15 April 2009

dream fell short

Liverpool's dream of making another historical comeback in the European Champions League competition fell short earlier this morning.Being beaten by 3 goals to 1 at Anfield in the 1st leg,it does look like another mission impossible to beat Chelsea by scoring more than 3 goals at their own turf,Stamford Bridge..They started the game without the presence of the talisman skipper,Stevie G due to injuries..Though without him,Liverpool managed to played well,and was leading the score by 2-0 at the end of the 1st half.

The 2nd half provided much more action,as The Blues increase the pressure upon their opponent.They managed to get a goal from Drogba and Alex from a stunning free kick!!Liverpool trails back..before,a double strike from Lampard pretty much ended Liverpool hope of qualifying to the semi's..Liverpool then scored twice through Lucas and Kuyt,both teams are tied 4-4,unfortunately,it was too late and not enough to overcome Chelsea goals on aggregrate..7-5

Overall,it was a really nice and exilirating game to watch,which has brought probably the best qualities out of both teams.If only,Gerrard were playing in this 2nd leg,and Liverpool was not crushed by 3 away goals advantage by Chelsea..I'm sure that the outcome might just be the opposite.But,this is football,and anything can happen,Liverpool have to came out stronger and proved their worth next season.This would be one of many the unforgettable match of many years to come.

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