10 July 2008

In Penang

On the last June 28, I enrolled myself in Uitm Penang..Alhamdullilah,the journey was safe n sound.Hurm,arriving there around 12 noon..there are ants of people in the Uitm campus compound..It was VERY2 HOT!!!!!far more hotter than KL..seriously!!I were sweating all the time n drinking water to keep my body hydrated,I dont want to fall sick..previously,I had once fall sick due to dehydration..Really didn't want it to happen ever again..

One hour later,all the registration process were done..My family n I went out for a little shopping for me..U noe..buying lil stuff to eat n all..biscuit,Milo,some bread n stationary..Then,we went for lunch,since we're in Penang,we chose to eat Penang special..NASI KANDAR..it was okay..but,I like LAKSa JOHOR better..no offense penang..haha.Then,Back to UiTM again..there is something that i had attend at 4.30..all the long talk n briefing..haha..BORING!!!!!!Personally,I disagree with this kind of approach to brief new student..yeah,i do know that it is a lot to be told n said to the freshmen by the management..but,the environment of the venue n the time duration of the briefing does play an essential role in determining whether what was presented during the speech well received by the listener..If the environment was comfortable n the speeches was a lot shorter but full with important info,I do think that the speeches will attain its target.What a point of talking but didn't spread the purpose of your talking efficiently..Such a waste of time..We have to think develop a new kind of approach to improvise this matter..As we know,the youth didn't like to sat n hear to long speech cause it is boring n tiresome..

Along the week,my day is full with activities..Yalah,new student,got to have orientation week which called Minggu Mesra Siswa..same as the time back when we were in boarding school..But,here it is bit different la..no more such things as ragging..haha..One of the COOL effects of modernisation..hehe..Not many practised stupid n dumb things any more..Clearly,ragging didnt brings any good.so why should we continue doing it???no point rite??clap for UiTM..;)) there is no this kind of nonsense in your campus..

Actually,there is a lot more interesting n funny stories that I wanted to tell..but,since I am running to keep pace with time and all..I guess I just might have to tell u all later..hehe..or maybe during the time when we meet..lagi seronok..haha.

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