22 June 2008

What I felt n things to come.

Erm..I really don feel like updating this blog rite now..Last week had been a disappointment.I hate that the fact that I've failed to meet up with the expectation people has on me..I hate letting people down...It's sucks!


I had given my best but,it's turned out what I did wasn't sufficient enough to triggered me to achieve my one ultimate dream!

Erm,approximately 5 days from today ,I'll be a student again..I'll be in UITM PENANG, and studying MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.This wasn't what I really craved the most,but,I'll take it..as I don't have any other better choices to further my studies.ALHAMDULLILAH..At least I got a place to study and actually learn something..It's better to learn something than nothing at all..hehe.It's not that I'm not interested in engineering..I do like it..But,the passion and excitement that I have for it is far more less compared to being a PILOT..I had always wanted to be one since I was just a kid..Aeroplane excites me..Believe it or not..I had never flies in one..But,seeing the aeroplane up in the sky o at the airport really meant something special to me..Don noe how to describe it to you guys..

And,its seems everybody else is leaving and away from each other...really sad dow..=..(( Smith n Ama will be in UNITEN.ALim
will most probably further his studies in EGYPT.Apit plak in ALAM.Abe still not sure.John was already in UITM SA.KUcem,Zhaf soon will be joining John.MOST of my friends already in MATRICULATION either in PENANG o KEDAH n MELAKE.My twins bro will be in KOLEJ MARA S'BAN.Ezan is in Aussie,Afzan will be in IIUM..Guys,klu ak xmention korang doesn't mean i don remember all of you..I do remember..DOn worry..


kucem n kina


sudeyh family


Erm..I'm really hoping that I'm able to meet all of my close friends and spending a day full of eventful agenda's before I leave for Penang..Wouldn't it be great spending some quality time together with your friends before they're leaving..As u noe u wont be meeting them any time soon..MOst likely on Hari Raye nt br leh jumpe..Ouhhhh..Syok ouh cmtuh..men pool sket.bowling some more..some movies..or perhaps even ice-skating????Then,lepak all together playing poker,having a meal n a laugh..Before leaving KL to study..This is because after this will surely be hard for all of us to lepak together again..Everybody will have their own plans n everything..busy with assignment,lectures,n stuff..they might even came out with excuses n all..We might be denying the fact that we won't do this in future..but,who knows..??As they said,people changed..Hopefully my friends wont changed n the friendship between all of us lasted forever!!.AMIN!!

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