15 April 2009


Today,15th Apr 09,marks 20 years of the Hillsborough tragedy..Although,I was a Liverpool fans for quite some time..I just found out about this whole Hillsborough tragedy recently,I went online looking for sources regarding the incident..And,as I read through the article,I could feel an immense sadness started to bulit up in me..It was really a sad2 day for Liverpool,they were playing against Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup..It is estimated 10,000 supporters are required to pass through one of seven turnstiles at the Leppings Lane end.The bottleneck is starting to cause major problems outside the stadium with the fear rising that the safety of supporters caught in the middle is at risk

In total 96 supporters died, the vast majority crushed at the front of pen 3,and 730 were injured.
now,football has changed to a safer place.all stadium is equiped with seating,no more standing..and removal of barriers in front of the stands.Lesson learned from Hillsborough.

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