25 September 2008

da nak raye da..

hehe..its almost raye da..next week insya-allah raye will come..the most anticipated day by me throughout the year..ye lah,raye is fun dowh..if anyone said raye is borink n something meaningless,that has no significant different to any other day,,then,adoi yai!!!sian nye ak kat kau..huhu..Raye brings a lot of different meanings to each individual..depending on one-self..As for me,its a special in a year for a family to gather around spending quality time together and forgetting all the mistakes that any has done..it's a time for forgiveness...I regard raye as this because I've been away from my family for about 3 years now..yeah,i know that it's not like I didn't meet them all along those years..I still went back home to spend time with them,once in a while,but,as u are away from the person that u loved n cared about,it somehow strikes u to appreciate them more than you've before..U started to realize all the sacrifises and all the things that they had done for u..There no way u can pay them back with ringgit and sen..it's priceless..Sometime,when I was alone,I kinda have this thought of why on earth they are willing to go through all the hardwork to provide all the needs for someone that they can never be sure of accomplishing their expectations.Well,the most relevant factor might just be LOVE.Thanks Mummy and Dad.

Erm,last friday kot,on the 19sept,I celebrated my 18th birthday..at 12 midninght lebeyh2 skit,Iwas in my room,and was talking on the phone with Apit,who is currently at Alam T'ganu,(lame xjumpe mamat kpale botak nih)..hehe.Then,si aspar came over to me,and said he wanted to asked me some question regarding physc ke maths,xigt sgt..tp,tbe2 ramai2 plak ad dlm bilik tuh..I was like,ouh sh** ta sempat nak lari,(da lame xkena time besday slalu sempat lari)hehe,I noe that all of them were gonna do something to me..As I got off the phone n standing up,warghh!!!!!!!!all of them tros serbu spraying shaving cream and applying bond(some sort of hair cream)all over me...siol la..haha..Then,they were singing hapy besday song,the short version of it..ahaha..Thanks guys!!eventhough abes melekit badan ak korang keje kan..haha..tgu la besday korang plak nt..ak ad resepi rahsia tok korang plak..suke wat kat ak en..hehe.huh..they also made me a wish card..nice ouh..thanks kat iez especially,sb wat card tuh,yg len sebok conteng je en..haha..

Erm,pastu dapt call free from maxis,all day long..I called some of my frens that I had not been able to contact in a while...Ana,a fren back when I was working in Kenny Rogers,also called Enon,Smith,Iena,Elie,Didi sayang..haha..a lot of other people too..Thanks too kucem n efa for singing the besday song for me on the phone..hehe..Talked to efa,lame xjumpe dak kecik yg xbape nak kecik nih..haha..tah2 da makin besa skang..wahahhaa...hehe..da la enough of the besday story..*outdated*huhu.

To allim.Kau pegi Egypt en?Lek-lok kat sane..haha.Erm,january kau balik kte lepak okeng???thanks for everything..

Lagi 2 ari nak balik KL.hopefully all goes well,bus xrosak o anything..Al-fatihah to Raja Arif's uncle who died recently in a car accident at Sg.Bakap..

~Condolosence from me.

08 September 2008


now it is already 3.19 am,there are many charlie creeping all over my room tonite..and in all other room too..this insects really is making things difficult for us here..they creeps all over the place and also our body..usually,if it is an ant or a moths then certainly it would be kill..but,since it is charlie,(an insect yg berbisa),we can't kill it when its crawl on our body by the conventional method of killing,which slapping and crushing them..this is bcuz,their venom will eat up the skin tissue and would leave a scar later..for the first day,the pain is hardly felt,but on the 2nd n 3rd day,this is the most painful period..the area of the skin which smear with charlie venom would feel really2 itchy and hot(like burning).we can't scratch it,bcuz that would made it worse..haiya..charlie2,berambus la weyh,korang ad,nk study pon susa...merayap sane-sini..

erm,feels sleepy but stil can't sleep..da baring td,mate xmao lelap gak,perot lapa??da isi ngan maggi,haus???da minom...tah la..pening kpale sket..
tutor math,buku,working sheets scattered all over the table,+,calculator,,jam,fon,mangkuk maggi,laptop,kurma,kamus..malas nk kemas,esok ah.rashidi kat sebelah da usha ak cm ak da xbtol..nak men Psp,asfar da bwk lari p blik de..siot.ta pe,at least de tgal kan laptop de nih..esok clas CTU,cm nk skip je..

haa..td text ngan smith,da lame xtext ngan mamat omputih ni..susa btol nk contact de skang,kena contact gf de dlu br dpt de..ish2..mcm2..alim da nak chow 20 nih p mesir,adoi..another fren of mine is leaving..but,ta pe la,he's leaving for a good reason..can't wait to lepak when he's back on vacation nt.

aben merepek.

Fucked up!!!!


pica arituh

Tgok kaki si Ariff...pelik gle la dudok cmtuh..I could never sit like that..it hurts my knee like hell..I don't know how he can sat like he did,and still concentrating on playing..Weirdo la kau!!dok bersila da la..haha

06 September 2008

rainy day

today,it has been raining all day since this morning.Skang pon da kol 11pm still ujan lg.I woke up at 9.30 or something,but,since it is raining,I'm too lazy to get off my bed,closed my eyes and turned on my mp3,listening to some new tunes i just got from Aspar.Ended up waking up at 11.30,and it still raining..I saw how the raining flows down from the sea direction to my room window..sket2,makin lame makin dekat..hoo..smart je..pastu,ujan kejap,benti,ujan balik..benti,ujan lagi...cmtuh je all day..sejok,cool je all day long..ouh,best btol..But,the problem is..I got many homework to sttled n tutorial to finished..da siap mandi sume,ready la nk blaja..Si Abe(rashidi) n Kamel still on their bed tido lg..Ujan plak tuh,lg la best tdo.huhu..Buat math tutorial.mule2 semangat la,tp,once in a while pastu,tgok kat 2 org makhluk yg ngah tdo nyenyak..Pergh,Alangkah best klu sambong tdo.Dugaan btol la..haha.Pastu,blaja jap,then aspar dtg,lepak borak2..xsedar,da zuhr...sambong blaja blik..dlm kol 3,p blik aspar..main reason, to asked aspar to help me with some maths,but then i saw him sleeping,then,baring la sat kat katil..relax jap..konon.hehe..Skali t'sedar bangun2 kol 4.30.pergh rugi mase gle..klu wat tutor mesti da nak siap.haa..td nmpak biawak besa berenang kat parit tepi uitm nih.actually xde parit pon,tp sb ujan dr pagi air da naik..da mcm canal kecik da situ..haha..besa bai..ala komodo.

Pkol 6lebeyh,p tapau makanan.panjang gle line..Sbar2,bulan pose.heehehe..pAstu lepak kat bilik....tgu waktu buke,budak2 wat lawak bodoh..xtrase da waktu buke..time buke mg best,buke ramai2 br feel sket..feel the spirit of ramadan..Ad la dlm 7-8 org buke skali.eventhough xmeriah mcm kat asrama dlu,but,bole lah..time buke plak.air jagung tumpah..air arm+zubair..abes lenjun n melekit,p lapar nye pasal.makan gak dlu..haha.

lpas smyang sume..lepak lagi..main video.smoke.mkn cornflakes..sedap.

Ujan buat perot lapa n manusia jd pemalas..
tp ujan rezeki..
Da 2bulan kat sini,br la ni first time Penang rase sejuk sket.klu x..panas gle siol..

05 September 2008

B'buke puase n winning 11

yesterday.went out to asfar's ticket for hari raye.Alhamdullilah,got the ticket.although everyone was kecoh saying the ticket for raye da abes..Korang yg mlas usaha..kecoh lebeyh..Then,went across to pulau,wanted to buke puase with Wan Punchalok..He brought us to some place near Padang Kota..A few of his frens came by later to join us..Khaled,his girlfren,Marsha n his brother,David..Really nice la dorg nih..down to earth,senang je mix..br kenal tros mesra cm da lame jumpe..Mkn2(tom yam sedap)..gelak2..raje blaja smoke..Then,p lepak kat condo Wan in tanjung tokong.Lepak sane,men game ps2,on9 usha2 gbr,men gta...aspar ngan areef leh bantai p men bola dlm bilik Wan,gle kemaruk kot..haha.ad byk gbr,tp xsmpat nk transfer..later la.I'll post it..Erm,10pm,left the condo..it was raining heavily,lebat gle,Wan byk slow gle kot...Fobia sb raje nye incident time blik penang..hehe.Ktorang je yg tau..Aspar risau gle ta sempat smpai Uitm before 11,kecoh gle de..haha..at last,we made it on time.tp,ktorg soh de optimis.haha.sharp 11,masok pintu gate Uitm..fuhh..seb bek..hehe.then,salam2 sume..tdo.really was a fun nite for me..Tambah lg kwn2 ak..haha.best ouh

30 to 31 aug

haiya!!!hey guys!!I noe it has been a while since I last updated this blog of mine.(haha,as if there is anyone who visited this blog,huhu.syok sndiri)hehe.Argh.xkesah la..erm,this past couple of week has been really busy and full for me..Going up and down the Peninsular Malaysia,all the way up north from Penang to KL and back KL-Penang several times in just a few days gap..Huh!letih2..haha.Apart from the long n tiring journey,I also enjoyed hanging with some of my friends that I've not met in quite some time..I went back to KL on the 30th August,just after I finished my chemistry test.The main reason I went to KL is to celebrate one of my best buddies birthday,Smith.His birthday was on the 30,also to celebrate Merdeka la..haha.Patriotisme huh???haha..I wanted to leave Penang earlier on the 29,but,I can't because of the chemistry test that I'm having.So after the test,I rushed myself to the Butterworth Jetty to catch my bus.Fuhh!!!Naseb bek dpt smpai jety on time,klu x..naya ouh!!Ok..Then,the bus left for KL,then,I noticed something that wasn't really sooth me,my fon is dead..Battery kong,pelik gak last nite br charge smpai full..urm,fon da tue..da twice saket masok hospital handfon..its really old now,b'parot sume..huh!!merepek da nih..Urm,ok la straight to the point,the thing is,I was texting my friends to make a lil arrangement about something,and Smith has been trying to call me to ask me all the details when I'm gonna arrive and all that la..Ye kot??hurm..My mom and twins also trying to reach me,but,clearly la they couldn't,coz fon da mampos da..gelap je..(cite fon ni nt sambong).I fall asleep for a while,then when I woke up,I was quite blur and wonder where am I,cuz when I look outside the bus,we were not on the highway,but,on some narrow road heading to Kamunting.I thought something happen on the highway,so the bus driver took us,ikot jalan lame..bUt then,I was wrong,the bus was heading to its headquaters,to fill up fuel..Before I get off the bus,the driver said,'OK..10min.pastu gerak!".and I was like ok,bole la smpai KL on time..I wanted to arrive around 4 o 5 pm,so that i could go n meet smith,john,iena and others at The Curve early,plus,traffic won't be too congested,compared to later the nite..Countdown beb!!!mesti la ramai..Jalan mesti jam nye..Tapi.sial punye bus driver!!!!kau penipu babi!!banyak la kau nye 10 min.its turns out that we stayed there for about 45 min..cibai la kau!!kau pegi makan,tp kau xckp,passenger xnak kena tgal,so stay dlm bus..lapa tau!!!kau perot kenyang sedap2!pastu,dtg kat bus wat muke xb'salah..dgn toothpick kat mulot..selebet nye manusia!!!org nk kejar time la..ok la..then,the journey continue,and I keep looking to my wristwatch,wondering when la nak smpai KL...At last smpai KL pkol 6 lebeyh,2 hours late than usual.Da la smpai tu xleh masok Pudu,gle jam..kena angkot bag jln..Then,another problem emerged,I couldn't make a call to text my twin to pick me up..since,fon da mampos en td,seb bek dlm pocket ad 20sen,pegi carik publicfon,kol uma..along picked up the fon,he told me that Boy(my twin) is not at home,his at my grandma house..So I asked Along to picked me at Kepong Sentral..I walk to Ktm Kuala Lumpur Station,as I walked through the street,I saw many PATI hanging around with their friends..They were all over the place.sometimes I even wonder,am I in the street of KL??Byk gle dorang..Tu blom campor mat2 arab n african lagi..adoi Malaysia.Sampai kat stesen KL tros bli tiket,then tgu tren..Tunggu,punye tunggu,tunggu lagi..tren xdtg2..patotnye da 3 tren to Rawang route dtg,tp 1 pon ta de..Sial btol..ak da leth,kena tgu lgi,,olatforn dri kosong jd penoh..Tgah tgu,tibe2 ad 2 org budak sabah(bukan budak la,lg besa dr ak sbenanye) dtg lepak sbelah borak2..pnye la lame tgu tren,dr xkenal dorg,smpai kenal da..xsedap gak dgr cite dorg kena kaco ngan rakyat malaysia yg semangat kenegerian tgi..xnak la sebot negeri mane.Kau gado ngan org sabah apahal,pegi la bantai org len ke ape..adoi..gado sesame M'sia wtpe BODOH!!!melayu pukol same melayu,bangse laen tgok tepok tgn!!!!bangang tol...klu cmni smpai ble nk bersatu??tgok marah kat bngse nye pasl,ak da lari cite.

Ok2,sambong blik,last pas da almost 2 hour waiting,I chow and left the station.thought wanted to get a bus or another form of tren..Then,mcm2 masalah len timbol..tp da malas sgt nak cite la..fon rosak tak leh nk kol anyone,text pon xbelyh..xkan nk mintak pinjam fon kat indon???haha..time ni la ase seksa xde handfon,susa..mamak kedai pon bangang,ak nk tuka coin pon kecoh.ak bg kau duit la gak,bkn ak amek free..bodoh.bantai taxi,kena rm 10.smpai uma t'lentang..letih2.pastu,apit dtg antar piza.thanks weyh,sori ta smpt dtg kenduri uma kau,bus lmbat nye pasl la..then,kua ikot joey p Damansara,lalu Curve,gle jam.. uma Show,barbeque..lamb chop..sedap2..lepak for a while,went to curve,but,couldn't get in,the police traffic has closed all the roads into.End up tgu Smith sume kat TTDI je..pas countdown,jumpe Alim.Alim p barcelona,clubbing..huhu.I followed Smith n John to Sunway,lepak COndo smpai kol 3 lebeyj,lapa,p mkan kt taj mahal tepi Sunway P,.Then Afzan dtg dgn jAzz br de..Lawa2..gelak2..borak2..cucuk2 de..dkat kol 5-6 sume chow..smpai uma azan suboh.best2.

(haha,sory klu post ni cm bangang)
mood-agak malas nk tekan keyboard/