30 April 2010


Syg, do you remember this?
I miss this.

Each and every morning when I woke up, I hope that the feelings you have for me would never fade. Thats the 1st thing popped up on my head as soon as I woke up everyday.
As I open my eyes, my hands would scramble around searching for my cellphone.
I'm terrified if I've missed any of calls or messages during being asleep.
I miss the time when we both waking up each other early in the morning for Subuh prayer.
I miss talking on the phone with you up till late..sharing stories with u.
I miss disturbing you in class once in a while. =P
I miss you texting me,calling me, checking up on me..
I miss you being concerned about me.
I wish I've a pleasant morning & evening with you,day & night.
All the Good morning, good night, & even Good luck wish if there is a test on that day.
To some, it might be just a simple gesture that many wouldn't care of..
But,not to me..to me, what ever you said means a lot. I take them seriously.
I hold on to every words that you said..
Each of them is really important & significant.
Your voice & words boost my confidence.
Your smile cools me down, it sooths me.
Your scent refreshes me.
Your presence brings the best in me
You are my Energizer
I hope we will last forever.
I love you with all of my heart.

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