28 February 2010


" Orang KITA tak pandai buang sampah dlm tong sampah,
tp, orang KITA pandai buang bayi dlm tong sampah"

" Orang KITA tak pandai flush toilet lepas guna,
tp, orang KITA pandai flush lepas buang bayi dlm toilet"

p/s : sedihkan?


iena beena said...

yup2..couldnt agree more!.
they're just as stupid as ever.

tyratyra said...

dunia hampir tamat.

aben said...

iena= yeah!really i do think so as well

tyra= huhu,dunia akhir zaman?are we prepared?

the beena's said...

ben: erk..are u prepared?? im scared.

aben said...

erm..ngah b'siap2..
ceh poyo jeh..
well..we have to be prepared..
otherwise,we in a VERY2 BIG TROUBLE there.