14 April 2009


note to myself:
yeah!Ben..money is indeed important,i don't deny that..
without money,it is impossible to survive..
without money,it is hard to get something..
without money,it is not easy to live life..
without money,life would suck pretty much always..
without money,we might suffer..
without money,we might not be happy..
we need money,but it is not the only thing that we need..
i need money..but,i don't need much money..
i need enough money..
some might think that this is stupid..
but,money is not everything..
even if u have money..it does not guarantee ur happiness.


Anonymous said...

mata duitan. i love monayyyyy!

tau lagu poetic emo monay monay? $$$$$$$$$$$$ its all about the money doe skrg.

aben said...

ish2 tim..tim..