25 September 2008

da nak raye da..

hehe..its almost raye da..next week insya-allah raye will come..the most anticipated day by me throughout the year..ye lah,raye is fun dowh..if anyone said raye is borink n something meaningless,that has no significant different to any other day,,then,adoi yai!!!sian nye ak kat kau..huhu..Raye brings a lot of different meanings to each individual..depending on one-self..As for me,its a special in a year for a family to gather around spending quality time together and forgetting all the mistakes that any has done..it's a time for forgiveness...I regard raye as this because I've been away from my family for about 3 years now..yeah,i know that it's not like I didn't meet them all along those years..I still went back home to spend time with them,once in a while,but,as u are away from the person that u loved n cared about,it somehow strikes u to appreciate them more than you've before..U started to realize all the sacrifises and all the things that they had done for u..There no way u can pay them back with ringgit and sen..it's priceless..Sometime,when I was alone,I kinda have this thought of why on earth they are willing to go through all the hardwork to provide all the needs for someone that they can never be sure of accomplishing their expectations.Well,the most relevant factor might just be LOVE.Thanks Mummy and Dad.

Erm,last friday kot,on the 19sept,I celebrated my 18th birthday..at 12 midninght lebeyh2 skit,Iwas in my room,and was talking on the phone with Apit,who is currently at Alam T'ganu,(lame xjumpe mamat kpale botak nih)..hehe.Then,si aspar came over to me,and said he wanted to asked me some question regarding physc ke maths,xigt sgt..tp,tbe2 ramai2 plak ad dlm bilik tuh..I was like,ouh sh** ta sempat nak lari,(da lame xkena time besday slalu sempat lari)hehe,I noe that all of them were gonna do something to me..As I got off the phone n standing up,warghh!!!!!!!!all of them tros serbu spraying shaving cream and applying bond(some sort of hair cream)all over me...siol la..haha..Then,they were singing hapy besday song,the short version of it..ahaha..Thanks guys!!eventhough abes melekit badan ak korang keje kan..haha..tgu la besday korang plak nt..ak ad resepi rahsia tok korang plak..suke wat kat ak en..hehe.huh..they also made me a wish card..nice ouh..thanks kat iez especially,sb wat card tuh,yg len sebok conteng je en..haha..

Erm,pastu dapt call free from maxis,all day long..I called some of my frens that I had not been able to contact in a while...Ana,a fren back when I was working in Kenny Rogers,also called Enon,Smith,Iena,Elie,Didi sayang..haha..a lot of other people too..Thanks too kucem n efa for singing the besday song for me on the phone..hehe..Talked to efa,lame xjumpe dak kecik yg xbape nak kecik nih..haha..tah2 da makin besa skang..wahahhaa...hehe..da la enough of the besday story..*outdated*huhu.

To allim.Kau pegi Egypt en?Lek-lok kat sane..haha.Erm,january kau balik kte lepak okeng???thanks for everything..

Lagi 2 ari nak balik KL.hopefully all goes well,bus xrosak o anything..Al-fatihah to Raja Arif's uncle who died recently in a car accident at Sg.Bakap..

~Condolosence from me.

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iezkndr.isk said...

yeah we love u :)

mwah mwah mwah