08 September 2008


now it is already 3.19 am,there are many charlie creeping all over my room tonite..and in all other room too..this insects really is making things difficult for us here..they creeps all over the place and also our body..usually,if it is an ant or a moths then certainly it would be kill..but,since it is charlie,(an insect yg berbisa),we can't kill it when its crawl on our body by the conventional method of killing,which slapping and crushing them..this is bcuz,their venom will eat up the skin tissue and would leave a scar later..for the first day,the pain is hardly felt,but on the 2nd n 3rd day,this is the most painful period..the area of the skin which smear with charlie venom would feel really2 itchy and hot(like burning).we can't scratch it,bcuz that would made it worse..haiya..charlie2,berambus la weyh,korang ad,nk study pon susa...merayap sane-sini..

erm,feels sleepy but stil can't sleep..da baring td,mate xmao lelap gak,perot lapa??da isi ngan maggi,haus???da minom...tah la..pening kpale sket..
tutor math,buku,working sheets scattered all over the table,+,calculator,,jam,fon,mangkuk maggi,laptop,kurma,kamus..malas nk kemas,esok ah.rashidi kat sebelah da usha ak cm ak da xbtol..nak men Psp,asfar da bwk lari p blik de..siot.ta pe,at least de tgal kan laptop de nih..esok clas CTU,cm nk skip je..

haa..td text ngan smith,da lame xtext ngan mamat omputih ni..susa btol nk contact de skang,kena contact gf de dlu br dpt de..ish2..mcm2..alim da nak chow 20 nih p mesir,adoi..another fren of mine is leaving..but,ta pe la,he's leaving for a good reason..can't wait to lepak when he's back on vacation nt.

aben merepek.

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