28 October 2008

angkat buku ikat kpale.

the time has come for me to study..
ceh,actually should have studied earlier..but,just too damn lazy to do so..haha..
went back for a lil fun time in KL..with my frens..thanx smith,john,zhaf..sume ah..da enjoy n lepaking' with u'all now when I get back to penang,for sure I'm able to study hard day n night(poyo je,smagat m'bara) to get good grades..amin..hehe..
the bus will be leaving at 11.30 tonite..sat g off to pudu..
tata weyh..
see all of you again in 3weeks time..
then,kte enjoy pepuas sampai lebam!!!!!

to smith-jage diri anda.ak suda pulang ke Penang.haha.

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kucem's diary said...

kucem amat aktif?
get bore with myspace and stuff
blog best tade sape nak kacaw :)