06 December 2008

bit relieved

weyh.thanks arh td.pas lepak ngan korg lega sket kpale ak neyh..
ak ngah kusot.haha.
da ar lame xjumpe korg.
kacang2 hantu.
gelak2 cm siol.
cte pasl'mesin basuh' tuh mmg klaka gle babi dowh.
this is clearly what I need rite now.
'lepak-ing' with my KACANG2 HANtu definately would help let my head off and not thinking bout all the problems for a while.
yeah..i know,the problems are still not solved even if I had a good time.
but,still..I got a life to live.
problems are the essences and spices of life which make it much more live-able.

1 comment:

isk. iez said...

alhamdulillah syukur :)

kau raya haji dimana hah syazani ??