26 May 2009


Last weekend,a friend of mine said to me that he wanted to buy a scooter,to make it is easier for him to get around..He had the new Vespa in mind as the target and had he asked me to look up for the model..so,here it is..

S 125

LX 150

GTS 250

just nice n style en??I'm sure they are..a good blend of old skool classic with some modern twist!Vespa also have a range of accessories that are really cool and appealing,just as this jacket right here!pergh!it must be really cool to own one of this vespa and riding it in style ! =)

p/s: sory bro..I couldn't get the exact price for it..but,I'll try again later.anything I'll update u soon!or we'll just go to the dealer je later!

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