13 April 2009


Today,i was awaken by sound of my phone..not the alarm though,i silent 2 alarms that i set earlier and went back to sleep..it was the sound of the ringtone..due to the lack of sleep,(i slept at 5a.m,tgok moto gp)i barely open my eyes to see who was the caller at the end of the line..I answered the call,it was a friend of mine who is in Penang,settling something for me..What he said got my eyes wide open..it was about some 'pelarasan program' which I was in-charged last March.

Before I went back to KL,last Saturday,I had already took my time the whole week running around here n there,meeting n asking people about how things should be done..since it was the first time that I took charge as a treasurer for a mass programme.I was supposed to get it all settled a week earlier,but unfortunately due to time constraints,I was unable to do so..I was having 3 test that week,without much preparations done,I had to put the 'pelarasan' aside for a while..Ya lah.before the test week pon,I was busy running the programme to make sure everything goes well and according to plan..Mane de time nk study sangat??Many might said,i should planned my time well.Yalah,easier said than done..kau sendiri pon serabut,nk ckp org!Ok..the thing is,all the crucial things is almost settled,I had got all the receipt wanted by the University Treasurer,I had checked with her,what that she required,how to fill the forms and all,in fact I double-checked with her..Then,before I left for KL,I asked a friend of mine to get the advisor signature and approval for the forms..That's all..

But,then earlier this morning,he called me,and was asking for many unnecessary things,which need not to be done..He was asking me to fill up the name of the 100+ participants of the programme with their particular..and,I was like??kau gila ke??ak kat KL dod..mane ak nk find bende tuh..plus,that is not necessary pon..so why bother??all you need to do,is just to get the advisor to fill up the form and approved it.Then,pass it up to the office..Done deal!I didn't blame my fren though,he was kind enough to help me..so thank you..he was just passing to me what was being said to him..but,what makes me bengang gle,is that the advisor tuh.kau da la xtolg ak sgt..ak byk kayoh sdri..xpe,mayb tu keje ak..ok fine..tp,ble ak da siapkan sume..mtk sign je..tu pon byk soal???susah sgt ke?

skang neh naseb la..wait la until i get back to Penang this Friday..then,only I would look onto this..In the mean time,maleh ak nk pening2 n pressure..better ak enjoy my time in KL.if your salary being deducted later,don't blame ak!

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