10 April 2010


Wahai line operator, tolg jgn buat hal lg..
klu ak send msg kau smpikan la kat my syg sorg tuh.
if ak kol de, then let the call get through..ape yg susa nye?
before this sume ok je pon en..line connection pon sume lancar jeh..
but, recently it has been really disappointing.

Msg pn smpai lambat gle..
patu msg yg xsampai pon,report state delivered.
haish..mcm2.kol ringing tp xsampai pon s'benanye
Me and her, we are seperated by the distance.
Therefore,it is really important for us to communicate with ease,to kill the distance.
I need to reach her whenever I want to.
and I need it fast.
Otherwise,I'll be restless.
Needless to say more..Please improve ur services or at least get it back to normal.
That's all I'm asking.

p/s: skrg kat SC igt nk ym,sb nk kol or msg xleh..but,then internet connection kat sane plak down.Ishh3.cobaaan..huhu.xpe2.bagos gak..bole la she get some rest..otherwise,we'll be up to morning plak,entertaining one another.harap2 pasni all back to normal


aien said...

be calm oke.

aben said...

i'll try to.