08 August 2008

phy n mec 100

hey..just finish my physics lecture n mechanical tutorial just now..still got couple of hours before jumaat prayers.so,i guess i update some..erm,we proceed into a new topic today,dynamics,which actually aren't kind of new to me,since i have learned something bout it in f5..really is an interesting chapter,as u got to learn to to calculate strength,stress,tensile stress,tension n all..sounds pretty complicating right?but,no lar..as soon as u understand the concept and able to get a hang of it,it'll be easy!!trust me,but,just don get to excited when answering question lar,as u'll tends to put the wrong magnitude of force and direction..got to be more careful when resolving all the forces..hehe.=p.Then,our lecturer suddenly told us,that we gonna have our third quiz today later before the class end..(gile t'kjot bai!!!xrevise pape lgsong..die weh!!mati katak lar..=p)ahaha..the quiz was about projectile,motion in x and y direction..erm,i was quite anxious about this quiz since I'm not really good at this topic(tu lar lecturer ajar,maen2 byk,,pdn muke!!)but,lucky enough,I'm able to remember few of essential formula required to solve the problem.alhamdulliah weh.later,i submitted my answer sheet,straight away being mark by the lecturer,ouh..risau2.huhu..But,then the lecturer said something that was really relieving to me,he told everyone,that those person who had passed up thier answer got all full mark!!!Yeay2!!!haha.=))(senym bangga!!)wahaahaa.

In tutorial mecha plak,everything was going smooth and fine,all of us are able to answer the all questions asked.but,then suddenly,my phone rang..adoi!!lupe silent..the lecturer tros stop explaining and sarcastically commented about the incident,adoi yai!!tah sape plak called..siot lar wei..ak da dok depan skali,right infront of the lecture..panas telinga siot.huhu.

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