13 May 2009


I had own this mp3 once not long ago.i like it very much.the function varies and it is easy to be used,user frenly even though i'm not used to samsung gadjet before..sounds produced pon not bad!
it is so good,smpai my roommates last sem pon bought 1 exactly same..de da puas aty pakai ak nye,then he decided to own 1 himself.

sadly,i had lost this mp3 last sem.not sure whether misplaced o got stolen!!but,things happen..redha je la..nk kate bli ngan duet haram,i bought with my salary working at Kenny Rogers..ble hilang tuh mmg mcm fuck sket la!nk dgar lagu time stdy mmg xde source..time tuh my fon pon handfon old skool jeh.3 lagu je muat.haha.now,whenever i want to listen to songs,i have to use my fon..xbest la..bkn ape,nt xabes2 kena charge fon..batry plak xthn..

so thats why kena kumpol duet utk beli mp2 br..TARGET!!

haa..style en?klu led tu xnyala..the front part gonna look like a mirror jeh..da la slim..sleek n stylish la tuh..gle cool weyh..xde kau m'besarkan poket aku.yg neh pon function cmbest!

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