12 August 2010

to boy..

Dear brother, I'm so proud of you.
Today is the day that you made all of us proud!!
I'm happy for you.
You deserved it. Undoubtedly.
I know that you'll be just fine.
Even Mummy & Ayah felt the same.
We knew what you're capable of.
15 is something really hard to achieve.
Ohh yeah it is.
A perfect score..
But, Alhamdullilah, you did it.

From then till now..
Thanks for always being there for me.
Thanks for standing up for me..
Thanks for supporting me..
Thanks for being my twins.
Thanks for everything!!!
I can't thank you enough.
I wish you all the best!!
You absence would surely be missed.
Go & make us all proud again & again!



the beena's said...

congrates to joeyy!!!!! smith told me he gets to fly to aussie huh?? waaa..proud of him so much!..=))

aben said...

yeah.he does!!
aussie it is.

Lydia Rashid said...

wahh congrats to joey !
MARA eh ?tahniah !

aben said...

yup..mara it is.

Johnny Pimples said...

cute bro. haha love you guys! :)