22 May 2009

Good M'sian

I went to PJ today earlier this morning to sort something out..I went there by car,but later I went back home by train..And,on my way home,I experienced something that made me feel very2 grateful that I'm a Malaysian and living in M'sia.

As I was waiting for the train to arrived at the station,I was sitting alone enjoying my Choco-top ice cream,and was watching some sort of informational programme on the LCD there,suddenly there was an uncle with a white stick wondering around in front of me..Then for a while he kinda stood still and didn't move at all,I was feeling weird.."eh??!apehal pak cik neh? ok ke x?".Later,he pull something out like a card from his wallet and scratching it with a coin or something.I'm not sure why..I asked myself is he blind o what?He didn't look like he is blind to me at first,but then what is the purpose of him carrying those pointer stick with him?it took a while for me to confirm that..yalah,if he is not blind,and I said to him"Uncle,meh ni saye tolng direct uncle dudok!" xke nt xpasal kena marah plak..so better confirm kan dulu.After that,I put him in the seat next to me..

"Uncle,nk p mane?
"ouh..erm,uncle nk p sgmbot!"
"ye er?ouh ok2"

"tren ke rawang akan tbe ke platform 4 sbntar lg!"
"Uncle,tren kte tuh"

Then,both of us stood up and wait for the train to stopped,then came a KTMB personnel to the assist the uncle..I stepped back and let the officer to take over..Good la!Very responsible officer..ckp pon polite jeh..In the train,everybody was being so co-operative,they move away to make space and let the uncle to move,it was a good thing!haa..senang hati.Then,ble uncle tuh nk turon pon,ad jeh people yg tolg de..

Bagus2!happy btol ak tgok..This is the real MALAYSIAN people act.Not those notorious act like featured on the news recently,all of those cold-blooded murder,rompakan samun ragut..what is all this?Tak mau cmnih..Thank God!Despite all the chaos,we still got many GOOD PEOPLE in our society!

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alienated humanoid said...

ceh. but u didn't help those peeps. tengok saja. judgemental. good m'sian r u?