-3 hari tu okay gak.. Neh smp 3mgu. Pergh!! Da la 2paper je sem neh..Boleh luntur semangat study gap lame2 tu..Aduiyai. 1st paper is tomorrow 25th oct and the next is 14 nov..Last day of the exams. Klu habis awal2 kan senang. Senang cite..

Pape pon all the best to those having their final exams!! Gudluck to all of you!