12 December 2008


Last Monday,on Eidul-adha .I lost my aunt.It was really a sad day for all of us.We had never thought that she is leaving us forever.She seems really fine and normal,energetic as usual.She didn't even show any obvious 'signs' that she's leaving,infact she even completed cooking all the dishes and rendang for the Hari Raye earlier the day before.Erm..perhaps only some words,but at the time she said the words it pretty much seems like a joke.

Hurm.FYI,she took care almost all of my siblings when we were very little.She was very caring.Yeah,she's loud sometimes,but,most of the time that is because we misbehaving.hehe.yelah.budak2.mesti la nakal en.hehe.
She also a VERY GOOD cook.when I say GOOD,i mean real GOOD!!!!everything she cook taste so good..I can't resist myself to eat much whenever I went to her house,or when she brought some dishes to my grandma house.
Her neighbours always came to her house to cook and eat together.She also feeds those kids whom are playing in her lawn.

I can spend the whole night writing all about her..But,I might not be able to describe her best,because she is really2 someone special in my life,and I couldn't put it into words like other people does.And also, it'll definately made me more sad than I'm now.Yeah,it has been a few days since she gone,but,I can't help nott to think about her.She is as old as my mother.I have regarded her as my mama.And thats what my siblings and i called her-MAMA.She has done a lot of good deeds to my family.And,those deeds won't be forgetten.

semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman.

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